Public Value Review of services for people with learning disabilities
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Public Value Review of services for people with learning disabilities Andrew Price & Simon Laker, PLD Commissioning, Adult Social Care February 8 2011. Details of presentation. Introduction The PVR process The financial position The PLD PVR – overview The PLD PVR – focus and approach

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Public Value Review of services for people with learning disabilitiesAndrew Price & Simon Laker, PLD Commissioning, Adult Social CareFebruary 8 2011

Details of presentation
Details of presentation disabilities

  • Introduction

  • The PVR process

  • The financial position

  • The PLD PVR – overview

  • The PLD PVR – focus and approach

  • The PLD PVR – key areas

  • The PLD PVR - High Cost Placement Review

  • The PLD PVR – High Cost Placement Review

  • The PLD PVR – timeframes

  • The PLD PVR –anticipated outcomes

  • How to get involved?

The pvr process
The PVR process disabilities

  • “We are determined to ensure that the Council services provide maximum value for money and, with this in mind, we will conduct a public value review of all services, which will take place over the next three years” Councillor Andrew Povey, Leader, Surrey County Council

  • Public Value Reviews commenced in July 2009, in Adult Social Care reviews completed

    • Services for Adults with PSD (March 2010)

    • Services for Older People (November 2010)

  • Each Public Value Review is signed off by the Cabinet, and the process is overseen by the PVR Steering Board, chaired by the Deputy Leader, Councillor David Hodge

  • PVR process to deliver improved outcomes and value for money for the residents of Surrey.  

  • The outcomes are expected to be services that place the Council in the top 25% of local authorities for performance and the lowest 25% for unit costs.

The financial position
The financial position disabilities

  • The County Council have identified budget pressures of £207m between 2010 and 2015

  • The County Council revenue budget for 2011/12 is £1,587m, includes 0% council tax increase

  • Adult Social care budget for 2011/12 is £324.9m, this includes reductions and efficiencies of £42m

  • Budget for services for PLD 2011/12 is £121m

    Source: SCC Cabinet and Council papers, February 2011, available from

The pld pvr overview
The PLD PVR - overview disabilities

  • While other Public Value Reviews have focused on services provided by Surrey County Council only, the PLD PVR will be a whole systems holistic review of all services in Surrey

  • We aim to involve and work closely with people who use services, their carers or advocates, our partners in the NHS, advocacy organisations and other supporters, the Learning Disability Partnership Board and providers (through the SCA)

  • We anticipate that the PLD PVR which was approved by the PVR Steering Board on 30 January will last until December 2011

  • The PLD PVR will include various existing initiatives reviewing LD services, including the High Cost Placement Review

The pld pvr focus and approach
The PLD PVR – focus and approach disabilities

  • The review will follow the standard PVR methodology:

    • challenging why, how and by whom a function/service is provided;

    • comparing performance with others in the quest to be world class;

    • consulting widely including with partners, providers, residents and staff;

    • collaborating with partners and contractors; and

    • testing the market to see if the service could be delivered more efficiently and effectively.

  • The PLD PVR will produce a final report to Cabinet and publish other key information such as the results of mapping analysis, data pack available for all to refer to, summary of commissioning intentions in partnership with the NHS

The pld pvr key areas
The PLD PVR – Key areas disabilities

  • Shifting resources away from residential placements to personalised community care

  • Better planning for services to meet complex needs

  • Integrated services with other councils, health and the voluntary sector

  • Development of a commissioning strategy

  • Existing initiatives :

    • Dayservice review and provision as social enterprise

    • Short Term Breaks review (internal and external provision)

    • The development of the RAS and take up of SDS

    • High Cost Placement Review (see next slide)

The pld pvr high cost placement review
The PLD PVR – High Cost Placement Review disabilities

High Cost Placement Review – first phase

  • The initial phase has been challenging for providers, those that have agreed terms are benefitting from our closer working relationship and strategic provider status.

  • The successes during the initial phase show that supplier relationships and willingness to support Surrey during these difficult times outweigh the difficulty of efficiencies.

  • We are now reaching a point of conclusion with the first phase of providers and developing our process moving forward. The next phase will be part of the PLD PVR.

  • We are still in discussions with a limited number of providers and expect to understand our position with them shortly.

  • Our aim has always been to develop a strategic supplier base

  • PLD PVR is not an alternative to the HCPR.

The pld pvr high cost placement review1
The PLD PVR – High Cost Placement Review disabilities

High Cost Placement Review – next phases

  • The next phases will involve the review of all remaining providers

  • We have taken on board feedback received during phase one and will consider this during the next phase whilst following the same equitable approach with providers

  • However, the message remains the same, and as in phase 1, providers will need to deliver on the three key terms

    • In year cash rebate

    • Ongoing volume rebate

    • Reduced supported living hourly rate (where appropriate) to between £13 and £15ph

  • We are keen to agree terms with providers to ensure we can deliver innovative and value for money services across the county

The pld pvr timeframes
The PLD PVR – Timeframes disabilities

  • Start of Review – January 2011

  • Analysis phase – February to end September 2011

  • Review of progress - April 2011

  • Options analysis – September – November 2011

  • Final report and commissioning strategy – December 2011

  • Implementation – from January 2012

The pld pvr anticipated outcomes
The PLD PVR – Anticipated outcomes disabilities

  • Refreshed joint strategy to detail clear direction of travel for all PLD services in Surrey, to include health services

  • Clear commissioning intentions for PLD services

  • Identified savings and initiatives to provide value for money

  • Improved partnership working between key agencies in Surrey, with potential for co-design and co-location

  • Arrangements for more regular monitoring and evaluation of services, through the development of an outcomes framework and quality assurance measures agreed with each strategic provider

  • Provider paid by results based on performance against quality outcome measures

  • Refined list of strategic suppliers, individual service users able to use these services or commission services themselves using individual budgets

How to get involved
How to get involved? disabilities

  • During the PVR, we are available to attend these network meetings every month if required. We would like to return with key questions for this group to feedback on.

  • Network meetings can be given an update on emerging findings and data collected from our comparator authorities

  • We are interested to hear the views of current and future providers

  • Contact us

  • Questions and comments?