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Appendix I PowerPoint Presentation
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Appendix I

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Appendix I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Appendix I
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  1. SUPPLEMENTPromoting Active Learning: The “Self-Assembly” of Model Analytical InstrumentsW. Russ Algar and Ulrich J. KrullDepartment of Chemical and Physical Sciences, University of Toronto Mississauga, 3359 Mississauga Road North, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6, CanadaEmail:,

  2. Appendix I Instrument Components

  3. Mirror (flat).jpg Objective lens.jpg Objective lens (20x).jpg Objective lens (40x).jpg Mirror (ellipsoidal).jpg Objective lens (60x).jpg Echelle_echellete grating.jpg Objective lens (100x).jpg Objective lens (150x).jpg Holographic grating.jpg Photodiode (TO-CAN 2 pins).jpg Photodiode (TO-CAN 3 pins).jpg Tungsten lamp.jpg Deuterium lamp.jpg Tungsten halogen lamp.jpg Diode array.jpg PMT.jpg CCD camera.jpg Microscope slide and sample.jpg Beam-splitter.jpg Dichroic mirror.jpg Lens.jpg Pinhole.jpg Rotating chopper_sector mirror.jpg Arc lamp.jpg Arc lamp (simple).jpg BBO crystal.jpg Polarizing filter.jpg Prism (hemispherical 2D).jpg Prism (equilateral 2D).jpg Prism (equilateral 3D).jpg Polarizing filter (rotating).jpg

  4. Pulsed laser.jpg Laser.jpg Pulsed laser (with lens).jpg Laser (with lens).jpg Pulsed laser (with mirror and lens).jpg Laser (with mirror and lens).jpg Laser (cylinder).jpg Pockels cell.jpg Time to amplitude converter.jpg Cuvette (empty).jpg Cuvette (solution).jpg Compartment with four ports.jpg XYZ translation stage.jpg Optical fiber.jpg

  5. Band-pass filter (short-pass).jpg Band-pass filter (long-pass).jpg Monochromator slit.jpg Glass filter (short-pass).jpg Glass filter (long-pass).jpg Monochromator (no slits).jpg Notch filter.jpg Red filter.jpg Monochromator (with slits).jpg Green filter.jpg Blue filter.jpg Monochromator (with slits and bend).jpg Bayer filter mosaic.jpg

  6. Standard hydrogen electrode (no beaker).jpg Dropping mercury electrode.jpg Ag AgCl electrode.jpg Calomel electrode (H-tube).jpg Calomel electrode.jpg Hanging mercury drop electrode.jpg Standard hydrogen electrode (beaker).jpg Glass electrode (not combo).jpg Metal electrode (wire).jpg Glass electrode (combo).jpg Electrode (carbon).jpg Salt bridge (no frits).jpg Salt bridge (with frits).jpg Metal electrode.jpg Metal electrode (copper).jpg Metal electrode (gold).jpg Metal electrode (platinum).jpg Metal electrode (silver).jpg FET (no gate).jpg FET (with gate).jpg

  7. Vacuum pump.jpg Dewar (unlabeled).jpg Liquid nitrogen dewar.jpg Liquid helium dewar.jpg Vacuum pump (rotary).jpg Turbomolecular pump (exterior view).jpg Oil diffusion pump (exterior view).jpg Liquid nitrogen dewar (flat).jpg Gas cylinder.jpg Gas cylinder (acetylene).jpg Gas cylinder (argon).jpg Gas cylinder (compressed air).jpg Gas cylinder (helium).jpg Gas cylinder (hydrogen).jpg Gas cylinder (methane).jpg Gas cylinder (nitrogen).jpg Turbomolecular pump (cross-section).jpg Oil diffusion pump (cross-section).jpg Gas cylinder (oxygen).jpg

  8. Quadrupole.jpg Quadrupole (with vac connect).jpg Quadrupole (with gas and vac connect).jpg Hexapole.jpg Hexapole (with vac connect).jpg Hexapole (with gas and vac connect).jpg Octupole.jpg Octupole (with vac connect).jpg Electrostatic analyzer 31 deg.jpg Ion trap.jpg Electrostatic analyzer 60 deg.jpg Electrostatic analyzer 90 deg.jpg Ion trap (with hexapole guide).jpg Magnetic sector 60 deg.jpg Magnetic sector 90 deg.jpg Ion trap (with octupole guide).jpg

  9. ESI.jpg ESI (with syringe).jpg Electron impact source.jpg ESI (with hexapole).jpg ESI (with syringe and hexapole).jpg Electron multiplier.jpg Sampler skimmer.jpg Sampler skimmer (with ion transfer optics).jpg Chanel electron multiplier.jpg Gas generator (simple).jpg Gas generator (3D).jpg TOF reflectron.jpg

  10. Ion gun.jpg Electron gun.jpg Electrostatic lens.jpg Magnetic lens.jpg ICP torch.jpg Hollow cathode lamp (simple).jpg Electrodeless discharge lamp.jpg ICP torch (cutaway).jpg Hollow cathode lamp (3D).jpg Graphite furnace (tube).jpg Rowland circle.jpg Graphite furnace.jpg Ablation cell.jpg Nebulizer 1.jpg Nebulizer 2.jpg Nebulizer 3.jpg

  11. Hollow cathode lamp (simple_5 turret).jp Spray chamber and burner (two inlets and drain).jpg Hollow cathode lamp (simple_6 turret).jp Spray chamber and burner (one inlet and drain).jpg Geiger tube.jpg Geiger counter.jpg Scintillation counter (well type).jpg Flow proportional counter.jpg

  12. X-ray collimator (3D).jpg X-ray collimator (simple).jpg Scintillation vial (empty).jpg Scintillation vial (with sample).jpg X-ray filter.jpg X-ray filter (indium).jpg X-ray filter (silver).jpg X-ray filter (copper).jpg X-ray filter (aluminum).jpg X-ray filter (iron).jpg X-ray filter (zirconium).jpg X-ray filter (molybdenum).jpg Ge(Li) detector (no cryostat).jpg Goniometer.jpg Cryostat with window.jpg HPGE detector and cryostat.jpg Crystal (lattice).jpg Coolidge tube.jpg Rotating anode x-ray source.jpg

  13. IR source (shielded).jpg Michelson interferometer (simple no rays).jpg IR source (unshielded).jpg Michelson interferometer (simple with rays).jpg ZnSe crystal for ATR-FTIR.jpg Michelson interferometer (with detail).jpg MCT detector (overhead view in cryostat).jpg DRIFTS accessory.jpg

  14. Photoionization detector.jpg Flame ionization detector.jpg Electron capture detector.jpg Thermal conductivity detector (cross-section).jpg GC column (simple).jpg GC oven.jpg Thermal conductivity detector (single cell).jpg GC column (simple in oven).jpg GC oven (with injector).jpg Thermal conductivity detector (closed box).jpg GC column.jpg Jet separator.jpg GCMS membrane interface.jpg

  15. Conductivity detector. jpg HPLC electrochem detector (no ref electrode). jpg HPLC electrochem detector (with ref electrode). jpg HPLC pump. jpg Z cell. jpg HPLC uv-vis detector.jpg HPLC column.jpg HPLC solvent bottle (with sparge).jpg HPLC solvent bottle.jpg HPLC guard column (simple).jpg HPLC guard column.jpg HPLC column (simple).jpg

  16. Moisture trap.jpg Vaporizer direct injector.jpg Split splitless injector.jpg Sample loop injector.jpg Sample loop injector (simple).jpg Sample loop injector (simple with syringe).jpg Valve system.jpg Solvent proportioning valve.jpg Valve (simple).jpg Syringe pump (with syringe).jpg Autosampler.jpg Syringe.jpg Syringe pump (no syringe).jpg

  17. Analytical balance.jpg Beaker (no rim, full).jpg Beaker (no rim, half full).jpg Media bottle.jpg Hotplate stirrer.jpg Beaker (rim, full).jpg Beaker (rim, half full).jpg Media bottle (with outlet).jpg Peristaltic pump.jpg Coil.jpg Gas liquid separator.jpg Peltier chip (side view).jpg Thermocouple.jpg Thermistor.jpg Peltier chip (top view).jpg

  18. Surface acoustic wave device.jpg Bulk acoustic wave device.jpg Piezo tube.jpg AFM cantilever.jpg NMR probe 2.jpg NMR probe 1.jpg Superconducting magnet (with bore).jpg NMR tube.jpg Magnet 1.jpg Magnet 2.jpg NMR cryostat.jpg

  19. Buiret.jpg Thermometer.jpg Microfluidic channel.jpg Microfluidic T channel.jpg Microfluidic H channel.jpg Microfluidic Y channel.jpg Microfluidic psi channel.jpg Capillary.jpg Microfluidic reactor.jpg

  20. Analog meter.jpg Analog electronics.jpg Digital meter.jpg Digital electronics.jpg Power supply.jpg Computer (desktop).jpg Computer (laptop).jpg Oscilloscope network analyzer.jpg DAQ PCI board.jpg Electronics (general).jpg

  21. Resistor symbol.jpg Inductor symbol.jpg Diode symbol.jpg Current follower.jpg Capacitor symbol.jpg Battery symbol.jpg Switch symbol 1.jpg Voltage follower.jpg Switch symbol 2.jpg Op amp symbol 1.jpg Op amp symbol 2.jpg Constant voltage feedback circuit.jpg Ground symbol 1.jpg Ground symbol 2.jpg Constant current feedback circuit.jpg Inductor 2.jpg Inductor 1.jpg Resistor.jpg Low pass RC filter.jpg Op amp chip.jpg Diode.jpg High pass RC filter.jpg Capacitor 1.jpg Capacitor 2.jpg

  22. Digital high pass filter.jpg Digital to analog conversion.jpg Digital low pass filter.jpg Analog to digital conversion.jpg Digital notch filter.jpg Crosscorrelation.jpg Digital band pass filter.jpg Autocorrelation.jpg Fast Fourier transform.jpg Addition operator.jpg Multichannel analyzer.jpg Subtraction operator.jpg And operator.jpg Pulse height analyzer.jpg Or operator.jpg Power spectrum.jpg

  23. Waveform pulse.jpg Waveform linear ramp.jpg Waveform trianglular.jpg Waveform pulse train.jpg Waveform sinusoidal.jpg Waveform staircase.jpg Waveform square.jpg