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2012 Summer Enhanced PIT Count PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 Summer Enhanced PIT Count

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2012 Summer Enhanced PIT Count - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012 Summer Enhanced PIT Count. Revised 06/21/12. 2012 Summer PIT Count. Who are we? WVCEH – WV Coalition to End Homelessness CoC – Continuum of Care BoS – Balance of State HUD – Department of Housing and Urban Development. http:// /. 2012 Summer PIT Count.

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2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Who are we?
  • WVCEH – WV Coalition to End Homelessness
  • CoC – Continuum of Care
  • BoS – Balance of State
  • HUD – Department of Housing and Urban Development


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Balance of State Continuum of Care


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • What is the PIT?
  • One-night count of all sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons across the country that occurs in the last 10 days of January every year.
  • Sheltered – anyone residing in an emergency or transitional shelter or receiving HPRP funds for homeless assistance.
  • Unsheltered – anyone residing in a place not meant for human habitation
      • Tent, campground, woods, street
      • Abandoned building
      • Home without utilities or running water
      • Being evicted within 7 days and has not secured housing nor resources to secure housing


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Why do we do the PIT?
  • HUD uses data from the PIT Count to decide how much money is allocated to homeless assistance programs.
  • Your community can use the data for planning purposes, grant applications and program design.
  • WVCEH/Balance of State CoC uses PIT Data to target CoC funding for Supportive Housing Programs through HUD, advocacy to state and federal policy makers, and providing information for State-wide planning of services that may also serve the homeless.


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Who should participate in the Count?
  • Everyone who serves or meets persons who may be unstably housed or homeless
  • FRNs, Police/Sherriff Departments, Community Action Agencies, DHHR, Faith-based Community, food pantries, Emergency Rooms, State Forest and National Forest personnel,


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Why did we choose to do a Summer Count?
  • Historically little to no data collection across rural areas.
  • There are many services in rural areas that we do not know about and do not know about the count and it’s purposes
  • 31% participation across the CoC in the 2012 January Count.
  • We made assumptions on the number of homeless in 2012 in 30 of our 44 counties in the Balance of State


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Example of an “Assumption”
  • No data received from Preston County, which has a population of 33520, is rural but close to a larger metropolitan area
  • Data received from Mercer County, which has a higher population (62264), but did a good count in their more rural areas which are close to the metropolitan area of Bluefield.
  • Population of non-reporting county Variance in Number reported homeless NUMBER TO REPORT IN
  • population in reporting county NON-REPORTING COUNTY
  • Population of similar reporting county
  • Does this seem reliable? Do you want to be provided data that has been derived this way to present to your funders?


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Goals of the Summer Count:
  • to strengthen relationships with community stakeholders around the issue of homelessness
  • to test the quality of the data generated by expanding the stakeholders who participate in the Point In Time study
  • to expand data collection opportunities to those stakeholders who serve homeless people who are not captured by traditional data collection methods


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Methodology of the Summer Count
  • The study team will target 24 West Virginia counties within the Continuum of Care (CoC) service area for data collection. These counties represent 54% of the total counties serviced within the CoC (covering 44 WV counties). Additionally, counties selected for inclusion match the rural/urban demographic of the Continuum’s service area. The breakdown includes 7 counties that are urban in nature. Urban is defined as populations of 15,000 or greater. It also includes 7 counties that are identified as extremely rural. Extremely rural is defined as populations less than 9,000. The remaining 10 counties have populations between 9,000 and 14,000 people. This represents a distribution of 29% urban counties and 71% rural counties, which is similar to the distribution of all 44 counties in the catchment area.


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • The Summer Survey
  • Data collection over 1 1/2 week time frame, not just 24 hours
  • Simple survey – 5 questions
  • Capturing those who are precariously, or unstably, housed
  • Summer PIT Count Survey Form


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • What we need
  • Communication about the Summer Count with stakeholders who encounter the homeless
  • Facilitation and getting the survey out and collected during and after the data collection period
  • What we can provide
  • Possible financial assistance for your community to plan a Summer PIT Outreach event (soup/sandwich event, community resource fair, gas vouchers for volunteers to search for unsheltered, etc.)
  • Data to your community after the count


2012 Summer PIT Count

  • Questions?


2012 Summer PIT Count

Amanda Sisson

HMIS Data Coordinator/Trainer

Administrative Officer

  • WV Balance of State Continuum of Care/WVCEH
  • 160 John Street
  • Weston, WV 26452
  • 304-269-8600