make your summer count n.
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Make Your Summer Count

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Make Your Summer Count - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make Your Summer Count. Presented by Rodrigo Santos Computer Science & Business Administration Program Manager | Microsoft Office Trustworthy Computing . “It is as if man and machine, for a brief moment, are one” – PJ Hough (Microsoft Office Vice President). Good VS Great Driver.

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make your summer count

Make Your Summer Count

Presented by Rodrigo Santos

Computer Science & Business Administration

Program Manager | Microsoft Office Trustworthy Computing

good vs great driver

“It is as if man and machine, for a brief moment, are one”

– PJ Hough (Microsoft Office Vice President)

Good VS Great Driver

Stand out from the crowd

  • Enhance your CS knowledge
  • Learn from others
  • Resume Tips
learn from others current opportunities

Adam Tuliper

Microsoft Technical Evangelist

Software Architect

Learn from others– Current Opportunities
keep it going

You don’t know what you don’t know

  • Don’t stop learning
  • Go outside your comfort zone
  • Online Activity cannot be stressed enough
    • Blog
    • Open source
    • Forums
    • Body of work
  • Network, network, network
Keep it going!
windows store

Keep the Cash

    • Up to $2000 (ends June 30th)
  • DreamSpark – Everything you need.
  • HTML, JavaScript, C#, C++, VB, XAML
  • Windows Store
  • Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Game Maker
  • Construct 2
Windows Store
learn from others pm

Rodrigo Santos

University of Southern California

PM (Program Manager)

Microsoft Office Trustworthy Computing

Learn from others- PM
learn from others sdet

Tom White

Texas A&M University

SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test*)

Microsoft Office Word & OneNote * One who writes code to break other code.

Learn from others - SDET
tom white s advice

"How can I improve my chances?"

  • Interview well! ;) 
  • Display drive / passion!
  • Build experience!
  • "What should I learn?"
  • The tools of your trade!
  • Any language you'll enjoy ? But aim for mastery. 
  • (If you claim to know it, you should know it well.)
  • It's easy to put stuff on your resume... It's also easy for employers to notice that you shouldn't have put it on your resume. 
  • " What do I need to work on?" 
  • Communication
  • Problem solving 
  • Coding cleanly
  • (For SDETs: thinking like a tester)
  • "What should I watch out for?" 
  • Companies that won't help you grow as an engineer
  • Company cultures you don't enjoy 
  • My view: Only write software for software companies. ymmv.
Tom White's Advice
tom white s abridged software book list knowledge is power

The SE Triumvirate: (3 books guaranteed to make you better @ software)

  • "Clean Code" - Robert C. Martin 
  •  (How to code, and code well)
  • "Refactoring" -Martin Fowler 
  • (How to shift around your code to make it better)
  • "Working Effectively With Legacy Code" - Feathers.
  • (How to work with untested code; a life-saver/changer) 
  • You want to learn...
  • functional programming?"The Little Schemer" 
  • Testing? "The Art of Software Testing"* 
  • TDD?"Test Driven Development by Example" - Kent Beck
  • Java? "Java Puzzlers" "Effective Java" 
  •  Creativity? "Conceptual Blockbusting" 
Tom White's Abridged Software Book List (Knowledge is power!)
learn from others development

Jacob Carless

University of Michigan

SDE (Developer)

Microsoft Office

Learn from others - development
learn from others development1

Set yourself apart

    • Everyone knows C++, Java, etc.
    • I learned about SharePoint and used that to get a job in the SharePoint department
  • Learn a language that seems interesting to you!
    • Chances are a company uses it.
    • Know at least 1 scripting language (I have to use Windows Powershell)
  • Work on networking skills
    • Many projects span multiple people and groups
    • Some will almost never work together and be on same project
    • Need to know who to ask for help on what --- you WILL need it
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
    • Better off asking for help than wasting company time and money
Learn from others - development
learn from others resume tips1

Academic Record

    • GPA
    • Graduation Date (FT/IN opportunities)
    • Degree
    • Major/Minor
  • Experience
    • Work Experience/Internships
    • Project Experience (Independent)
      • What languages did you use?
      • What kind of technologies were involved?
    • Club/Organization Involvement
    • Relevant Courses/ Class Projects
    • Programming Languages (specify years of experience in each)
    • Publications/Patents
  • Leadership
    • TA/Class Leadership
    • Community Involvement
    • Group/Club Leadership
    • Athletics/Activities
  • Include data points that distinguish you from peers
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Be HONEST about skills/abilities
  • Avoid first/third person and keep verb tenses consistent
  • Refrain from using slang, acronyms, or abbreviations
Learn from others - Resume Tips
Interview and Resume Help

Great language learning tools

Build for the Windows Store





  • Microsoft Interview Tips
  • Microsoft Resume Tips
  • Rodrigo Santos Official Site
  • Viterbi Undergrads
  • ViterbiConnect
  • Glassdoor

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