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Reception Homework ~ 23 rd November 2012

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Reception Homework ~ 23 rd November 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reception Homework ~ 23 rd November 2012. Literacy.

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Reception Homework~ 23rd November 2012


Next week we will be re-reading Cinderella. We will be exploring all the aspects of stories that we have learnt about this term and applying them to this story. Aspects such as story settings, character descriptions will be explored through the familiar story.

The main focus for next week will

be Cinderella. We shall be revisiting the story and the characters.


We have been learning about height and length this last week. At home next week try and find different objects and measure them to see which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Which is the tallest? Which is the shortest? Are any objects the same length?

Record your findings and bring back to share with your friends.


We are still very busy learning our phonics. We have been learning the digraphs

shchthngee or ai

How many words can you think of that contain these digraphs?

Please sign when your child has completed the homework and return to school by Friday 30th . Thank you for all your continuing support.

Child’s name____________________


Signed ________________________


Please check your child’s clothing and ensure that everything, including wellies, scarves, coats, PE kit has your child’s name on it. It makes it so much easier to ensure that the correct things go back to the correct child.

Thank you!