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Venture buddies ……. Business Plan. Mission Statement.

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mission statement
Mission Statement

Venture Buddies are kind young people who take their time to care about others. They shoe tender, love and care by providing a beautiful rose for Oakey State High School students for their mothers to make them feel special on Mother’s Day. The roses are available at a fair and reasonable price.

the team
The Team

CEO Mrs Jan Clewett

  • Small business owner and manager 19 years,
  • Teacher 28 years
  • Established Geham Valley Nursery 1987
  • Retail and Wholesale business experience

Year 9 & 10 Business Principles students OSHS

  • Keen, enthusiastic entrepreneurs
market research
Market Research
  • The type of research we did were surveys on other shops witch provided us with the in formation we needed to help us with our Business plan.
  • Our group is known as the “Venture Buddies.”
  • Our target is to sell a product, such as roses, to make mothers feel special and to let them know we care about them on Mothers Day.
business concept
Business Concept
  • The Business Concept is to provide a low priced gift raped rose to the students in Oakey State High School to give their mothers a nice and lovely present on Mothers Day.
  • We had competition from people selling chocolates to the school.
  • We had more people to survey and hand out the product to the other people that have brought our product.
  • Our Strength is 2 provide a low priced product and provide they buyers with the low product.
  • One of our weaknesses is that we have no experience.
  • We took the Opportunity to help people, find the perfect gift for their mothers on Mothers Day.
  • Our threats are that the students will not hand in the order form.
goals and objectives
Goals and Objectives
  • The goals that our business is trying to reach is to provide the students of Oakey State High school with a beautiful rose raped in cellophane, that the students will be able to give to their mothers for Mother’s Day.
resource requirements
Resource Requirements
  • Mrs. Jan Clewet and her 15 people in , 9 and 10 class mates.
  • Finances
  • The product that we are selling are roses gift raped in cellophane and a vile, finished up tide with a bow.
  • There was only 1 supplier “Flowers by Mandy”.
  • We put up posters and put it into the notices.
  • Promotion
method of production
Method of Production
  • Give out the order forms to the people who are wishing to purchase it.
  • Put the posters up around the school so that the people who didn’t get a order form can come and get one from us or the office if they have any.
  • Put it in the notices the product that we are selling so the teachers can read them out.
  • Order how many Roses, Gypsophila’s, Vials, Ribbons and Cellophane they want.
  • Then deliver their orders to the class rooms.
  • .The business was a success with all roses being sold. Many students wanted to buy more. We could have sold twice as many roses.