curriculum instructional projects at the florida center for reading research l.
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Curriculum & Instructional Projects at the Florida Center for Reading Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Curriculum & Instructional Projects at the Florida Center for Reading Research

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Curriculum & Instructional Projects at the Florida Center for Reading Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curriculum & Instructional Projects at the Florida Center for Reading Research
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  1. Curriculum & Instructional Projects at the Florida Center for Reading Research Research Symposium November 6, 2006 FCRR

  2. Curriculum & Instructional Projects TeamMarcia Kosanovich-Director Michelle Wahl Mary VanSciver Georgia Jordan Lila Rissman Elissa Arndt Teresa Logan Connie Weinstein Meghann Montgomery

  3. FCRR Reports • 4 page reviews of Reading Programs & Professional Development • Description • Alignment with Current Research • Review of Empirical Research • Strengths and Weaknesses • Florida districts that implement the program • Program’s website link • References • To be a reliable resource for school districts as they make decisions about instructional materials •

  4. Reviewer Guidelines & Glossary for FCRR Reports • Guidelines developed & used by the Curriculum Team to conduct reviews of reading programs • Glossary of reading terms to provide consistent use of language • FCRR Reports: • Guidelines:

  5. FAQs about FCRR Reports • Our response to the flood of emails and phone calls regarding FCRR Reports •

  6. Professional Development for Use of Guidelines • Two Day Professional Development in the use of our Guidelines for the 16 Regional Centers across the United States. • These Regional Centers will use this professional development to train State Level Departments of Education to conduct their own reviews. • Collaboration between Curriculum Team at FCRR and National K-12 Center on Instruction (COI), Reading Strand

  7. Curriculum Library • Reading and Professional Development Curricula that have been reviewed by the Curriculum Team • Third Floor • Check out procedure

  8. Reading First Site Visits • Jane Meadows-Director of Professional Development • Site visits are conducted at a random sample of 10% of Reading First schools • Interviews with principals, reading coaches, teacher focus groups • Classroom observations (formal and informal) • Student Data • Summary Report for the School • Many of the C & I Projects are a direct result of information collected from these site visits.

  9. FAQs About Reading Instruction • In response to site visits, phone calls, emails from reading coaches, teachers, administrators, and visitors to our website •

  10. Principal Walkthrough Checklists, K-3 • To provide principals with a framework for observing reading instruction during the 90 minute reading block • This tool provides a snapshot of classroom organization, instruction, and learning opportunities • Indicators focus on the learning environment and include instructional strategies essential for reading including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension •

  11. Student Center ActivitiesGrades K-5 • Independent student center reading activities were developed to reinforce high quality reading instruction in the five components of reading • Accompanying these activities is a Teacher Resource Guide and Professional Development DVD that offers important insights on differentiated instruction and how to use the student center materials • K-1 Student Center Activities • 2-3 Student Center Activities • 4-5 Student Center Activities (currently being developed) •

  12. Differentiated Reading Instruction: Alternative Lesson Structures for All Students • This document was prepared to provide guidance to Reading First Coaches and Teachers regarding alternative lesson structures for providing small group, differentiated instruction to students in grades K-3 within Reading First schools in Florida. •

  13. Teacher Knowledge of Reading(TKR) • Teacher Academies, K-3 • Designed to specifically address the content in the academy as well as broad and deep knowledge about the reading process • This test also evaluates teachers’ knowledge of appropriate assessment and instructional practices for teaching reading.

  14. Florida Teacher Certification Exam Revisions • Reading K-12 • Pre-K through Third Grade • Elementary Education, K-6 (reading section) • Professional Education • Media Specialist • • Currently being revised: • ESE • Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE)

  15. Support for FCRR Projects • Empowering Teachers • Intervention Newsletter • Empowering Principals • Progress Monitoring & Reporting Network (PMRN) • National K-12 Center on Instruction, Reading Strand • Content Questions via email & phone

  16. Support for JR,F! Initiatives • Florida’s Reading Endorsement • Reading First Focus School Site Visits • Learning Essentials and Reading Network (LEaRN) • FCAT Explorer • Revisions to Sunshine State Standards • Florida Reading Adoption Specifications • Grant Reviews • Technical Assistance regarding Curriculum & Instruction

  17. Presentations • National • State • District • Principals • Coaches • Teachers • School Psychologists • SLPs • After School

  18. Thank you! Curriculum & Instructional Projects Team: