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ABOUT SAS SPURILLA. History What StacyLynn hopes for Empowerment/Leadership Relationship Building Success Goals Who do we want as partners Product Why we are different . Yours by Design. Stamp work It’s like hand writing Turquoise All it’s colors Where does it come from?

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  • History
  • What StacyLynn hopes for
    • Empowerment/Leadership
    • Relationship Building
    • Success
  • Goals
    • Who do we want as partners
  • Product
    • Why we are different

Yours by Design

  • Stamp work
    • It’s like hand writing
  • Turquoise
    • All it’s colors
    • Where does it come from?
    • Informing your Customers

Yours By Design

  • Chains are full available in 18,” 36,” 52”
  • Each Pendant notes which chains they are compatible with.
  • Each chain notes what pendant it is NOT compatible with

Sales Structure

  • SAS Independent Stylist
  • Must maintain $750/mo to remain active, after 3 months of not meeting this goal, stylist becomes inactive. ($187.50+ per month in wages)
  • SAS Senior Consultant
  • Maintains $6,000 in personal volume (PV) per month ($1660/mo+ = $1,500 PV wages + $160+ downline comm.)
  • Has an active downline of 2-5 team members contributing $4,000 in total volume per month.
  • SAS Sterling Recruiter
  • Maintains $12,000 in personal volume per month
  • Has 6-7 active team members producing $10,000+
  • per month. ($3600/mo+=$3,000 PV + $600+
  • downline volume)
  • SAS Legendary Leader
  • Maintains $12,000 in personal volume per month
  • Has 8 or more active team members producing
  • $42,000 in personal volume per month. ($5520+ =
  • $3,000 in personal volume per month + $2520+ in downline comm.)

How can I possible reach this goal???

  • “Someone said, “You can eat an elephant one bite at a time,” so take your goal and break it down into
  • monthly, weekly and daily segments, and you’ll find
  • that it is easy to obtain.”
  • - Mary Kay Ash (Seminar Speech 1986)
    • SAS SPURILLA average party order is $100/guest
    • Average party is $1000

Where do I Start

  • Set a goal, determine what income level you want to achieve?
  • Stylist – base level $187.50/mo+
  • Senior Consultant $1660/mo+
  • Sterling Consultant $3600/mo+
  • Legendary Leader $5520/mo+
  • Announce Yourself!
  • Use Social Media-Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn. Build a business FB page.
  • Include it in your Christmas card letter or send announcement (postcard) to family & friends. Fill out your KISS Guide and start booking parties with your connections.
  • Build, buy and pass out your business cards.
  • Schedule Yourself
  • Carry your personal calendar everywhere. Mark out the times you are unavailable, evaluate when you are available to book parties, make calls to customers, conference calls every Thursday, post updates.

Quick Start

  • Have a fabulous launch party
  • with the full line.
  • (Out of state stylist visit with us
  • about opportunities to have a
  • complete line launch)
  • When you submit $1750 in
  • sales in the first 60 days, you
  • will your first display FREE!
  • Often achieved in your launch party!

Success in building your business

  • It is important to remember that 96% of buying is based on emotion, especially jewelry buying. With that in mind, a successful stylist needs to place importance on building relationships with her customers and party guests. Ask questions, get to know their style, observe as they play and try on the jewelry so you can make appropriate suggestions of pieces and not just try to “sell them.”
  • Explore all your options:
  • Types of parties
  • Book, Home, Open House
  • Wish list on the website and order form.
  • Become their Personal Shopper
  • Trade Shows
preparing for a successful party
Preparing for a successful party
  • Tips to having a successful party.
  • Upon confirmation of the Style show date, provide your Hostess with the “Hostess” packet.
  • All included in this packet is found on-line after your login in “My Tools”.
  • 8 to 10 days prior to her Style Show, collect her labeled invites and mail them out.
  • Provide an email invite, “E-VITE”, to your Hostess with the Style Show Information for her to email mail to additional friends and family.
  • Arrive to the location early allowing time for set-up prior to guests arrival. Ask your hostess where the best location is for setup and interacting with the guests. Begin with a brief introduction of yourself and your SAS SPURILLA Jewelry.
having a successful party
Having a successful party
  • Short Intro to Business and Opportunity
    • As an owner
    • As a Hostess – Half price items, orders over $150 get a free chain
    • As a customer – Lifetime Guarantee, Shipping costs flat rate $5.95 per order
  • Play Style Show / Download from the web-site
  • Build relationships
  • Welcome people to come play with the jewelry
  • Do a give away
  • Talk about the versatility of the chains
  • Help you Hostess get the most of her show -
    • Encourage people to book an opportunity to earn additional Jewelry
what to expect
What to Expect
  • Questions you will be asked
    • Stones
    • Where are they made? Who Makes Them?
  • USA
  • Provide an Education!!!
  • Determine a Closing Date
customer loyalty
Customer Loyalty
  • Get credit for on-line orders
    • Customer will fill their cart
    • Check out
    • Add your SAS# in the

Policies and Procedures

Facebook & Social Media- SAS SPURILLA asks that you please be socially responsible when posting on Social Media. Please remember that you are now a member of the SAS SPURILLA family and your actions are reflective of the company. We encourage you to create a business page for your SAS SPURILLA business and convert your friends to customers on your business page.

You may tag, save and/or use the photos, promotions and information posted on the SAS SPURILLA social media sites. Using your own images is not permitted unless approved by corporate.

Printed Material Policies- All printed material stylist’s distribute must be approved through the corporate office, with the exception of those materials available on the website.

Logo policies – Stylists are not permitted to change or alter the logo in any manner. The logo must be used as is.

Return policy – Refer to page 12 of the SAS SPURILLA catalog.