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SAS. Gabrielle Gore SAS1 4B. What is SAS?.

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Gabrielle Gore



What is sas
What is SAS?

  • SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW

The company s history
The company’s history

  • SAS ("sass") once stood for "statistical analysis system" and was created in the early 1970s by Jim Goodnight, John Salland other NC State University colleagues to analyze agricultural-research data. When demand mushroomed, SAS Institute was founded in 1976 to develop and sell the software. After evolving into the world's leading provider of software and services for business analytics, the company dropped "Institute" from its name and became SAS (which is no longer an acronym).

Financial strength
Financial Strength

  • SAS' record of revenue growth in every year of our existence makes us a stable business partner; it also enables us to reinvest a substantial percent of revenues in R&D each year so we can continually improve our products. This commitment to innovation is one reason why the overwhelming majority of our customers renew their software licenses with SAS every year.


  • Since its inception, SAS has benefited from the skills and commitment of exceptional people. Today, as always, we seek the best talent to build on our 30-year success story. In return, SAS employees enjoy a supportive environment, outstanding opportunities for professional growth, and a chance to help SAS drive the new economy and provide innovative solutions for business decision makers across the globe.

Business analytics
Business analytics

  • Today’s organizations are dealing with diverse issues, a wider range of regulations and heightened global competition. There has never been a greater need for proactive, evidence-based decisions and agile strategies. With SAS Business Analytics, you can transform your information assets into true competitive advantage. By delivering insights that are gleaned from data about customers, suppliers, operations, performance and more, SAS Business Analytics empowers you to:

    • Solve complex business problems.

    • Manage performance to achieve measurable business objectives.

    • Drive sustainable growth through innovation.

    • Anticipate and manage change.

Other statictics
Other statictics

  • Year founded: 1976

  • SAS is the world's largest privately held software company (prepackaged software).

  • SAS has more than 400 offices globally.

  • SAS has more than 600 alliances globally.

SAS Annual History

The bosses in the office
The bosses in the office

Roger Staubach

Keith McFarland

Greg O'Brien

Jim Goodnight