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7 must have features in sukam solar panels n.
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7 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Panels PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Panels

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7 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Panels
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7 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Panels

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  1. 7 Must Have Features in Sukam Solar Panels Sukam Solar panels are manufactured using latest technology and best quality materials. These solar panels are especially designed to bear extreme weather conditions anywhere in the world. They have been awarded and certified for being highly efficient, long-lasting and reliable – they are 100% made in India for India and the world. Get ready to make the best investment ever: buy solar panels now and save money on electricity bills for 25 years. Sukam Solar Panel Features: Sukam solar panels are so efficient that they generate electricity from sunrise to sunset without fail. To eliminate shading, gap between module frame and solar cells is optimized. They have the best quality solar cells which make the solar panels highly efficient. The cells are laminated between UV resistant polymer (EVA) and high transmission toughened glass surface, which helps in extended the life of solar panels and lessen the power degradation. They are able to withstand extreme and harsh weather conditions and have a long life. Other Features: Maximum Power Generation to help you make more solar money. Shock resistant thik iron glass to help you cut down on solar wastage. High grade solar cells to give you long lasting solar panels. Best quality raw material to give you best performance even in extreme weather conditions. Anodized aluminum frame gives you freedom from maintenance.

  2. IEC approved Su-kam’s solar panels are so high in quality that the prestigious international certification body, IEC has certified the solar panels. How much is the price range of sukam solar panel? Sukam solar panel is available in 40W-12V, 50W-12V, 100W-12V, and 150W-12V and also available in 250W/24v, 260W/24v, 320W/24v. Solar Panel Price would range in different size from Rs. 60 to Rs. 40 watt. You can compare and buy the best and latest technology solar panels for home and business from Loom Solar – India’s premium solar panels. How to find sukam solar panel distributors in India? Sukam is servicing across India so it has vast network of distributors/dealers in India, besides you can get sukam solar product online on loom solar. How to get service warranty of sukam solar panel? Service warranty can be availed onsite and offsite as well. Usually you get 25 years warranty on solar panel, 2 years warranty on inverter and 5 years replacement warranty on solar battery. Where can I buy Sukam Solar Panels? It is the most important to know, where and how to find Sukam solar panels for personal use or reselling, so Visit Loom Solar.com. The wide range of Sukam solar panels are available at Loom Solar. Loom Solar is the one stop online shop for solar energy products of India’s top manufactures. Conclusion We are glad to share this blog with the dealers, distributors, home and business owners. You can visit at our store and get more information, such as solar panels deals and discounts, product delivery, how you can buy it, etc. Loom Solar Private Limited Corporate Office: B-949, Green Fields Colony, Faridabad, Haryana -121003 Contact: 8750 77 88 00 Website: www.loomsolar.com