the confederation era n.
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The Confederation Era

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The Confederation Era. The war is over, now what?. America was now and independent nation having won the Revolutionary War, but now what? What would the country and the government look like?. The Articles of Confederation.

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the war is over now what
The war is over, now what?
  • America was now and independent nation having won the Revolutionary War, but now what? What would the country and the government look like?
the articles of confederation
The Articles of Confederation
  • The Articles of Confederation was the name of the first government of the United States.
  • It had been started back in 1776 in the Continental Congress, and finally approved by all the states in 1781.
the articles of confederation was weak on purpose
The Articles of Confederation was weak, on purpose.
  • Americans were afraid of a strong national government. After all, they had fought a war over it. So, they government they decided on was week.
  • The national government under the Articles did not have the power to tax or enforce laws. Those powers were left up to the states.
  • The national government did have the power to wage war, but since they couldn’t tax, there was no way to pay for it.
  • The government could also issue money, but the states didn’t have to use it. They had their own.
the northwest ordinance
The Northwest Ordinance
  • One of the things the new government was allowed to do was divide any new lands the United States acquired. (Or you could say taken. Most of the lands belonged to the Indians, but that didn’t stop anyone from taking them.
  • Under the Northwest Ordinance, when 60,000 people lived in a territory, they could apply to become a state.
  • Slavery was also outlawed, but runaway slaves were to be returned to their lawful “owners.”
  • Freedom of religion and trial by jury were guaranteed.
weaknesses of the articles
Weaknesses of the Articles
  • Since the national government could not tax, and the national money was worthless, debt became a huge problem.
  • Debt = owing money
  • The biggest problem was that the soldiers who had fought the war, had not been paid, and they were mad.
You are going to be looking at a picture in a few seconds? See if you can figure out what is going on in the picture. Look at the picture closely.
  • Describe the people, objects, where the event is happening, and what is happening. (Who, what, where, and objects)
shays rebellion
Shays’ Rebellion
  • The American Revolution ended in 1783
  • The money paid to the soldiers who had fought in the Revolution was worthless.
  • This was because the government was not allowed to raise taxes in the Articles of Confederation.
  • As a result, the farmers were unable to pay their debts.
The farmers were taken into court, then into jail, and their land was taken away from them.
  • Most of the farmers were soldiers who had fought in the Revolution and they were mad.
  • In1786, an armed revolt by farmers against the state government took place.
  • Led by Daniel Shays, the farmers began to forcibly prevent the courts from meeting so they couldn’t take anyone else’s land away or put them in jail.
  • Early in 1787, the Governor sent 4,400 men against the rebels and the rebels were defeated.
  • Shays and the other rebels were pardoned. (An official act of forgiveness)
results of shays rebellion
Results of Shays’ Rebellion
  • Shays’ Rebellion showed the leaders of America that the Articles of Confederation were too weak, and a stronger national government was needed.