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Cosmetology. By: Katie Stephan. introduction.

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By: Katie Stephan

  • A Cosmetologist is a person who is trained in hair care and make-up application and works to provide these services for people of all ages. In the future a cosmologist will need continued training in the science of hair care products and the use of advanced tools.
what a cosmetologist does
What a cosmetologist does.
  • A Cosmetologist is a person who practices beauty. Whether its hair, skin , make-up , or nails. A Cosmetologist is trained to trim ,shampoo , dye , highlight , or style hair. The also help apply make up and help you with your skin problems/skin care. You can buy skin products at the salon to clear and help you with you skin.
what tools they use
What tools they use.
  • A Cosmetologists uses a variety of tools and materials. Such as, scissors , hair straiteners , hair curlers , combs , hair dryers , hair extensions , hair products , clips , dye ect. These tools can become more advanced in the future. For example these tool in the future can become more advanced so Cosmetologists will be able top possibly work faster. They also may be able to work more accurate.
where do they work
Where do they work?
  • A Cosmetologist works in a variety of different places. They usually work in a barber in all kinds of different cities. Sometimes for the elderly a cosmetologist will come to their house and trim/cut/dye their hair. They also have vans that you can get into and they will style your hair , do your nails, dye your hair, highlight your hair , or give skin care. in there if you don’t feel like driving.
education training

A high school diploma or a GED is required to become a cosmetologist. GED stands for General Education Diploma. A GED certificate is the equivalent of a high school diploma. You also have to go to Cosmetology school, where you are trained until you are a professional cosmetologist.

what will happen with this job in the future
What will happen with this job in the future?
  • In the future a cosmetologist will need continued training in the scinence of hair care products and the use of advanced tools. For example there will be new and more advanced tools in the future than there is now. So, cosmetologists will have to learn how to use more advanced technology. Back then there was no curling iron to curl your hair and now there is more technology and there will be more in the future.
extra training or schoooling needed
Extra Training or schoooling needed.
  • All you have to do to become a cosmetologist is have a GED or high school diploma. You also need to be trained to not be shy and ask people what they want. You have to be nice and talkative to be a cosmetologist. They give a lot of training on that in cosmetology school.
changing in technology
Changing in technology.
  • Changing in technology can definitely make this job change. For example more advance tools and materials, different hair styles , and different accessories people want. Cosmetologist need to keep up with technology and be trained continually on how to work more advanced tools. They need to know how to operate different tools and make people happy on how they look.
how has this job changed
How has this job changed?
  • This job has changed by different hair styles that people like, different tools, different accessories, and different people. This job has become more advanced and better than it was back then. They have better more advanced tools to make peoples hair look better and different prettier accessories. They have to keep up with the changes in style and know what people like.


New hair style

Old hair style