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MPE Workshop for LS1 Summary of Global Activities

MPE Workshop for LS1 Summary of Global Activities. Thanks to Speakers Arjan Verweij Hugues Thiesen Zinur Charifoulline Kajetan Fuchsberger. General remarks ( F.Bordry , M.Bernardini , J.P.Tock ). LS1 important for CERN Is a period, not only one project, to prepare the machine for 7 TeV

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MPE Workshop for LS1 Summary of Global Activities

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  1. MPE Workshop for LS1Summary of Global Activities Thanks to Speakers ArjanVerweij HuguesThiesen ZinurCharifoullineKajetanFuchsberger

  2. General remarks (F.Bordry, M.Bernardini, J.P.Tock) • LS1 important for CERN • Is a period, not only one project, to prepare the machine for 7 TeV • Major operation for CERN • Many people, about 800, coming in addition • Will be like this for future, long shutdowns and long operation • 1 month extension, for quadrupole diode repair Most important: MPE should not delay the start of beam operation (different from 2009) • Clearly it is required to digest the MPE planning with the details • Non-conformities detected by ELQA: who repairs? • Bet for 24 fm-1, if yes I pay FB a bottle R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  3. Powering Tests – ArjanVerweij • HWC includes more than just Powering Tests • Individual Systems Tests (IST) for many systems, QPS/ELQA @warm • Short-Circuit Tests (SCT) @warm • Cool-down • Powering tests: • Phase 1 : ELQA, IST, …PIC1 • Phase 2 : high current tests • Phase 1 and Phase 2 to be defined – some confusion…. • Powering with low current could relax planning, activities in adjacent sector allowed • Are ELQA tests part of the powering tests, or not? • MPS such as beam interlocks have to be included R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  4. Powering Tests – ArjanVerweij • Start of LS1: • Starts sectors s45 and s56 do be finished early for the train • 3 weeks duration for all powering tests • Can be powering all sectors within the first week • Operation mostly during the day, at night if necessary. • Power all circuits, except 13kA circuits, to 7TeV equivalent to detect circuit limitations • Global powering tests (all circuits together, RB and RQ limited current) • Combined exercise with OP, ABP, MP3, MPE, … • End of LS1 • 5 weeks/sector • Start July 2014, expected to be finished by December 2014 • Resources: correct estimation? • When will be CSCM done? Not yet clear? • Quench frequency expected to drastically increase after 6.5TeV (even with 0.1TeV increase) • CSCM planning may completely alter current schedule R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  5. Powering Tests – ArjanVerweij • System would greatly benefit from further Automation: • Reduces time • Reduces resources • Increases quality of data collected • Tool for comparing test results • Resources: MP3 to be revived, MSC people to be involved • Short-Circuit Tests - responsibilities to be clarified, who is in charge etc. • No foreseen setbacks or delays • Further discussion required on what SCT are actually necessary after LS1 • Do everything again or only re-commission circuits/cables which have been replaced/altered? R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  6. CSCM – HuguesThiesen • CSCM is a qualification tool for all connections within the 13kA circuits • Carried out at a temperature of 20K to minimise damage risk to the magnets • Must be carried out during warm-up or cool-down periods • Reason for Measurement: Diode connections have never actually been tested • All engineering concerns have been dealt with, i.e. no foreseen setbacks/delays • Start of LS1: Type test 1 sector, no delay. • End of LS1: 6 sectors, no delay. All sectors, 4 week delay. • Review recommends all sectors • Hardware issues • 900 boards require a small modification • Current Leads need to be tested in SM18 R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  7. CSCM – HuguesThiesen • Type Test, Start of LS1 • Planned for April, Sector 23 • Test without QPS plugs at 1st, to determine if a permanent CSCM mode is a viable option. If doesn’t work, do with plugs. • To be carried out by experts • All tools (sequencer etc.) to be used, approval took, MTF storage of results • Currently no test IST or Test procedures written, needs a deadline • Time draws short, preparation is now critical • End of LS1 • Expected to be fully automated and can be carried out by normal HC team • Potential for permanent hardware modification to allow for CSCM tests to carried out with ease in future • Modification of mBS boards, ~10k uC need to be purchased. • Decision on implementing permanent modification should be made sooner, rather than later (Though, uCs will not go to waste if not implemented) R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  8. Re-commissioning (IST) – ZinurCharifoulline • Original commissioning EDMS documents do exist, written in 2005/6 • Need updated • IST of 13kA EE • Many different tests required • Can be done at any temperature • IST of 600A EE • Many tests at any temperature • IST of PIC • No HW change, but major tests to be redone, then interfaces, finally PIC1, at any temperature • Necessary to be approved before Phase 2 powering tests • IST of QPS (very large activity, IST.QPS to be split) • Majority of tests can be done at any temperature • 13722 HW interlocks, 100% need to be working correctly • Quench Heaters (6076) need to be tests, must be done at cold. (Fire all heater power supplies at full voltage???) • Software tools are needed, this is essential R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  9. Automation Strategies for LS1 – KajetanFuchsberger • Automation aims to reduce time/resources and improve reliability during commissioning • Automation involves AccTesting software and PM framework • New version for AccTesting for start LS1, then ready for start IST (4/2014) • Currently operates in parallel with Alvarospages (being removed) • Dedicated AccTestingDatabase in development (allows to tests more than circuits) • AccTesting GUI: more info on pages, edit test plans easier, multiple campaigns, etc. • Analysis: much more in SW, lot of potential, could drastically reduce analysis time of successful tests • PM analysis server could do a lot of analysis (used in PM system) • Better than LabView • Lot of analysis modules are existing • PM system: A lot of adaptation required in LS1 R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

  10. Automation Strategies for LS1 – KajetanFuchsberger • BIC communication tests (to PIC, FMCM and WIC) to be automised • ELQA: should be included into the framework – link between DBs • Possibly before LS1 • Collaboration with others: Inside and outside the group • SCRUM: method of predicting work load • Good experience with Story Points • 9 projects, 2 will take about 60% of capacity • Notably applicable to other aspects of planning, not just SW • Plans for a working group to work specifically on automation (one of three working groups) + coordination and interfaces + MP3/COMS R. Schmidt and S. Rowan

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