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  1. eNERGY Energy

  2. What is energy?

  3. Energy is the ability to move something It is measured in Joules The symbol for Joules is J

  4. Heat energy – when heat causes things to move Heat causes the liquid inside a thermometer to move. Heat causes the liquid particles to move around quicker!

  5. Light energy – when light causes things to move! Light makes plants to grow! The vanes inside Crookes radiometer move because of light

  6. Sound energy – when sound makes things move! Sound makes our ear drums vibrate! It can even cause avalanches! It makes glasses smash!

  7. Magnetic energy – when magnets make things move A magnet can move thing towards it - like nails! A crane moves cars using magnets!

  8. Kinetic energy - the energy that moving things have! Wind causes sails to move Aeroplanes can move people and luggage A rock fall can move cars, people etc

  9. Potential energy – the energy something has because of it’s shape or position The water in a dam A spring A wind up clock A sling shot A jack in the box

  10. Chemical energy – stored in materials in their chemical bonds Chemical energy is stored in food – animals get this energy when they break down food in their bodies!

  11. Chemical energy – stored in materials in their chemical bonds A battery stores chemical energy Fuels like gas, turf and coal all store chemical energy that is released when they are burned!

  12. Electrical energy - comes from moving charges

  13. Nuclear energy – the energy that comes from nuclear fission and nuclear fusion Nuclear fusion in the sun

  14. Check your learning.. • What is energy? • What unit is energy measured in?

  15. Different types of energy There are many different types of energy: Heat light sound kinetic electrical chemical nuclear Can you think of examples of each type of energy?

  16. Which type of energy?

  17. Energy transfer Newton's Law of conservation of energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed But it can be changed from one form to another. • Chemical energy in food is converted to heat energy and kinetic energy by our bodies. • Potential energy in a ball is converted to kinetic energy when it falls to the ground. What other energy transfers can you think of?

  18. What is the energy transfer? What energy changes takes place in each device? • bunsen burner • portable torch • microphone • battery radio • television • car chemical to heat and light chemical to heat and light sound to electrical Chemical to electrical to sound and heat electrical to sound and light and heat chemical to kinetic and sound and heat In all these transfers the energy is not lost, it is conserved. Energy cannot be destroyed or created.

  19. What energy conversions happen?

  20. What energy conversions happen?

  21. What energy conversions happen?

  22. Fossils fuels are non renewable sources of energy Non-renewable sources of energy will eventually run out and take a very long time to be made again.

  23. Fossil fuels

  24. Coal formation

  25. Oil and gas formation

  26. Ireland has a energy problem.. • 90% of electricity we use comes from burning fossil fuels… • The disadvantages of fossil fuels: • 1)They are non renewable • (and running out!) • 2) When fossil fuels are burnt they release carbon dioxide into the air which causes global warming!

  27. Renewable energy resources will not run out because they can easily be made Renewable sources of energy Geothermal energy Wave and tidal energy Biomass energy Solar energy Wind energy

  28. Renewable or non-renewable?

  29. Nuclear energy is made from uranium (at the moment) which will eventually run out!

  30. Advantages/ Disadvantages of Nuclear energy Advantages • It releases great amounts of energy. • No greenhouse gases are released by nuclear power plants. Disadvantages • Releases radioactive waste which can be dangerous to the environment if not disposed of properly. • If a nuclear accident happened it would cause a lot of environmental damage.

  31. Group work • Make lists of the advantages and disadvantages of each energy source • Evaluate the other sources of energy we could use in Ireland to make electricity


  33. The sun is our primary source of energy! The energy that comes from the sun is changed into lots of different types of energy that we can use!

  34. Energy Conservation (Saving energy) Insulate with fibreglass Conserving energy Double glaze and use thick curtains Fit walls with air cavities Use thick carpets Use draught excluders

  35. Anagrams

  36. Multiple-choice quiz