How to make your own eco enzyme detergent
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How to make your own eco-enzyme detergent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to make your own eco-enzyme detergent. What is eco-enzyme?.

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What is eco enzyme
What is eco-enzyme?

  • Eco enzyme is a complex solution produced by fermentation of waste fruit and vegetable odds, brown and water.Eco-enzyme is cheap and easy to make. It is also an effective cleaning detergent. Best of all, it is environmental friendly(good for the environment).

Imgridients needed to make the eco enzyme detergent
Imgridients needed to make the eco-enzyme detergent

  • tap water

  • brown sugar or any kind of unprocessed sugar

  • fruit skins (e.g. orange, lemon, papaya, apple, watermelon, etc) and/or vegetable waste

Step 1
Step 1

  • Get an empty and clean plastic container with an air tight lid.

Step 2
Step 2

  • Fill the container with a lot of tap water.

Step 3
Step 3

  • Add brown sugar or any kind of unprocessed sugar and stir until it dissolves in the water. DO NOT use the normal processed white sugar.

Step 4
Step 4

  • Add fruit waste or vegetable waste into the container. 

Step 5
Step 5

  • Mixed the ingredients properly in the container with a clean ruler or stick

Step 6
Step 6

  • Close the lid of the container tightly.

Step 7
Step 7

  • During the first month, open the lid once every week and stir the mixture. This is to release gas produced by it and at the same time allow more oxygen for the fermentation.

Step 8
Step 8

  • Leave the mixture for another 2 months in a cool or dark corner. During this period, stir the mixture once every two weeks.

Step 9
Step 9

  • After 3 months, the enzyme should have a brown colour so it is ready to be used. Remove the all fruit skins and remainder (use them as fertilizer for your plants). Filter and it is ready for use.

  • You may want to bottle them to smaller bottles.

Take note

  • The above Eco-Enzyme formula is concentrated. You need to dilute it with water before using.

  • Plastic container is preferred as gas will be released. Plastic containers is not as rigid as glass or metal.

  • Do not use fruit/vegetable wastes that are rotten. During the fermentation process, it will produce some smell. Make sure you close the lid of the container tightly.

  • To know if fermentation process is going well, you should see a white, black or brown layer on the surface of the enzyme.

  • The longer it takes, the better it gets. Harvested Eco enzyme will never expire. Do not store it in the refrigerator.

Benefits of eco enzyme

  • Their antibacterial resistance properties make them great for cleaning floors, bathrooms or dishes. Eco-Enzyme improves air quality by removing foul odours and drives away insects in your home.

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