final week of renal n.
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Final week of renal!

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Final week of renal! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Final week of renal! . Severe hydronephrosis secondary to congenital obstruction (arrow) to the pelvi ureteric junction in a female aged 2 years:.

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Severe hydronephrosis secondaryto congenital obstruction (arrow) to the pelviureteric junction in a female aged 2 years:

Cystic dysplasia of kidneys andatresia of ureters in a female who died 11/2hours after birth. (Dysplasia here meansabnormality of tissue differentiation ormaldevelopment, not a precancerouscondition.)


Bilateral hydroureter(megaloureter) and renal dysplasia in a maleaged 10 months with stenosis of the lowerends of both ureters.


Early adult type polycysticdisease of the kidneys in a woman aged 33who died of a ruptured berry aneurysm of theright middle cerebral artery.

Poorly differentiated carcinoma(arrows) of the urinary bladder with extensiveinfiltration of all layers of the bladder wall

Acute suppurativepyelonephritisand thrombophlebitis in a woman aged 67 whodied of staphylococcal septicaemia. Multiplelung abscesses were also present.


Acute pyelonephritis with exudate

  • in tubules and interstitium

Chronic pyelonephritisprobablyassociated with vesico-ureteral reflux Clubbing of the calyces(arrows) is well shown.


Severe chronic pyelonephritiswith asymmetrical renal contraction in ahypertensive uraemic woman aged 34. Noteagain the clubbing of the minor calyces(arrows).


Tuberculouspyelonephritis andureteritis. Note the characteristic thickening ofthe wall of the ureter (arrows). Patients withisolated TB of the kidney present with painlesshaematuria.

Analgesic nephropathy showing corticalatrophy overlying necrotic papilla (blue arrow)and medulla (red arrow).
Acute tubular necrosis in a patientwith crush injury. The swelling of the cortex isdue to dilatation of the proximal tubules.

Interstitial nephritis. Allergic reaction tooral anticoagulant. Note architectural integritybut separation of elements by an inflammatorycell infiltrate.

Acute renal allograft rejection. The renaltubules are separated by interstitial oedemaand inflammatory cells.