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Aid Effectiveness

unite and deliver effective support for countries. Aid Effectiveness. Coordination Officers Workshop Glen Cove, New York Abdul Hannan, Programme Advisor. Topics we’ll cover today. The UN is a small fish in a big funding pool. UN funding can only do so much.

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Aid Effectiveness

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  1. unite and deliver effective support for countries Aid Effectiveness Coordination Officers Workshop Glen Cove, New York Abdul Hannan, Programme Advisor

  2. Topics we’ll cover today

  3. The UN is a small fish in a big funding pool

  4. UN funding can only do so much

  5. Bilateral aid’s share of total aid has grown much more rapidly.

  6. Core funding for the UN development system has plateaued. Net ODA from OECD DAC countries to multilateral institutionsat constant 2006 prices and exchange rates (millions USD)

  7. … so the UN should focus on technical assistance and leverage its impartiality

  8. The UN’s technical expertise is a strength only when deployed strategically and coherently.

  9. Any questions on how the UN fits into the international aid architecture?

  10. The average number of donors per country is growing. 1960s 2001-2005

  11. There are new modalities, mechanisms, initiatives and partnerships with an emphasis on setting goals and results. unite and deliver effective support for countries

  12. Aid effectiveness is gathering momentum. Millennium Development Goals Why use graphics from PowerPointing.com? Millennium Declaration Rome Forum (Harmonization) Doha Declaration Seoul 2002 2003 2005 2008 2011 2000 Accra Agenda Monterrey Consensus Paris Declaration

  13. The Paris Declaration set five principles for more effective aid, with indicators and targets.

  14. Aid effectiveness principles

  15. The Paris Declaration Pyramid

  16. Paris Declaration Indicators

  17. The 2006 Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey established baselines for 2005. 34 UN country teams participated.

  18. The second survey in 2008 looked at 2007 data to assess progress. 56 country teams participated.

  19. The final Monitoring Survey in 2011 will assess whether 2010 targets were met.

  20. Any questions on what aid effectiveness means?

  21. The UN system has unique advantages and challenges in delivering effective aid.

  22. Impartiality makes the UN a trusted government partner that can help coordinate with donors.

  23. Aid effectiveness builds on the existing reform agenda set by UN member states

  24. The UN system is making progress.

  25. UN progress: Indicator 3 Proportion of aid flows to the government sector that is reported on partners’ national budgets.

  26. UN progress: Indicator 4 Proportion of donor capacity-development support provided through coordinated programmes consistent with partners’ national development strategies.

  27. UN progress: Indicator 5a proportion of aid flows that use public financial management systems in partner countries

  28. UN progress: Indicator 5b Proportion of aid flows that use partner country procurement systems with good practices or reforms in progress

  29. UN progress: Indicator 6 Reduction in the number of parallel project implementation units per country.

  30. UN progress: Indicator 7 Proportion of aid disbursements released according to agreed schedules in annual or multi-year frameworks.

  31. UN progress: Indicator 9 proportion of aid provided as programme-based approaches

  32. UN progress: Indicator 10a Proportion of field missions that are joint.

  33. UN progress: Indicator 10b Proportion of country analytical work, including diagnostic reviews, that is joint.

  34. The UNDG’s priority is to help UNCTs engage in the changing aid environment and do well in the 2011 survey. UNDAF indicators reflecting aid effectiveness principles UNDG Action Plan on Aid Effectiveness UNDG Guidance Note “UNCT Engagement in the Changing Aid Environment”

  35. Any questions on the UN and Aid Effectiveness?

  36. Thank YouAbdul Hannan, Programme Advisor unite and deliver effective support for countries Aid Effectiveness

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