Male's giving birth?
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Male's giving birth?. Prophecy Fulfilled?. First Male (legally) to be pregnant… Is society ready for this pregnant husband?. He was a SHE!. “I am transgender , legally male, and legally married to Nancy.”

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Male s giving birth

Prophecy Fulfilled?

  • First Male (legally) to be pregnant…

  • Is society ready for this pregnant husband?

Male s giving birth

He was a SHE!

  • “I am transgender, legally male, and legally married to Nancy.”

  • “Sterilization is not a requirement for sex reassignment, so I decided to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy but kept my reproductive rights.”

  • “Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.”

Male s giving birth

Nancy couldn’t have a child…

Some details...

  • Nancy (His/her wife) had to undergo a hysterectomy and is unable to HAVE a child.

  • “I stopped taking my bimonthly testosterone injections.”

  • “My body regulated itself after about four months, and I didn’t have to take any exogenous estrogen, progesterone, or fertility drugs to aid my pregnancy.”

He/She unlocked his potential to be pregnant…

Male s giving birth

  • “Health care professionals have refused to call me by a male pronoun or recognize Nancy as my wife.”

  • “In total, nine different doctors have been involved. This is why it took over one year to get access to a cryogenic sperm bank to purchase anonymous donor vials, and why Nancy and I eventually resorted to home insemination.”

Male s giving birth

HORMONESOral doses of female hormones were administered to Mr. Lee to make him receptive to the pregnancy.

IMPLANTATIONIVF (In-vitro fertilization) techniques were used to induce an ectopic pregnancy by implanting an embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity, just under or into the peritoneum (the surrounding lining).

He/she had no womb???

Male s giving birth


Once implantation was complete, Mr. Lee

stopped taking hormones, because the

pregnancy itself, as expected, took over.

The embryo secretes sufficient hormones to

maintain its own growth and development.


The duration of the pregnancy has been

surprisingly normal, i.e. fetal heart

monitoring, chorionic villus sampling,

ultrasound scanning (as seen on this

web site), and a constant watch over

Mr. Lee's health and his enlarging

stomach (Not his/her Womb).


The delivery will requires open surgery

(Cesarean section) to remove the baby

and the placenta.

Male s giving birth

Can REAL Males be pregnant?

  • Extra-uterine pregnancies(also called abdominal pregnancies) are possible, and an amazing 5% of them are viable. It's very rare, but babies can be grown abdominally and then born live by surgical delivery.

  • All that is necessary is for a fertilized egg to implant in a place where it can tap into a blood supply.

    The fertilized egg produces enzymes which eat into whatever it lands on so that it can attach and tap into the blood vessels.

Male s giving birth

There are two catches:

1) The fetus is essentiallya parasite; whereas the uterus isdesigned to support the parasite, other internal organs are not, and serious damage can be done to the host.

2) Current medical practice is to cut the umbilical cord close to the placenta and leave it inside. If all goes well, it will eventually shrink and be reabsorbed. There is a serious risk of infection and other complications.

Male s giving birth

China Doctor

It's Actually Happening!

  • Male Pregnancy Now an Option, Beijingsurgeon Says

  • Doctor Chen Huanran is looking for a few good men -- to get pregnant.

  • The Beijing doctor -- one of China’s most-prominent sex change surgeons -- says he has developed the technology to impregnate a man…

Male s giving birth

"Male Mothers"

  • He said the “male mother” will take oral doses of female hormones.

  • Once ready, the patient will then be impregnated by in vitro fertilization, with the embryo implanted into the abdomen cavity.

  • The pregnancy will take the normal nine months with the delivery done by Caesarean section.

  • Chen has been recruiting volunteers on the Internet for the project with a message posted at a Website for those that have had or want to have sex changes (

Male s giving birth

There is no way the bible says anything about a male giving birth in the latter days
There is NO way human has become pregnant, with the possible (make-believe) exception of the the Bible says anything about a male giving birth in the latter days!

  • Does the Modern Day event of a Man being pregnant have any reference in scripture?

  • Is there a prophetic passage dealing with it?

  • I think so…

Male s giving birth
Fulfilled Prophecy? human has become pregnant, with the possible (make-believe) exception of the Fulfilled prophecy can best be explained by the statement, “Oh, that is what God meant!”

Jeremiah 30:4-7

  • 4 Now these are the words that the LORD spoke concerning Israel and Judah.

  • 5 "For thus says the LORD: ‘We have heard a voice of trembling, Of fear, and not of peace.

  • 6 Ask now, and see, Whether a man is ever in labor with child? So why do I see every man with his hands on his loins Like a woman in labor, And all faces turned pale?

  • 7 Alas! For that day is great, So that none is like it; And it is the time of Jacob’s trouble, But he shall be saved out of it.

Here's the passage...

Male s giving birth

Why would God inspire Jeremiah to use male pregnancy as a metaphor?

  • Verses depicting men acting like women implying cowardice, weakness, lack of courage to stand up to protect, defend, and be a “man,” are used in scripture.

  • There are several instances of the labor of a woman and her travail being used to describe sorrows, pain, fear and agony, punishment, judgment, and terrible things coming upon the earth…(John 16:21)

Male s giving birth

  • Although we might metaphor?imagine a man in labor it has never happened and seems impossible that it would happen.

  • Symbolism is understood because we know for instance what a woman in labor is like…we’ve never seen a male being pregnant until now…

All these symbols have meaning because they relate to real life

Male s giving birth

Jeremiah is warning Israel & Judah... metaphor?

  • About something that has never happened and is impossible (naturally), THAT it is going to happen (a man in labor with child)!

  • This is something very different from anything else the world has known!

  • In a time when unnatural things are happening…

Something unnatural

Male s giving birth

  • The metaphor?Virgin Birth is also such a phenomenon. This was impossible (outside of God) until our day. Medical science can now impregnate a virgin.

  • Yet, as we understand the Virgin Birth medical science cannot repeat what took place in Christ. Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit not a human male (sperm).

This was unnatural too!

Male s giving birth

Jeremiah 30:6 is a very unique passage metaphor?

  • It is describing events that are NOT at all common.

  • The uncommon event of The Great Day of the Lord;

  • Also known as The Tribulation, the Seventieth Week of Daniel’s prophecy, or Jacob’s Trouble.

Male s giving birth

Applying this verse... metaphor?

  • As a metaphor this verse works to describe unnatural things of our day such as homosexuality, gay marriage, trans sexuality, bisexuality, cloning, chemical weapons, mind altering drugs, etc…

  • But since we now have a modern day occurrence of a she/man pregnant AND medical science working in China to repeat it again with REAL males…this passage stands in LITERAL FULFILLMENT

  • (Oh, that’s what God meant!”).

Literal fulfillment… now we see it; the light is on…

Male s giving birth

Contributing Factors to accepting this verse prophetically...

  • There are those prophecies which are plain, straight forward, and obvious.

  • There are prophecies that are not.

    The Obvious prophecies (examples):




      These verses may seem coded to someone who is not familiar with the language, imagery, and use of God’s prophetic Word, but to those who are these passages are quite CLEAR.

Male s giving birth

  • Obscure Prophecies prophetically...

    • THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM Numbers 24:17

    • Fulfilled according to Matthew…Mt 2:2


      • Fulfilled according to Matthew…Mt 26:21


    • HIS BETRAYAL Zechariah 11:13

      • Fulfilled according to Matthew…Mt 26:15

Male s giving birth

Fabrications? prophetically...

  • What is going on when such prophecies seem taken out of context or apparently speaking of things unrelated to future issues?

  • Many argue that Matthew and others are making these connections work when they are not really there.

  • This is an important point of contention the claim that obscure prophecies are fabrications in order to substantiate Christ as the Messiah.

Seeing things not really there…

Male s giving birth

Prophecies are coded! prophetically...

  • First, as with all messages during wartime they are coded. We are in a spiritual war against satanic and human (sin natured) enemies…

  • To speak openly, directly, and obviously is to empower your enemy.

  • No nation at war does this; everyone develops codes in order to communicate with their own forces.

Male s giving birth

The KEY is Vital! prophetically...

  • The enemy may intercept broadcasts but without the key the message is NOT understood.

  • During WWII prior to the D-Day invasion radio broadcasts were sent over Europe with all kinds of phrases. These phrases meant nothing until the key was spoken. The resistance had the key and when they heard it they knew when the invasion would take place.

Male s giving birth

  • German prophetically... decoders spent a tremendous amount of time trying to decode them…but never did…until after the war and after the invasion!


  • This is a crucial point. Many prophecies were not understood until after the events they described came to pass. Before they came to pass there was no reference, no key, and no way to decipher them.

Very Important Point

Male s giving birth

Who is God trying to keep the message from? prophetically...

  • The Devil and his demonsAND sinful humanity as well.

  • The scripture says that if Satan had known God’s plan he would not have crucified Christ!

  • 1Corinthians 2:8 “which none of the rulers of this age knew; for hadtheyknown, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.”

God kept it from us until it was finished
God kept it from until it was finished.

  • However, now that it is done God shows us that it was planned and declared long ago. He does this so that we can know that His prophets and His scriptures are true and cannot be copied or counterfeited.

Applying this vip point to prophecy

After the facts & details happened we understand and can see it in scripture…

  • The obscure passages before (they happened) meant nothing to us until after the events they were speaking about took place.

  • They were veiled from our eyes and understanding until after the fact…

  • Now that we know Christ is the Messiah the disciples remembered the details of his life and began to look over the prophetic material.

For example the star of bethlehem
For example: The Star of Bethlehem… prophetically...

  • The star (of Christ) actually appeared in the night sky and led the wise men to find the baby Jesus (See the Video “The Star of Bethlehem).

  • We could have interpreted this prophecy as a metaphor of the Messiah being a rising star among the people of Israel and we would be right;

  • However, like with many of the prophecies of God they have multiple meaning and fulfillments.

Male s giving birth

AND prophetically...



  • Many prophecies have double meaning as in this case that it was fulfilled metaphorically AND literally!

  • We can now look back and see that a star is stated in NUMBERS 24:17. He (Jesus) does rise in prominence in Israel and a REAL STAR does lead the wise men to the Messiah.

  • Can God be so subtle? Can God be so creative? The answer is obvious…

Male s giving birth

  • The prophetically...KEY is: Jesus is the Christ and the events of his life were prophesied,

  • We see in scripture HIS life predicted (and the events surrounding him) in many places very clearlyAND in others a bit more obscurely; nevertheless, just as validly.


PROPHECY about the details of Jesus’ life, ministry, healings, preaching, suffering, crucifixion & Resurrection!

Jeremiah s ususal passage


  • This passage in Jeremiah is unusual and describing something very unnatural.

  • We can interpret it metaphorically to describe end time events (Jacob’s Trouble) being so horrific that men travail with panic and fear like a woman in child birth!

  • But did you notice I wrote, “…like a WOMAN in child birth?”

  • That certainly would be more natural and expected especially since that metaphor is used at other times and places in scripture.

Male s giving birth

  • But the fact that prophetically...Jeremiah speaks about the unnatural (and up until modern times impossible) symbolism of a man in labor giving birth to a child means this passage is LOADED!

  • It is loaded with curiosity, with confusion, and with unexplainable meaning.

Male s giving birth

  • We can read it and prophetically...grasp something of a very unusual and different event happening in the future but other than that we are left grasping for more.

  • There is a sense that something is MISSING and we are out of the loop to its full MEANING.

  • We generally lay such passages aside or gloss over them trying to be satisfied with what we do understand about them.

Male s giving birth

  • That has all changed prophetically...with the announcement of a male being pregnant!

  • No one would have thought it possible or even desirable until our day.

  • Like with other obscure prophecies being fulfilled both metaphorically and LITERALLY, so is this passage (Jeremiah 30:6).

An announcement that unlocked what was missing...



Male s giving birth

  • What prophetically...confirms and gives strength to this interpretation of Jeremiah 30:6 is that it places this unnatural, unusual, never before happened event in the time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7).

  • For Bible scholars there is no question that refers to the Great Tribulation period. With so many other end time prophecies having already been fulfilled such as (highlights on next page):

Male s giving birth

Highlights given without detailed explanations prophetically...

1) Israel returning to their land on the precise prophet day on May 15th 1948.

2) The rise of nuclear weapons and the ability to incinerate millions [Zechariah 14:12]

3) The rise of technology in order to control buying and selling [Revelations 13:17]

4) The witness of satellite TV and real time news coverage world wide [Revelations 11:8.]

5) The ability to mark and track every human being in the world [Revelations 14:9,]

6) The rise of the Old Roman Empire in the form of the European Economic Community

7) The rise of the 200 million man army China and her allies boasted only two decades ago. [Revelations 9:16]

8) The fulfillment of Daniels end time prophesy: [Dan. 12:4] “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run toandfro, and knowledge shall increase."

We are in the information revolution and frequent flyer miles are only a thing of modern times.

Only eight of nearly thirty end time prophecies fulfilled in our day…

Concluding… prophetically...


  • And now add to that list an obscure passage from Jeremiah speaking about the time of Jacob’s Trouble and the literal fulfillment of seeing a male pregnant.

  • If one were going to make this up when Jeremiah wrote it would you describe something that no one would believe could or would ever happen?

  • It is a very unique passage anticipating the end time events of wayward humanitypracticing unnatural things.

  • The Bible is on target again.


“Oh, that’s what God meant!”

Want to know more
Want to know more? prophetically...

  • Contact the Church:

    Lord of Lords Bible Community Church

    32 Clearwater Drive

    Waretown, NJ 08758


  • Check out the Message on “Two Proofs”

    The two proofs that validate the Bible…

  • The Signature of God; The Handwriting of God by Grant R. Jeffrey

    A thorough presentation that provides prophetic, historic, and scientific evidences supporting the veracity of scripture.