chapter 5 rooms division operations l.
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Chapter 5 Rooms Division Operations PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 5 Rooms Division Operations

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Chapter 5 Rooms Division Operations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 5 Rooms Division Operations. After Reading and Studying This Chapter, You Should Be Able to:. Outline the duties and responsibilities of key executives and department heads Draw an organizational chart of the rooms division of a hotel and identify the executive committee members

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Chapter 5 Rooms Division Operations

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after reading and studying this chapter you should be able to
After Reading and Studying This Chapter, You Should Be Able to:
  • Outline the duties and responsibilities of key executives and department heads
  • Draw an organizational chart of the rooms division of a hotel and identify the executive committee members
  • Describe the main functions of the rooms division department
after reading and studying this chapter you should be able to cont
After Reading and Studying This Chapter, You Should Be Able to (cont.):
  • Describe property management systems and discuss yield management
  • Calculate occupancy percentages, average daily rates, and actual percentage of potential rooms revenue
  • Outline the importance of the reservations and guest services functions
  • List the complexities and challenges of the concierge, housekeeping, and security/loss prevention departments
functions of a hotel
Functions of a Hotel
  • Lodging accommodations
  • Revenue centers
  • Cost centers
  • Serve and enrich society
  • Profit for the owners
role of a general manager
Role of a General Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Ensuring highest level of associate and guest service
  • Overseeing and coordinating operations
  • Increasing profitability
qualities of successful hospitality leaders
Qualities of Successful Hospitality Leaders
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Follow-through
  • People skills
  • Patience
  • Ability to delegate effectively
executive committee
Executive Committee
  • General manager
  • Director of human resources
  • Director of food and beverage
  • Director of rooms division
  • Director of marketing and sales
  • Director of engineering
  • Director of accounting
rooms division
Rooms Division
  • Front office
  • Reservations
  • Housekeeping
  • Concierge
  • Guest services
  • Security
  • Communications
front office manager fom
Front Office Manager(FOM)
  • Enhance guest services
  • Ensure the desired percentage of each market segment is achieved
  • Make and exceed budget forecasts
basic functions of the front office
Basic Functions of theFront Office
  • Review previous night’s occupancy/ADR
  • Review arrivals/departures/VIP rooms
  • Staffing adjustments/scheduling
  • Look over market mix
  • Meet with lead GSAs
  • Sell rooms
  • Maintain balanced guest accounts
  • Offer services such as faxes, mail, messages, etc.
night auditor
Night Auditor
  • Posts charges
  • Closes the books on a daily basis
  • Balances guest accounts
  • Completes daily report
night audit process in simple terms
Night Audit Process in Simple Terms
  • Add yesterday’s closing balance of accounts owed by guests
  • Less payments received today against accounts
  • Plus all charges made today to guests’ account
  • Equals day’s closing balance of accounts owed by guest
hotel occupancy statistics
Hotel Occupancy Statistics
  • Occupancy statistics:
    • Percentage of Occupancy =

Rooms Occupied

Total Rooms Available

hotel occupancy statistics cont
Hotel Occupancy Statistics (cont.)
  • Occupancy statistics (cont.):
    • Double/Multiple Occupancy Percentage =

Total # of Guests – # of Rooms Occupied

# of Double-Occupied Rooms

hotel revenue statistics
Hotel Revenue Statistics
  • Revenue statistics:
    • Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) =

Total Rooms Revenue

Total Number of Rooms Sold

property management systems pms
Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Computer-based applications:
    • Reservations management
    • Rooms management
    • Guest account management
    • General management
revenue management
Revenue Management
  • Increases room revenue by using demand-forecasting technique
  • Based on the economics of supply and demand
  • Pricing is based on:
    • Trends of demand
    • Type of room to be occupied
  • Rev Par =

Room Revenue

Number of Rooms Available

  • Internet
  • First area of guest contact
  • A sales position
  • Telephone skills
  • Central Reservations System (CRS)
reservation definitions
Reservation Definitions
  • Confirmed reservation
  • Guaranteed reservation
  • Advance deposit/advance payment
  • No show
  • 6 PM release
communications or pbx
Communications or PBX
  • Public Branch Exchange
  • Profit center
  • Includes many types of communication:
    • Faxes
    • Messages
    • Pagers and radios
    • Emergency center
guest services uniformed service
Guest Services Uniformed Service
  • Bell captain or guest services manager
  • Door attendants:
    • Hotel’s unofficial greeters
  • Bell persons:
    • Escort guests to their rooms
    • Transport luggage
  • Part of guest/uniformed services
  • Elevate properties’ marketable value
  • Typically in a luxury hotel
  • Unique requests
  • Knowledge of city
  • Ability to speak several languages preferred
  • Largest department in terms of people
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Cleanliness is the key to success
duties of the executive housekeeper
Duties of the Executive Housekeeper
  • Leadership of people, equipment, and supplies
  • Cleanliness and servicing the guest rooms and public areas
  • Operating the department according to financial guidelines
  • Keeping records
other duties of housekeeping
Other Duties of Housekeeping
  • Turndown service
  • Hotel laundry
  • Laundry and dry cleaning for guests
  • General hotel cleaning
  • Linen room
in house laundry
In-House Laundry
  • Advantages:
    • 24-hour anytime laundry service for guests
    • Smaller par-stock of linen
    • Full control over quality of laundered linen
contract laundry service
Contract Laundry Service
  • Advantages:
    • No maintenance costs for equipment
    • No labor costs for training/staffing
    • Lower overhead costs of energy/water
    • Fixed projected expense
security and loss prevention
Security and Loss Prevention
  • Providing guest safety and loss prevention:
      • Security officers
      • Equipment
      • Keys
      • Safety procedures
      • Identification procedures
      • ADA compliance
  • Diversity of workforce
  • Increase in use of technology
  • Continued quest for increases in productivity
  • Increasing use of revenue management to increase profit by effective pricing of room inventory
  • Greening of hotels and guest rooms
trends cont
Trends (cont.)
  • Security
  • Diversity of the guest
  • Compliance with the ADA
  • Hotel companies are trying to persuade guests to book rooms via the company website instead of an Internet broker
  • Hotels are upgrading in-room technology