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APUSH Writing “Guide to Success” PowerPoint Presentation
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APUSH Writing “Guide to Success”

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APUSH Writing “Guide to Success” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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APUSH Writing “Guide to Success”. Always write in 3 rd person. Never use I. Prompt. Read the prompt about three times to understand what it is asking. Underline phrases, events, and time periods to better understand the question. Introduction.

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APUSH Writing “Guide to Success”

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    1. APUSH Writing “Guide to Success”

    2. Always write in 3rd person. Never use I.

    3. Prompt • Read the prompt about three times to understand what it is asking. • Underline phrases, events, and time periods to better understand the question.

    4. Introduction • When beginning your essay you need to develop previous knowledge that leads up to the time period the essay prompt is covering. • Always begin your essay with a connection from previous time period. • Also, the thesis (the most important part of your paper) is found in the introduction. • The thesis of your paper always answers the prompt’s question.

    5. Thesis • I believe in the one sentence thesis. • The readers in Kentucky also enjoy the one sentence thesis. • If a reader needs to go back to look for the thesis statement, that means your thesis statement is inadequate and unclear. • Let your thesis statement be the last sentence of you introduction paragraph. It is just easier for the readers to grade (me too). • The thesis statement always answers the prompt directly. • It must contain a subject + an opinion.

    6. Words to make thesis statements opinions: Compare and Contrast thesis statements: • Evident • Noticeable • Pronounced • Striking • Deserve • Merit • Thorough • rigourous • Clear • Remarkable • Striking • Pronounced

    7. Words to make thesis statements opinions: Proposition thesis statements: Beginning of thesis • Notion • Belief • Thought • Idea • proposition End of thesis statement • Fascinating • intereseting • Thought provoking • provocative

    8. Ex. 1. To what extent was President Andrew Jackson one of the nation’s most effective presidents? 2. How did two of the following contribute to changes in the political process during the Jacksonian era? Universal white male suffrage Popular election of the president Spoils system.

    9. The assumption of Andrew Jackson as one of the most effective presidents of the U.S. can be clearly seen through his strong character and decision making, rotation of office holders, and his management of the Nullification policy. • Universal white male suffrage and the spoil system greatly influenced the political process in the Jacksonianera because it allowed more voice amongst common Americans and the spoil system served as the foundation for political parties.

    10. Body Section • Topic Sentence= What will be discussed. • Good writers usually have a fact per sentence. Paragraph Fact 1 + explanation of significance/ meaning Fact 2 + “ “ Fact 3 + “ “ • Use the facts in the paragraph to address the question. ( Every paragraph needs to answer prompt).

    11. Conclusion • Express the purpose of the essay • Relate the topic to bigger issue. • You started essay stating what led to the event now you end the essay with what is going to happen next.

    12. FAQ • How long does it have to be? Long enough to answer the question well.

    13. Good Essay Writing • Identify specific individuals • Use active verbs • Use descriptive words • Explain who did what and why do not use overgeneralized statements as “mistakes were made” be specific.

    14. Overgeneralized words • Every, everyone, everybody • Any, anyone, anybody • None, no one, nothing, nobody • All, sometimes, often, always, never, most, many some, very Weak nouns: Thing, stuff, person people. Weak verbs( use action verbs instead) Are, was, were, have, has, do, does, did,

    15. Weak Adjectives: • Good, bad, great, super, nice. Weak Phrases: There is/are It was/ were Slang awesome, cool, sucks, so, aint Contractions

    16. Do not use the following words. • Good • Very • Etc. • I feel • Many people • Gonna • Things • Got • In my opinion • There are • Really • Kind of • I think • A lot • Like • In conclusion.