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Medieval. Entertainment & Arts. What types of entertainment. Fashion Music Art Literature Medieval law Architecture sports. and arts were in the Middle Ages?. Fashion. Amusse: simple headdress in the form of a flat hood. Culot: short tight breeches worn by men.

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  1. Medieval Entertainment & Arts

  2. What types of entertainment • Fashion • Music • Art • Literature • Medieval law • Architecture • sports and arts were in the Middle Ages?

  3. Fashion • Amusse: simple headdress in the form of a flat hood • Culot: short tight breeches worn by men • Braes: lose trousers ending below the knees • Fillet: band tied around the head • Wimple: women’s head and neck covering • Branc: Women’s Smock 15th Century • Cornet: long point of a hood http://romancereaderatheart.com/images

  4. Music Harp: very ancient lineage • Chalumeau: a simple reed-pipe ancestor of the clarinet • Lute: a fretted stringed instrument • Recorder: a woodwind instrument of ancient lineage. • Lyre: Greek instrument like a small harp http://images.google.com/images/harp

  5. Art Two of the main paintings that Leonardo da Vinci did are the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. • There were two main artist in the medieval times. (Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo) Two of the sculptures that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci did are the sculpture of David and the Mary Magdalena. www.harley.com

  6. Literature Back in the middle ages literature was mainly poetry, plays, and some books. Some of Shakespeare’s plays were • MacBeth • Romeo and Juliet • Julius Caesar • A Midsummer Night’s Dream • Hamlet • King Lear • Othello An example of literature back in the medieval times was William Shakespeare.

  7. Architecture is the art, craftsmanship, and science of designing buildings and structures. www.pitt.edu/~medart

  8. Cathedrals NorteDame Canterbury Strasbourg www.ross.navy.mil www.djtravel.homestead.com www.britainshistory.com

  9. Stained Glass Windows • Circle • Triangle • Square • Pentacle • Octagon • Solomon’s Seal • Mystic number nmazca.com/

  10. Medieval Recreation • Nobles • Peasants

  11. Nobles Tournaments • Archery • Sword on foot • Sword on horseback • Joust • Hastilude Military • Hopskotch

  12. Peasants • Checkers • Backgammon • Marbles • Football • Hula Hoop • Dice

  13. The Joust • Ancient • Modern • Scoring

  14. Medieval Law 3 Main Ordeals • Ordeal By Fire • Ordeal By Water • Ordeal By Combat

  15. Credits Pictures http://romancereaderatheart.com/images http://images.google.com/images/harp www.harley.com www.pitt.edu/~medart www.djtravel.homestead.com www.britainshistory.com www.ross.navy.mil nmazca.com/ www.animationfactory.com/animations

  16. Credits http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/2662/guide.html#chal http://www.music.iastate.edu/antiqua/instrumt.html http://www.medieval-life.net/games.htm http://www.medieval-life.net/clothing.htm http://www.medieval-life.net/music.htm http://www.medieval-life.net/festivals.htm http://www.medieval-life.net/literature_main.htm http://www.medieval-life.net/troubadours.htm http://www.medieval-life.net/masterpieces.htm http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/medieval_law_and_order.htm http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/schools/projects/middleages/law/law.html

  17. This slide show was specially brought to you by Jessica Alex Stephanie

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