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Information about Facebook M PowerPoint Presentation
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Information about Facebook M

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Information about Facebook M
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Information about Facebook M

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  1. Humans Behind Artificial Intelligence, Through Facebook’s M Facebook the leading social media platform online announced the launching of their digital assistant, M last August 26, 2015. This AI will exist within the Messenger application of Facebook, it is expected to answer inquiries, provide information and perform tasks that users require. M VS. Siri And Cortana It is expected that M is going to face tons of comparison with other AI’s in the online community like Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft). The ability of Siri includes managing messages (e.g. SMS, email, etc.), fixing schedules, and information searches.On the other hand Microsoft’s Cortana is PC based, and from there it helps users to search for files and arrange your calendar. What Makes M Unique?

  2. The following features sets M apart from its artificial intelligence competition:  M is not 100% artificial, it is aided by customer support entities known as “M Trainers”. According to David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s Messenger application; M is powered by artificial intelligence that is equipped and trained and managed by live human support. Its goal is to further improve M’s automated capacity as the system grow through time. Facebook endeavors to go the extra mile from digital assistants’ common limitations that cover reliance on the limited facts that users feed them, and its obstacle of performing complicated tasks. Giving real individuals to assist M, users can lay back and let the AI execute its tasks on their behalf, just like completing online purchases, settle bills online, and accomplish projects.  M do not respond to voice commands. It is programmed however, to respond to chat in order to simulate the experience of chatting to a friend through Messenger.  M doesn’t have a Gender, Unlike its competitor that performs as a female assistant, Facebook didn’t set a gender for M.

  3. How Do You Use M? The First step is you must download the Messenger App. Facebook said that Google is the first destination when performing tasks and searching stuff online, with M they want to do the same through Messenger. Presently, for M to perform certain tasks through smartphones and other portable electronic devices, you need to download numerous applications first. But Messenger is seeking to be the only primary destination for all your online needs through M. After installing it, the M button will automatically appear at the bottom portion of the Messenger application. All you need is to tap it, and you can already chat with it and it will do the job for you. What Does The Future Holds For M? M is still on beta testing and is available to limited users along the Bay Area, however time will come when M is accessible to all Messenger users. Furthermore, M is still not utilizing the Facebook account of users online and it is limited to the input you are applying when you interact with it, through the help of the M trainer that supports it. The only thing that we can expect for M is for it to be assimilated to our Facebook accounts in the future, with our consent to give out personal information to the application. Hopefully, our information will be utilized wisely, and that M proves itself to be the finest digital assistant that Facebook wants for it to become. Finally, the potential of M for business owners should not be underestimated- Once it expands and becomes successful according to Facebook’s forecast it to be, the opportunity for M to partner up with businesses could possibly be open in the future. Especially, just recently Facebook earned their newest breakthrough of having 1 billion users a day. Local Top Rank will be in tune for M’s updates and we’ll definitely inform you of its progress.