Creating a photostory
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Creating a Photostory. Writing a Story Board. A storyboard is a series of pictures and words that help the director to visualize the film. It also helps to guide the filming schedule. Step 1: Think.

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Writing a story board

Writing a Story Board

A storyboard is a series of pictures and words that help the director to visualize the film. It also helps to guide the filming schedule.

Step 1 think
Step 1: Think

  • Get a couple ideas out on paper so when you are ready to begin you can narrow it down to one or two ideas.

  • Think through your ideas, think about the purpose of this project and who your target audience is.

  • How can you most effectively present your information.

Step 2 setting up and prewriting
Step 2: Setting up and Prewriting

  • First you have to have your idea.

  • Next, you need to add details to the story and dialogue.

Step 3 putting it together
Step 3: Putting it Together

  • Draw basic drawings putting everything in the places you want them laid out in your presentation.

  • This is just the time to get your ideas on paper.

Step 4 finishing
Step 4: Finishing

  • Get a few pieces of paper and a few things to draw with now you need to get your basic story line put everything together and adding details.

Step 5 to finalize
Step 5: To Finalize

  • Put everything up, captions and pictures and ask someone to look over your work to make sure it makes sense.


  • Write the entire premise for your photo story with lots of details and ideas, paying no mind to style, format, repetition, or anything else that gets in the way of your creative flow.

Creating a photostory

  • Trim the story down. Now that you have everything on paper, look for dead weight, weak links, irrelevant details, over-explaining, sidetracking, elements that drag, and anything else that weakens the overall trajectory.

  • Be harsh; just because you fell in love with something you worked on in the exploratory phase doesn’t mean it should survive the revision phase.

Write the plot in script format
Write the plot in script format

  • Use proper headers to introduce scenes, identify each speaker, and so on; many production companies won’t even look at a script if it isn’t properly formatted.

Revise your work as many times as necessary
Revise your work as many times as necessary

  • Painful as it may be, you’ll be glad when you’re finally able to convey your vision.

Class discussion
Class Discussion

  • Where do you go to find information for a research report?

  • How does the Internet differ from other sources of information?

  • What is your favorite place to find information and why?

Venn diagram
Venn Diagram

  • Create a Venn diagram to compare the Internet with more traditional information sources