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Excent Tera Overview

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Excent Tera Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Excent Tera Overview. VBISD Professional Development Day February 20, 2006. Presenters. Henry Winter, Consultant John Dickey, VBISD. Common Questions. What is Excent Tera? Database program for special education Collect and maintain essential information Why did the VBISD purchase it?

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excent tera overview

Excent Tera Overview

VBISD Professional Development Day

February 20, 2006

  • Henry Winter, Consultant
  • John Dickey, VBISD
common questions
Common Questions
  • What is Excent Tera?
    • Database program for special education
    • Collect and maintain essential information
  • Why did the VBISD purchase it?
    • Meet data reporting requirements
    • Eliminate duplication of effort
    • Eliminate Medicaid billing overhead
    • Enable collaborative work
    • Information at your fingertips
common questions1
Common Questions
  • Who else is using it in Michigan?
    • Oceana, Branch, Jackson counties
    • Saginaw has just committed
  • What am I expected to do with Excent Tera?
    • Right now, nothing
    • Following training, “Medicaid Encounter Logs”
    • Later, IEPs, METs, etc.
    • VBISD and ALL VB LEAs
common questions2
Common Questions
  • What sort of support will be available when we have to start using Excent Tera?
    • Pre-implementation training
    • Detailed user manual
    • VBISD Tech Support Team
    • JCISD for more difficult issues
objectives for today
Objectives for today:
  • Be able to describe the advantages of Excent Tera
  • Be able to describe how you might make use of Excent Tera

DO NOT worry about learning HOW to use Excent Tera today

This is only a “taste”

some of you may think
Some of you may think…
  • I don’t have private internet access at my schools/in my office
  • I’m not very computer literate
  • How am I going to learn this software and still get my job done?
  • What is the process going to be?



what we will cover today
What we will cover today
  • Login
  • Student Explorer/Student Navigator
  • Document Explorer
  • IEPs
  • Medicaid Encounter Logs (i.e., clinical service records or service activities)
  • Excent Tera runs on a computer in Jackson
  • Use your computer to command Jackson computer and to see the results
  • Only requirements for your computer:
    • Internet connection (high speed or dial-up)
    • Internet Explorer
    • Remote Desktop Connection
remote desktop connection

Your PC



Your PC

Excent Tera in Jackson

The Internet

Remote Desktop Connection

Note that all the thinking and data storage happens in Jackson, not on your computer!

Your Answer

Your Request

Your Answer

Your Request

  • Now is your chance to ask all those questions you’ve been saving.
  • Excent Tera is a powerful database designed for use in special education
  • It is in use in multiple ISDs across Michigan and the rest of the country
  • Information Excent Tera makes available to you at your fingertips will make you more effective and efficient