when errors happen debugging microsoft silverlight n.
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When Errors Happen: Debugging Microsoft Silverlight PowerPoint Presentation
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When Errors Happen: Debugging Microsoft Silverlight

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When Errors Happen: Debugging Microsoft Silverlight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When Errors Happen: Debugging Microsoft Silverlight. John Papa www.johnpapa.net. Agenda 20 Minutes of Essential Tools. Tools for the job Which tool for which job HTTP Sniffing Debugging script errors Cross domain detection and debugging Testing posts and gets. Tools.

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Presentation Transcript
agenda 20 minutes of essential tools
Agenda20 Minutes of Essential Tools
  • Tools for the job
  • Which tool for which job
  • HTTP Sniffing
  • Debugging script errors
  • Cross domain detection and debugging
  • Testing posts and gets
  • The right tools for the job is critical
debugging arsenal
Debugging Arsenal
  • Tools the fit the bill for Silverlight

Fiddler 2

IE 8’s Developer Tools

Silverlight Spy

Web Development Helper


watching over you 3 free tools
Watching Over You3 Free Tools
  • Fiddler 2
    • Watches all HTTP traffic on a PC
    • Issue posts & gets, modify headers, messages
  • Silverlight Spy
    • Monitor HTTP traffic for a Silverlight application only
  • FireBug
    • Plug in for FireFox
  • WebDevelopmentHelper
    • Add-in for Internet Explorer
      • Works in both version 7 and 8
http sniffing the watchdog
HTTP SniffingThe Watchdog
  • Fiddler, WebDevelopmentHelper, FireBug
  • Sniff out HTTP traffic
  • Watch requests, responses, and status
script errors ie 8 s development tools
Script ErrorsIE 8’s Development Tools
  • Debug script
    • Locals
    • Watches
    • Breakpoints
cross domain issues
Cross Domain Issues
  • Silverlight client calls a remote server’s service
  • Service is on different domain than the Silverlight client’s hosted server
  • Rejection by default
  • Must allow service to be called
  • Format:
    • http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc645032(VS.95).aspx
cross domain policies
Cross Domain Policies
  • Silverlight looks for both
    • ClientAccessPolicy.xml (Silverlight)
    • CrossDomain.xml (Flash format)
  • File must be in the web root
  • Use HTTP sniffer to detect problems
restrictive policy
Restrictive Policy

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>





http-request-headers=“SOAPAction, Content-Type">

<domain uri="http://johnpapa.net"/>



<resource path="/MyAwesomeServices/"






cross domain policies watching
Cross Domain PoliciesWatching
  • Silverlight can access web services on different domains
  • Looks for cross domain policy files
  • Detect the policy files and analyze them
  • Options:
    • HTTP Sniffing detects a problem
    • Browse directly to see them
    • Silverlight Spy to analyze them
tools reference key features
Tools ReferenceKey Features
  • Fiddler 2
    • HTTP monitoring
    • Issue posts & gets, modify headers, messages
      • fiddler2.com
  • Silverlight Spy
    • HTTP monitoring
    • Explore Isolated Storage contents
      • silverlightspy.com
tools reference key features1
Tools ReferenceKey Features
  • WebDevelopmentHelper
    • HTTP monitoring for Internet Explorer
      • projects.nikhilk.net/WebDevHelper
  • FireBug
    • HTTP monitoring for FireFox
      • getfirebug.com
  • Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools
    • Debugging scripts and page analysis
      • Built into IE 8
thanks find more information
Thanks!Find More Information …
  • silverlight.net
  • johnpapa.net

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