Felix dodds stakeholder forum
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Emerging Issues Can the Existing Institutional Framework Adequately Address T hem?. Felix Dodds Stakeholder Forum. International Framework for Sustainable Development. 1. 3. 2. Sustainable Development Governance. An important Issue. Fragmentation of the science. www.earthsummit2012.org.

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Felix dodds stakeholder forum

Emerging Issues Can the Existing Institutional Framework Adequately Address Them?

Felix DoddsStakeholder Forum

Felix dodds stakeholder forum

International Framework for Sustainable Development Adequately Address




Sustainable Development Governance

An important Issue

Fragmentation of the science


Sustainable development governance

1 Adequately Address

Sustainable Development Governance

Lessons learnt from the first twenty years

Commission on sustainable development mandate
Commission on Sustainable Adequately Address Development - mandate

“3(a) To monitor progress in the implementation of Agenda 21 and activities related to the integration of environmental and developmental goals throughout the United Nations system through analysis and evaluation of reports from all relevant organs, organizations, programmes and institutions of the United Nations system dealing with various issues of environment and development, including those related to finance.”

The first seven years
The first seven years Adequately Address

1994 CSD: called for the development of an “effective legally binding instruments concerning the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) procedure on the importation of chemicals”

1995 CSD: established the United Nations Inter-government Panel on Forests

1996 CSD: set out the requirements for the establishment of the institutional arrangements for the implementation of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities

1997 UNGASS: called for by the year 2002, the formulation and elaboration of national strategies for sustainable development, the establishment of the UN Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF) for three years (1997-2000), and the establishment of multi-stakeholder dialogues with governments within the UN CSD

The first seven years1
The first seven years Adequately Address

1998 CSD:called on UNCTAD, UNEP and UN DESA to help develop a vulnerability index for the quantitative and analytical work on the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States and the establishment of a review of voluntary initiatives within industry.

1999 CSD:established an expansion of the United Nations guidelines on consumer protection to include sustainable consumption. It also established an open-ended informal consultation processes on oceans and seas under the UN General Assembly.

2000 CSD:set out the terms of reference for a new permanent body – the United Nations Forum on Forests.

World summit on sustainabl e developement
World Summit on Sustainabl Adequately Address e Developement

“143. The General Assembly of the United Nations should adopt sustainable development as a key element of the overarching framework for United Nations activities, particularly for achieving the internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration, and should give overall political direction to the implementation of Agenda 21 and its review.”



Felix dodds stakeholder forum

Options for the CSD Adequately Address

Incremental change


New Institutions

Incremental change
Incremental change Adequately Address

  • Instituting a standing agenda item on ‘Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development’ which would allow governments to review direction and change path;

  • Balancing normative and non-normative outcomes;

  • Addressing politically sensitive issues eg energy security (request from UN Security Council 2007);

  • Ensuring continuity and momentum between the review and policy years through an integrated two-year cycle;

  • Identifying champions (to lead within the two year process);

  • Establishing linkages with other meetings and international bodies;

  • Strengthening the role of the bureau as a management body, chair as a facilitator;

  • Enhancing the contribution of Major Groups;

  • Strengthening the role of the secretariat;

  • Partnerships focused on delivering CSD decisions

Overhaul Adequately Address

The original mandate of the CSD included:

“3(c) to review the progress in the implementation of the commitments set forth in Agenda 21, including those related to the provision of financial resources and transfer of technology;

3(d) to review and monitor regularly progress towards the United Nations target of 0.7 per cent of the gross national product of developed countries for official development assistance; this review process should systematically combine the monitoring of the implementation of Agenda 21 with the review of financial resources available

Overhaul Adequately Address

  • c) Keep under review the implementation of Agenda 21, recognizing that it is a dynamic programme that could evolve over time, taking into account the agreement to review Agenda 21

Overhaul Adequately Address

  • Returning to one year cycle

  • Restoring 4-5 weeks of annual meeting space for the CSD

  • Ensuring the mandate of the CSD includes reviewing means of implementation to ensure that development ministries are engaged

  • Reviewing partnerships and how they might play a more significant and impacting role in implementing decisions

  • Reviewing national reporting through peer group review within the meeting (similar to phase 1 of UN CSD and now the UN Annual Ministerial Review)

  • Creating a high level segment to deal with new and emerging threats/issues.

Felix dodds stakeholder forum

Commission on Global Governance Adequately Address

“The Trusteeship Council should be given a new mandate over the global commons in the context of concern for the security of the planet.”

New institution
New Institution Adequately Address

  • Trusteeship Council requires a charter amendment

  • A Council of the UN General Assembly does not

  • World Summit 2005 – changed the Human Rights Commission to the UN Human Rights Council

New institution1
New Institution Adequately Address

Emerging Issues or review?

  • A council at the highest level that addresses not only issues such as climate security, energy security, water security, ecosystem and bio-diversity security, green economy, increased migration, natural disasters and urbanization but also the inter-linkagesamong them could be a real advance ahead of that agenda’s full impact being felt.

New institution2
New Institution Adequately Address

Review Council at the GA Level continuing the review of implementation and policy development of UNCSD, JPOI and Agenda 21.

This would be done by recreating the present Commission at a UN GA level and hoping that doing so would add to a higher political commitment. From its inception, it would be important to ensure that part of it was attended by Heads of State and by ministries other than just the environment.

New institution3
New Institution Adequately Address

A Council of the UN General Assembly enabling text from the World Summit 2005

“160. We request the President of the General Assembly to conduct open, transparent and inclusive negotiations, to be completed as soon as possible during the sixtieth session, with the aim of establishing the mandate, modalities, functions, size, composition, membership, working methods and procedures of the Council.”

What about ecosoc
What about Adequately Address EcoSoc

There were a number of interesting experiments within the CSD in its first ten years, which could be brought together into a new process within the UN Economic and Social Council. These could include:

  • National Reporting

  • Involvement of National multi-stakeholder platforms

  • Partnership learning processes

  • Good practice.

Non policy forum
non policy forum Adequately Address

The creation of a non-policy forum to review implementation at the EcoSoc level could have some interesting features. It could be a:

  • Problem solving forum

  • Peer group review of national reports; this was undertaken in the first five years of the CSD and is a feature of the EcoSoc Annual Ministerial Review of MDGs

  • A forum with a governance model which includes stakeholders

  • Scaling up of good partnerships

  • An annual session of the National multi-stakeholder platforms

  • Review of new innovative financial mechanisms for implementing agreements.

Solutions Adequately Address

By having a non-policy forum, EcoSoccould:

  • develop some real momentum towards implementation and addressing the obstacles around it.

  • Bring in relevant stakeholders such as parliamentarians to look at legislative obstacles and develop guidelines to help governments overcome them.

  • Work with local and regional government authorities in addressing local and regional planning regulations or financial frameworks to generate funding for public investments and risk management.

Fragmentation of the science

2 General Assembly

Fragmentation of the science

Stylize, edit, and animate your media

What are the plans for science
What are the plans for science? General Assembly

  • With the establishment of the IPCC and the more recent Intergovernmental Panel of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, there is a danger that just as there was fragmentation of the MEAs there may develop fragmentation of the science bodies.

Intergovernmental panel on sustainable development
Intergovernmental Panel on Sustainable Development General Assembly

  • There are growing calls for scientific bodies similar to the IPCC and IPBES for: chemicals, oceans and seas and desertification. Governments might want to consider strategies for considering this for UNCSD 2012. One option could be an over-arching Intergovernmental Panel on Sustainable Development under which present panels and any future panels would sit and report to the UNCSD.

Establish an intergovernmental panel on sustainable development to ensure scientific coherence
Establish General Assemblyan Intergovernmental Panel on Sustainable Development to ensure scientific coherence

An important issue

3 General Assembly

An important Issue

Building a more sustainable, safe and secure world

Missing mea
Missing MEA General Assembly

A proposed Chapter 41 of Agenda 21 was put forward in 1991 by the UN Centre for Transnational Corporations. The Chapter called, ‘Transnational Corporations and Sustainable Development’ had many good suggestions on:

  • Global Corporate Environmental Management

  • Risk and Hazard Minimization

  • Environmentally Sounder Consumer Patterns

  • Full Cost Environmental Accounting

  • Environmental Conventions, Standards and Guidelines

Commission on tncs 1973 1993
Commission on TNCs (1973-1993) General Assembly

When the General Assembly formally created the Commission and the Centre, it approved three broad objectives to guide the work of the UN on transnational corporations :

  • to further understanding of the political, economic, social, and legal effects of TNC activity, especially in developing countries;

  • to secure international arrangements that promote the positive contributions of TNCs to national development goals and world economic growth while controlling and eliminating their negative effects;

  • to strengthen the negotiating capacity of host countries, in particular the developing countries, in their dealings with TNCs

Framework convention on tncs
Framework Convention on TNCs General Assembly

In 2010 the International Standards Organization agreed to ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility which takes consideration of seven principles these are on:

  • Human Rights

  • Labour Practices

  • Consumer Issues

  • Community involvement and development

  • The environment

  • Fair operating practices

  • Organizational governance

Aviva investor s earth summit proposal
Aviva Investor’s Earth Summit proposal General Assembly

  • Aviva is UK largest insurance company (and 6th in the world) and is proposing for the United Nations member states at the 2012 Earth Summit to commit to develop a global framework convention requiring companies to produce an Annual Report and Accounts that integrates sustainability throughout.

  • They are particularly keen to see sustainability integrated into the forward looking strategy, but we also want the recent performance data as well as have the reassurance that those responsible for audit, risk and remuneration within the company are also considering this performance.

  • In order to allow companies time to adjust, we are recommending that this be required on a comply or explain basis.

Aviva investor s earth summit proposal1
Aviva Investor’s Earth Summit proposal General Assembly

They are also advocating that the quality of the integration of sustainability - or the explanation - be put to the vote at the AGM.

This framework flows from the work we have been doing to encourage stock markets to take on the challenge of promoting corporate sustainability

Felix dodds stakeholder forum

Summary General Assembly

A UN General Assembly Sustainable Development CouncilAn Intergovernmental Panel on Sustainable DevelopmentA Framework Convention for TNCs listed on Stock Exchange