it s a party n.
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It’s a party! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s a party!

It’s a party!

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It’s a party!

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  1. It’s a party! Solving Multi-step Equations

  2. With Multi-Step Equations it can be hard to know where to start…. pretend it’s a party! You are the host - a.k.a. ‘X’ In what order do people leave a party? • Enemies (get rid of them to avoid trouble) • Acquaintances (after mingling with everyone, they usually leave early) • Friends (they hang out with the host a little longer) • Family (if attending, they will stay to the end to help clean)

  3. Who is who?Consider our one-step equations FAMILY….right beside you…and only you… until the end! 2x = 8 x +3 = 15 x – 5 = 20 FRIENDS….they are close to you…they stay longer than some people, but not as long as family

  4. Who are the acquaintances? ACQUAINTANCE – Because this number mingles with all other parts of the equation instead of giving most of its attention to the host (x), it is not a friend…it is an acquaintance.

  5. Identify all the Party-goers FRIEND FAMILY ACQUAINTANCE

  6. The equal sign is the door…who goes out the door first? The work: ACQUAINTANCE – multiply each side of the equation by 3. The result: We still have company... lets continue….

  7. Who is next to leave? Friends – add 5 to each side. The work: The result: All that is left is family…a familiar one-step equation.

  8. Clean up the party with a family member The work: Family – divide each side by 2 The result: Don’t forget to check your work with Order of Operations!

  9. Try these problems: • Steps: • Identify the party-goers • Eliminate party-goers in order • Get x (the host) alone • Check your solution

  10. Enemies can ruin the entire party…get rid of them first! Its easy to spot an enemy…they affect everything! To solve, multiply each side by the reciprocal The work: Try to complete the problem from here….the answer is: The result: 21

  11. Its party time!Do you know who is in your home? Family HOST Friend Enemy The Door! Acquaintance See if you can ID the enemy, the friend, the acquaintance, a family member, the host and the door!

  12. The more you party, the more responsible you will become! • TIPS: • Enemies and acquaintances are very similar…both affect the entire equation. Typically there are only enemies when you have already identified an acquaintance. • Eventually, you will partiers outside the door (operations on both sides of the equal sign). Start these by using the same method to get everyone on one side.. • If you find yourself (the host) in two places at once (variables on both sides of the equal sign), use the same method to regroup yourself back into the house.