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The Ridley Guide To Mastering Festival Fashion PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ridley Guide To Mastering Festival Fashion

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The Ridley Guide To Mastering Festival Fashion
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The Ridley Guide To Mastering Festival Fashion

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  1. The Ridley Guide To Mastering Festival Fashion Even the wildlife at Latitude find their festival vibe with a stylish display of colour and pattern The festival season is now well and truly under way. With Latitude and Lovebox kicking off last weekend, we’ll be at Port Eliot starting tomorrow and there’s Wilderness and Bestival in the first week of August plus many, many more. Now is the perfect time to rethink your festival fashion! The festival scene has evolved dramatically since the Summer of Love to embrace multiple aspects of popular culture. And judging by the latest instagram feeds from Coachella, festivals are now major global fashion events in their own right. We’re here to offer a helping hand in understanding the culture of festival Silk Maxi Dress, the latest styles and trends as well as providing inside tips and essentials for while you’re there. Finding your Festival Fashion Philosophy To really get to grips with the latest festival fashions, it's essential to understand the underlying culture and Maxi Dress Designs codes that spawned them. It's

  2. popularly acknowledged that the modern festival look came of age at Woodstock in 1969 when Hippy-couture went mainstream. Clothing was seen as a key visual expression of countercultural values, with bright colours, vivid prints and embellished details helping to visibly differentiate the phillisophically open minded generation of social revolutionaries from the stuffy, conservative mainstream. The new bohemian style was directly rooted in the spirituality and mysticism of the hippy trail with breezy shapes and flowing cuts originally inspired by local styles designed to evade the heat in sub- Saharan and South Asian climates. Modern festival looks are a direct evolution of this countercultural style, but today festivals are all about showcasing your unique sense of style and having the opportunity to differ from the norm. To quote festival aficionada Jess Morris, writing for the Telegraph, “remember: festivals aren’t a place for judgment”. So festivals offer a great opportunity for some experimental self expression and to try things you normally wouldn’t. But to pull off a successful festival look it's key that you take note of the tribal trends in circulation and pay a respectful nod to the social revolution. For more information visit our website: