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Poaching. By: Billy Pruitt (and Jl King, but mostly me because my partner was absent the whole time). Why is it bad?.

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By: Billy Pruitt (and Jl King, but mostly me because my partner was absent the whole time)

why is it bad
Why is it bad?
  • Poaching is the illegal taking of plants or wildlife. If you are hunting without a license, or aren't hunting in season, you are poaching. Most poachers poach for money, others do it because they enjoy it, and some try to make a name for themselves.
possible solutions
Possible solutions.
  • Some solutions to poaching could be to lengthen the hunting seasons, because most poachers are doing it outside of the season. If more jobs were created Poaching could be decreased, because some only do it for money, if they just do it for fun, jobs could give those people something to do. Another way to catch poachers is to set up more robotic deer in the forest.
my letter
My letter
  • Dear Mr. Short, Mr. Venables, and Mr. Markel
  • Poaching is a serious problem, if it continues eventually animals like deer, different kinds of birds, and fish, will become extinct. Many people need these animals in their lives; some make a living off of studying these animals, and some people hunt deer for food. If poaching continues, many people could be out of a job, and others may not have the food they love. Some families use activities like hunting or fishing to bond together, if poaching continues, then some families may start to fall apart.
  • There are many possible ways to stop this problem. I think one of the easiest ways is to lengthen the hunting season. A lot of poachers poach outside of the hunting season, they don’t even realize they are poaching, but they are just hunting for fun. These hunters are actually doing us a favor, if the deer population gets to high, the likeliness of deer running onto roads is increased, and innocent citizens could be injured in accidents. The hunting season shouldn’t be lengthened too much because, the deer need time to breed, but they don’t need as much because the deer population would increase even more. Lengthening the hunting season is just one of the possible solutions.
  • A way to catch these poachers would be to put more robotic deer in the forest. These robotic deer have caught poachers before, they could video tape the poacher in action, he will have no way to say he didn’t do anything; these robotic deer are the best way to catch poachers. Some people poach for money, if more jobs were created these people would have different ways to make money, they wouldn’t need to poach. Creating more jobs would also help other problems like poverty, and help people get off the streets. Solving the problem to poaching would solve many other problems as well.
  • If you agree with this you may contact me back at
  • [email protected]

I will send my letter to Representative Danny Short, Governor Jack Markel, and senator Venables.