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Klicken Sie, um das Titelformat zu bearbeiten. Worldwide Competence in Plastics Tunnel Engineering. Klicken Sie, um das Format des Untertitelmasters zu bearbeiten. AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH Ing.-Pesendorfer-Str. 31 4540 Bad Hall Österreich. 1. Introduction. • Tunnel construction are

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Klicken Sie, um das Titelformat zu bearbeiten

WorldwideCompetence in Plastics Tunnel Engineering

Klicken Sie, um das Format des Untertitelmasters zu bearbeiten

AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Ing.-Pesendorfer-Str. 31

4540 Bad Hall





• Tunnel construction are

built for a life

expectancy of 100 years

• The requirements are similarly high,

particularly those on the sealing system

• From the raw material till to the

finished Waterproofing Installation

- it is a question of Quality


for a life expectancy

of 100 years


of a sealing membrane

• keep the water away from the structure or out of the inner working area

• protect and assure the concrete contruction against the corrosive, chemical components of the groundwater


Requirements to the sealing system

  • watertight

• repair ability (injection)

• resistance against chemical components

• weldable by thermal means (hot air)

• safe and economic inspection for damages

(built with a very thin signal layer on one side)

• flexible, elastic ( bridge crack formations without

loosing its functioning capacity, pressure of the fresh

concrete, hydrostatic pressure, creep, temperature,

increase of tension, etc.)


Material and Funktion of AGRU Tunnel Membranes

• made of very flexible Polyethylene

• high degree of flexibility

• high stretching resistance in multiaxial directions

• high resistance against tension tears

• high degree of resistance to chemicals

• suitable for drinking water (water protection area)

• with signal layer

• various thicknesses

• tested and approved according to the

requirements of DS 853, ZTV- Ing

and other technical specifications


Structural design of DS 853

Fundamental differences are made in

underground construction work in

rock, between sealing against

pressurised water and against seepage water

• for seepage water a 2.0 mm thick membrane

• for pressurised water a 3.0 mm thick membrane

• in each case provided with a signal layer

Aging of Polyethylene

Lifetime of AGRU PE Membranes

lifetime expectation of agru tunnel membranes
Lifetime Expectation of AGRU Tunnel Membranes
  • Test Results:

Test according EN 13438 („Autoklav “)BAM




For production of PVC, plasticisers are added to the vinyl chloride by a physical process (physical conjunction

"external plasticising", the flexibility of the basic material is created by adding of plasticisers to the molecule chains).


By burning or welding, PVC causes fumes, those contains hydrochloric acid; this can lead to cauterisations of the respiratory tract; scaffolds and machines made of carbon steel begin to corrode.


limited resistance to chemicals, depends on the composition and the temperatures


ageing by loss of plasticisers after thermal and/or chemical stress and as a result strong reduction of the flexibility (mono-axial and biaxial elongations are massively reduced).

mass extraction (wash out) in the event of strong water flow and water circulation

the combination of chemical compounds of ethylene copolymers (CO monomers) of varying flexibility (internal plasticisers) provides the flexibility of the basic material.

without plasticisers: do not contain any volatile or extractable components (mass extraction).


the incineration of PE does not cause any contaminants which could be hazardous to the environment


very high chemical resistance and high resistance to aggressive water


no extraction of components out of the geomembrane in the event of strong water flow and/or water circulation (internal/chemically linked plasticising)

Comparison of LLDPE (VLDPE, FPO) vs PVC for Tunnels

Source: Tiefbau 2/1999, Kunststoffe- Plastics 4/1981, Die Kunststoffe und ihre Eigenschaften (4. Auflage)/ VDI Verlag, Tunnel 2/99

VLDPE, FPO/TPO and PVC-P are suitable Materials.

Required Conditions for Durability are proper Formulations and professional Installation (Welding)

Project Engineers shall consider by choosing the material following facts

Long Term Water Pressure

Long Term Temperature Conditions

Composition of in situ Water

Intensity of Water Streams have to be considered

Agru Liners of VLDPE, FPO/TPO fulfils all Requirements

Liners of PVC-P are limited to Temperatures less 20°C, low water pressure Conditions without any agressive water contents



Blast Construction

(with Shotcrete)

Open Construction



Seepage water

Pressure water

Seepage water

Pressure water

Seepage water

Pressure water

partly drained



Umbrella seal

With drain system

Without drain system

Full Round

Without drain system

Full Round

With drain possibility

Without drain possibility

Tunnel Systems


Tunnel Systems

  • Umbrella- seal
  • shotcrete
  • - geotextile
  • - membrane (2,0 mm)
  • - concrete
  • Full-round seal (360°)
  • shotcrete
  • geotextile
  • membrane (3,0 mm)
  • - protection concrete/ membrane
  • - concrete

Inner Concrete shell


Agruflex 2.5 mm




Horizontal Casting Joint

Casting joint

Water stop 500/30/6

Protection Liner > 2mm

Drainage Pipe


Cut view on Tunnel for pressure Water Application



Protection Liner


Hose Connector


Partial fixation


200 mm


Injektionplate for subsequent Defects


Partitioning of Casting Joints

Schematic Tunnel Design for

Casting Sections


Conventional Installation

Front: Geotextile, mounted to the shotcrete surface

Back: Scaffolding for the installation of the AGRU TunnelLiner


Conventional Installation

Installation of the AGRUFLEX VLDPE Liner by manual hot air welding


Conventional Installation

Installation of the AGRUFLEX VLDPE Liner by manual hot air welding


Conventional Installation

Seaming of the AGRUFLEX liners by hot wedge welding (double seam )


Conventional Installation

The hot wedge welding method creates a double welded seam and a air pressure test channel.

This test channel enables to test the integrity of each single weld.


Conventional Installation

Installation of the Block joining profile (water stop) by hot air welding

in the bottom section of the tunnel


PE80/PE100-Pipe Systems

  • Solid and Drainage Pipes
  • Projekt relevant Dimensioning acc. ATV
  • Drilled or slotted: full round or 2/3
  • Bright Inner surface due to Coextrusion
  • Electro fusion Fittings for traceable Welding Performance

PE Drainage Pipe System



Semi Automatic Installation Scaffolding

  • Liner Attachement:
  • Velcro System
  • Hot Air Bonding
  • Hot Melt Bonding
  • (at Tübbing Construction)

AGRU Easy-Fix Systemc


  • 2,0m to 4,0m Liner width
  • No negative influence to the mechanical properties of the liner due to laminated Geotextile „Hot Melt-Application“
  • fixation by: hook & loop (velcro)
  • hot air (Semi Automatic Scaffolding)
  • hot melt (Semi Automatic Scaffolding)
  • choice of applying various Geotextiles with
  • different weights


Bonding strength test

new technology

AGRU Easy-Fix System-Velcro

New Technology

Installation of tunnel liner by means of Velcro discs


AGRU Easy-Fix System-Velcro

Installation of tunnel liner by means of Velcro discs


AGRU Easy-Fix System-Hot Air or Velcro

Installation of tunnel liner by means of Hot Air fusion





Hot Air Technology

AGRU Easy-Fix System-Hot Air or Velcro


Agru Waterstop Profile

AGRU Waterstop SAA 500/6

The waterproofing of tunnel constructions is essential for the service life of the whole structure.

Modern tunnel insulations are designed to offer a possibility for repair of hollow spots or untight areas with special injection resins.

At casting joints of the inner Concrete shell waterstops are installed to create separated compartments. Integrated injection hose clamps with injection outlets at certain distances provide defined injection of resin at repair sections.

The AGRU waterstop SAA 500/6 is designed for perfect anchoring of the sealing-webs to withstanding highest backpressures.

Fulfills all requirements acc. DIN 18197, DIN 18541,EAG EDT



Conventional Installation

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail Project
  • Linkou Tunnel/ Los 210

Dipl.- Ing. S. Lemke


Reference Project

Melbourne Tunnel Australia


AGRUSAFESure Grip System

Telescope –Formwork technique 330° Lining

Agrusafe Sure Grip

Concrete Protection Liner

Alternative Lining System

For Sewer Tunnels


AGRUSAFESure Grip System

Cut and Cover Tunnel 360° Lining


AGRUSAFESure Grip System

330° Lining with 6,0m Diameter

AGRU Tunnel Innovations

Polyolefin based Materials

Liner width up to 4m

optimizes your Installation methodes

all water stop profiles can be equipped with integrated prophylactical Injektion Hoses

mechanical-integrated Corrosion Protection

of the Concrete at Sewer Tunnels


Lifetime Expectation

> 100 Years


Agru Geomembranes – Various Applications

Landfill Capping

Artificial Snow Production Reservoir

Canal Sealing

Heap Leach pads in the Mining Industry