What is participatory democracy
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What is Participatory Democracy?. Cristina Barna Pro Global Science Association. Do you know? Etymological roots of democracy. What is a participatory approach ?. Actively involving “the public” in decision – making processes. Why government – citizen relations?.

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What is participatory democracy

What is Participatory Democracy?

Cristina Barna

Pro Global Science Association

YiA, RO-13-E9-2013-R1

Do you know etymological roots of democracy
Do you know? Etymological roots of democracy

What is a participatory approach
What is a participatory approach?

Actively involving “the public” in decision – making processes.

Why government – citizen relations?

How to strengthen government – citizen relations?

EU members states terms:

Civil Dialogue, NGOs, Active Citizenship, Participatory Democracy

YiA, RO-13-E9-2013-R1

Participatory democracy
Participatory Democracy

Citizens as partners in the decision and policy making!

(P2P Foundation) – participatory democracy is a deliberative dialogue and decision making process which hears all voices and diverse perspective to enact meaningful change.

(OECD) - participatory democracy does not take away governments elected ‘right and duty’ to make policy decisions; it gives new ways to exercise it and increased legitimacy to decisions made.

EESC: “Effective participatory democracy is needed to restore credibility of the EU”

Ref: 0692012

YiA, RO-13-E9-2013-R1

From flash eurobarometer 373 europeans engagement in participatory democracy march 2013
From FLASH EUROBAROMETER 373 “Europeans’ Engagement in Participatory Democracy” (March 2013)

Results on Citizens’ engagement in influencing political decision-making

Results at EU level, country cases

Forms of engagement:

- to sign a petition

- to express views online

- to express views with an elected local representative

- to take part in a public debate at local or regional level

- participation in NGOs and associations


YiA, RO-13-E9-2013-R1

What is participatory democracy

YiA, RO-13-E9-2013-R1




What is participatory democracy?


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YiA, RO-13-E9-2013-R1