Author s word phrase palette and gems
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“Author’s Word & Phrase Palette” and “Gems” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Author’s Word & Phrase Palette” and “Gems”. Author’s Word & Phrase Palette. Remember! This section of your notebook will be the place where you will record words or phrases that strike you for a myriad of reasons You will be collecting all year.

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Author s word phrase palette
Author’s Word & Phrase Palette

  • Remember! This section of your notebook will be the place where you will record words or phrases that strike you for a myriad of reasons

  • You will be collecting all year.

  • Collecting, categorizing, and marveling at words and combinations of words in your independent and assigned readings.

  • This type of collecting will help you develop an appreciation for the power of words

Active verbs
Active Verbs

  • Writing that snaps and sizzles when active, lively verbs are in use. The specificity makes writing hum with voice and often crates sounds to delight in.

  • Active verbs like skitter and crackle should fill a lot of space in the author’s palette, developing diction and increasing vocabulary

Cool words
Cool Words

  • Anything that may be new to you or you come across that catches your eye.

  • Cool words can be adjectives, nouns (common and proper) or just about any combination of letters that is unique.

Phrases or combinations that work
Phrases or Combinations that Work

  • Maybe it’s an alliteration, maybe it’s beautiful, maybe it’s parallelism, such as this sentence.

  • For whatever reason, these word combinations dance on the page or dive into our senses allowing us to experience whatever it is the writer is expressing.

Contrasts comparisions similes metaphors sensory images and others
Contrasts/Comparisions: similes, metaphors, sensory images, and others

  • Look for something fresh, not stale like “faster than a speeding bullet,” but new, original, and something to aspire to as a writer.

The kite runner author s word phrase palette

The Kite Runner (Author’s Word & Phrase Palette)

Copy the example under the doc cam on the first clean page this section of your notebook


Will always be full sentences or more!


Instead of phrases or words that resonate with you as a reader, for this section, I want you to hunt down sentences that work, strings of sentences, even paragraphs that make you stop and read them again and again.

Gem sections
Gem sections

  • I want you to dedicate on a few pages in this section for specific purposes.

    • One page to Introductory Phrases (so title a clean page, “Introductory Phrases)

    • Another to Interrupting Phrases (so title the next clean page accordingly)

    • And another page to Sentences with Closing Patters (you know the drill by now)

  • Cut and paste the handout with the sentence patterns above right under the titles.