fossil fuels n.
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Fossil fuels

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Fossil fuels. By: Justin Albert 608. Fossil fuel Justin Albert 608.

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fossil fuels

Fossil fuels

By: Justin Albert 608

fossil fuel justin albert 608
Fossil fuel Justin Albert 608
  • Are Fossil fuels renewable or non renewable? Fossil fuels are non renewable resources such as gas, coal, and oil. There is infinite Fossil fuels on earth and eventually they will run out. The sun is the original resource of the most energy through photosynthesis. Animals then eat the plants. The heat and pressure over the years turn the trees into coal.
  • How do the trees turn into coal?
  • The trees turn into coal by the trees getting covered in muddy water so the mud makes the trees not rot then over years it turns into coal.
fossil fuels justin albert 608
Fossil fuels Justin Albert 608
  • How long ago did plants and trees Photosynthesize?
  • It was about 300 million years ago that plants and trees photosynthesized and stored the suns energy.
  • The what happened?
  • Then the plants fall into the muddy and the mud stopped the trees from rotting.
fossil fuels justin albert 6081
Fossil fuels Justin albert 608
  • Over the years. Over the years mud pilled over the dead trees and dead plants and squashed the remains. After millions of years that the remains were getting squashed the mud became rock and the dead plants formed into coal. Oil and gas are also biological in origin. Millions of years ago tiny animals lived in the sea. Like today their ecosystem was dependent on heat and light from the sun and photosynthesis by plants.
fossil fuels justin albert 6082
Fossil fuels Justin Albert 608
  • When they died.
  • When the species died they fell to the seabed and the mud and sand helped the species not rot away. Then they also turned into coal gas and oil so they turned into fossil fuels.
fossil fuels justin albert 6083
Fossil fuels Justin Albert 608



Takes too long to reproduce itself.

Non renewable

Water plants and mud is needed to be pilled on plants to make Fossil fuels

Hurts the environment

Has acid rain

  • Very little cost.
  • Depending on type of fuel(high availability)
  • Easily distributed
  • Fossil fueled power stations can be built almost anywhere
  • Very efficient(gas fired stations)
  • Transportation to a station is easy
  • Large amount of electricity can be sent at once using coal cheaply.