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Teaching and Learning with Technology. Melissa Voghel - Grade 1 mvoghel@chestercommunitycharter.org Jacki Westermann - Grade 5 jwestermann@chestercommunitycharter.org Rushelle Diggs- Building Director rdiggs@chestercommunitycharter.org. Presented by….

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Presented by

  • Melissa Voghel- Grade 1


  • JackiWestermann- Grade 5


  • Rushelle Diggs- Building Director


Presented by…

Our students prior knowledge in the area of technology raises two questions

Our students’ prior knowledge in the area of technology raises two questions…

Technology tools available to you

  • Your own desktop monitor! acquired through access to smart phones,

  • Netbooks (lap tops)

  • Nooks

  • XO’s in some buildings

  • Computer Labs

  • Projector Carts

  • IPEVO’s (document cameras)

  • Smart boards (teachers with Smart boards share with those who do not)

  • iPads for ESL support

Technology Tools Available to You!

Don t have a smart board here are some other ideas

  • Put on a show! Use the Projector Cart to show videos and Power Point presentations. Real world examples help students connect with new content.

  • Model how to effectively use the web as a resource. Students can create their own presentations and other projects.

  • Use the IPEVO to project student work samples, test prep, editing, experiments, maps, diagrams, etc.

Don’t have a Smart board? Here are some other ideas!

What if you don t have a smart board

  • Krista West- Power Point presentations. Real world examples help students connect with new content.iPads for ELL students

  • Ben Emmons- Netbook research

  • Jennifer Dungee- Power Point on the desktop

  • Jennifer Burton- Netbook blogging

What if you don’t have a Smart board?

Interested students fewer disruptions

  • Motivate students to participate, by teaching them how to use and respect technology.

  • Challenge students to research, problem solve, and create at higher levels.

  • Let students earn tech time with on-task behavior. Use Netbooks and Nooks as extension activities.

  • Students create Power Point and Prezi presentations in the lab and show them on the teacher’s desktop monitor.

  • Play Brain Pop, Flocabulary, Study Island or Teacher Tube videos on the desktop.

  • Set digital timer to motivate and manage time.

Interested Students = Fewer Disruptions

Melissa voghel

Melissa Voghel

Don t let a well planned lesson fall apart related skills to teach first

  • Keyboarding Skills lesson?

  • Navigating the Internet

  • How to identify a quality on-line resource

  • How to handle technology carefully

  • Tech Support / Problem Solving

  • The various Microsoft Office tools

  • Public Speaking

  • Collaboration and Patience!

Don’t let a well planned lesson fall apart!Related skills to teach first:

Resources we subscribe to

Resources we subscribe to:

Additional websites we like

  • www.funbrain.com lesson? - Fun for kids games and games broken down by subject.

  • www.turtlediary.com - A website for every subject broken down by grade level.

  • www.fuelthebrain.com - Free to register Math website for resources and games.

  • www.mrnussbaum.com - A website for every subject broken down by grade level and ability.

  • www.teachertube.com - YouTube for teachers.

  • www.manythings.org - A website for studying English as a Second Language.

  • www.storybird.com - Create short stories using art and visual inspirations.

  • www.arkive.org - Picture and Video archive of different animal classifications

  • www.math-play.com - Tons of math games for all ages.

  • www.readwritethink.org - Organize thoughts and use various graphic organizers to create flowing writing pieces.

  • www.discoveryeducation.com - Good for Science videos and picture resources.

  • www.nationalgeographic.com/kids - Various topics for Science to enhance learning.

  • www.sheppardsoftware.com - Various math games for all ages.

  • www.xtramath.org - Math Facts that track student and class progress.

  • www.pbskids.org - Games and video on various topics.

  • www.storylineonline.net - Stories read by celebrities. Good for pointing out story elements and writing.

  • www.neok12.com - Educational videos, lessons and games for grades K – 12.

Additional Websites We Like!