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SCHOOL. Мета уроку:. - узагальнити лексичний матер iал з даної теми; - розвивати навички усного мовлення; - виховувати в учнів любов до своєї школи та повагу до однокласників і вчителів. The school has doors that open wide. OUR SCHOOL. And friendly teachers wait inside. OUR TEACHERS.

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Мета уроку:

- узагальнити лексичний матерiал зданої теми;

- розвивати навички усного мовлення;

- виховувати в учнів любов до своєї школи та повагу до однокласників і вчителів.


Hurry, hurry,

let’s go in


For soon

the lessons

will begin


When you start

to write and read


Lots to learn

and lots to do


You like to go

to school,

don’t you?


The school

bell rings,

we run to class


“Oh, school,

we thank you”, pupils say


Answer the questions:

What school subjects do you know?

в режимі P1 – P2…

How many lessons have you today?

What is the first / second / third / fourth / fifth lesson today?

в режимі T – P1 – P2…

What school subject is easy /difficult / useful / important for you? в режимі T – P1 – P2.



You must be polite to your teachers.

You must come back to school in time.

You must not chew chewing – gum.

You must be quiet in the corridor.

You must work hard on the lessons.

You must not smoke.

You must not run in the corridor.

You must wear a school uniform.

You must write with a blue pen.

You must not wear make – up to school.


Match the pairs

Headmaster’s Office комп’ютерний клас

Staff Room кабінет англійської мови

Assembly Hall роздягальня

History Study спортзал

English Study шкільна бібліотека

School Library медпункт (у школі)

Arts and Crafts Room кабінет директора

Computer Study учительська

Gymnasium їдальня (шкільна)

Nurse’s Room кабінет історії

Cloakroom актова зала

School Canteen гурток рукоділля і малювання


What are there in your school?

в режимі P1 – P2…

Where is Headmaster’s office / Staff room / Cloakroom / School canteen / School library / Assembly hall / Compu-ter study / English study / History study / Gymnasium in your school?

врежимі T – P1 – P2



  • A period of study (45 minutes)
  • A person who teach you
  • School subject in your timetable
  • The school has … that open wide
  • How can you translate «роздягальня» into English?
  • A room where you have lessons