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Super Human\ T he Ascension PowerPoint Presentation
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Super Human\ T he Ascension

Super Human\ T he Ascension

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Super Human\ T he Ascension

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  1. Super Human\The Ascension Book By: Michael Carroll PowerPoint by: Spencer J. Terry

  2. Main Characters The books are about 3 teenage kids: Abby, Thunder, and Roselyn (Roz for short) who have powers. Thunder has the power of sound-nullifying sounds, hearing really far, sonic shocks, that kind of thing. Roz has the power of telekinesis- picking things up with her mind. And Abby has the power of super strength but only on metallic things. And there’s one more kid in the group who doesn’t have powers and that is Lance.

  3. Other important characters • Solomon Cord (aka Paragon) The smart person who gets Lance out of trouble • Max Dalton (Roselyn’s brother who was in league as the vice Chancellor) • Slaughter-aka the leader of the resistance and the cold blood killer of the first book besides Krodin • Brawn-the strongest superhuman (besides Krodin) has light blue skin, is 13 feet tall, and gives off a scent that makes people afraid of him.

  4. The Point of the first book The point is in the first book there is a group called the resistance who spread a plague that only affects adults 20 and up. So then nobody could stop them from bringing back the fifth king( the first super human )so he could rule again. The fifth king was named Krodin and conquered nations with his power to heal witch also means that he could live forever, but after about 1000 years of living the sun caught his eyes and was encased in a pillar of flame.

  5. The Point Of The Second Book The point of the second book is that an evil Chancellor rules over the U.S.A. and makes it completely serene- nobody talks on the street. And for Roz, her brother is the vice chancellor. Abby has a lot to figure out because whale in an ally way when Solomon Cord gifted her a new weapon for fighting crime( osmium tipped arrows and a bow that is) everything changed, it had gone silent, security cameras were everywhere, there were no trash bags from the midmorning rush, and there were many strange hums- witch appeared to be coming from the countless hovercrafts above.

  6. Things that I mentioned that you have might not understand • Osmium- one of the hardest things in the periodic table- (Osmium tipped arrows and a bow that is). • Chancellor- person in charge- an evil chancellor ruled the U.S.A. • Nullifying- to make something invalid- nullifying sounds that kind of thing

  7. What Makes This Book Great It has advanced words (for instance “Osmium” ) and phrases that not everyone understands and it has a great setup (chapter by chapter from a different super human) (except for Brawn).

  8. Awesome Lance Lines and sentences • “What was that” “a meteorite” “its got an nickel, iron core…probably worth a few bucks”. • “Why are you so cool and your brother is such a dipstick? • Lance knew about the security guards. There following a kid in a red cap. And they wouldn’t remember anything else about his appearance • He doubled among them as they watched two panting guards run by “Idiots” Lance said to him self • Anyway, if they were “dumb” enough to believe they could win a three card Monte, they deserved to lose there money.

  9. Some summarizing Five teenage kids use their powers to save the world from the infamous fifth king. with only their determination they save the world and defeat the fifth king (aka Krodin).

  10. Any QuestionsThat I didn’t mention on the informing page Any Questions That I didn’t mention on the informing page