in fever swamp n.
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In Fever Swamp

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In Fever Swamp. By Morgan Guy. In Fever Swamp.

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In Fever Swamp

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in fever swamp

In Fever Swamp


Morgan Guy

in fever swamp1
In Fever Swamp

Once in a slimy swamp there where some people that just moved there. The children where Chris and Morgan. The parents where Kim and Michael. The children had a dog named Belle. They where so eager to go see the swamp. But all year they had to go to school. Then when it was summer they still could not go. Because there parents had to work so they went to day care.

in fever swamp2
In Fever Swamp

Then before school started they could finally go when there parents told them not to. They stayed there for hours and hours. Then Chris wanted to go look for something. Hours paced and Chris was still not here yet then I heard yelling it was Chris. I followed the sound and there trying to eat my brother was a sea hag. I went home and made a median and turned into a wolf and killed the sea hag.

in fever swamp3
In Fever Swamp

When we went home and there standing at the door was our parents. We where grounded for two weeks then we moved back to our old house and our old school. Lesson learned was never do what your parents tell you not to do.