cypress swamp n.
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Cypress Swamp

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Cypress Swamp. Joey Chase Kate. Ecosystem’s Location. North America in the Everglades national park in Florida. Define Producers, Consumers, & Decomposers. Producers = organisms that take the suns energy and make their own food

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cypress swamp
Cypress Swamp




ecosystem s location
Ecosystem’s Location
  • North America in the Everglades national park in Florida
define producers consumers decomposers
Define Producers, Consumers, & Decomposers
  • Producers = organisms that take the suns energy and make their own food
  • Consumers = organisms that rely on other living things to provide food for them
  • Decomposers = organisms that break down dead plants and animals back into the ground to make their food
examples of producers consumers decomposers
Examples of producers, consumers & decomposers
  • Producers= trees ,flowers ,grass , plants
  • Consumers= fish , deer, alligators , snakes
  • Decomposers= mushrooms , mold , bacteria , worms
life in the ecosystems
Life in the Ecosystems
  • Wet, grassy,
  • A lot of reptiles like alligators and snakes
  • Marshy
  • Not a lot of land animals because most of the land is water
how living things meet their needs
How living things meet their needs
  • Swamp birds like the spoonbill and brow pelican use their beaks to spear fish to eat
  • The type of alligator called the floating log camouflages itself as a floating log so it will not be noticed and it can easily hunt for food.
amazing facts
Amazing Facts
  • There is a type of alligator that is called a floating log.
  • Cypress trees can grow to over 1,000 years
  • Some trees like the bald cypress tree have “knees” which are part of its trunk that grows out of the water into an arch shape.
  • Swamp by: Donald M. Silver
  • Swamp Life by: Theresa Greenway
  • Protecting Wetlands by: Andrew Cambell
  • Wetlands Explorer by: Mary Quigley