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Project INSITE: Introduction to Palm Pilots PowerPoint Presentation
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Project INSITE: Introduction to Palm Pilots

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Project INSITE: Introduction to Palm Pilots - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project INSITE: Introduction to Palm Pilots. Dr. Tony Petrosino Robby Slaughter Melissa Tothero. Welcome PT 3 Fellows. Dan Gruver Jill Harding Jonathan Harris Wanda Taylor Pat Mendoza Marcie Thiessen. Palm Workshop Staff. Melissa Tothero M.A. Science Education, UT Austin

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Presentation Transcript
project insite introduction to palm pilots

Project INSITE:Introduction to Palm Pilots

Dr. Tony Petrosino

Robby Slaughter

Melissa Tothero

welcome pt 3 fellows
Welcome PT3 Fellows

Dan Gruver

Jill Harding

Jonathan Harris

Wanda Taylor

Pat Mendoza

Marcie Thiessen

palm workshop staff
Palm Workshop Staff

Melissa Tothero

  • M.A. Science Education, UT Austin
  • Director, Project INSITE
  • Composite Science Teaching Certification
  • Former NEISD Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics Teacher
palm workshop staff1
Palm Workshop Staff

Dr. Anthony Petrosino

  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
  • Research: scientific and mathematical reasoning in the context of schooling
  • Model-based reasoning
palm workshop staff2
Palm Workshop Staff

Robby Slaughter

  • B.A. Mathematics UT Austin
  • Technical Trainer, Project INSITE
  • Research: PDA utilization in education environments
insite pt 3 grant doe p342a000111
INSITE PT3GrantDOE P342A000111
  • Dr. Paul Resta- Co-PI
  • Dr. Jere Confrey- Co-PI
  • Dr. Anthony Petrosino- Co-PI
  • Project Director- Melissa Tothero
  • LoTi Technology Survey
  • Technology in Education
  • Handheld Computing: PDAs
  • Palm Activities
loti technology survey
LoTi Technology Survey

Marta Puyana / Jane Ries

  • Change “Name of Intermediate Unit” to “Your Name and Email Address”
technology in education
Technology in Education

Three ways to use technology:

  • Presentation (lecture / demo)
  • Vertical (class set)
  • Horizontal (student ownership)
handheld computing pdas
Handheld Computing: PDAs




  • Handheld
  • Organizer
  • Computer
  • Connected
handheld computing pdas1
Handheld Computing: PDAs


  • About 20 major models, and about 20 million in use in the United States


  • From $100 to $700, depending on model and featureset
handheld computing pdas2
Handheld Computing: PDAs


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Simple
  • Versatile
handheld computing pdas3
Handheld Computing: PDAs


  • New
  • Limited capacity
  • Limited power
  • Market chaos
learn graffitti
Learn Graffitti™
  • Simplified version of English printing
  • Written on the Graffiti area
practice graffiti with giraffe
Practice Graffiti™ with Giraffe
  • Giraffe is a game for practicing Graffiti
  • Hit the house key, then select Giraffe
  • Try to write the letters before they hit the ground!
navigating the palm
Navigating the Palm

Lesson 1: Go Home

  • Click the icon of the house on the Palm silkscreen
  • Works no matter where you are in the Palm
navigating the palm1
Navigating the Palm

Lesson 2: Find Features

  • Tap the menu button
  • Displays drop down menus on any application
  • Location of most Palm features
navigating the palm2
Navigating the Palm

Lesson 3: Organize!

  • Separates data into categories
  • Present in many applications
  • Edit categories yourself
  • Default is “unfiled”
demo application phonebook
Demo Application: Phonebook
  • Keep track of all your phone numbers, business and personal
  • Organize any way you like
  • Search instantly
beaming with palms
Beaming with Palms
  • Used to send small amounts of data from one Palm to another
  • Great for sharing information
  • You can beam

just about


datebook to do memo pad
Datebook, To-Do & Memo Pad
  • Productivity applications
  • Useful for managing day-to-day life
  • Replace that paper organizer!
beam an application
Beam an Application
  • Hit the “Home” silkscreen button
  • Hit the “Menu” silkscreen button
  • Select the “Beam” option
  • Select the application you want to beam
  • Hit the beam button
palm folding keyboards
Palm Folding Keyboards
  • Collapse into small, convenient case
  • Great for plane trips, lunch breaks, faculty meetings 
  • Palm Word


imagiworks probe system


ImagiWorks Probe System
  • Allows a Palm to connect to a standard Vernier sensor.
  • Acquire data hundreds of times each second
  • Easily run multiple trials/experiments
imagiworks probe system1



CO2 Gas Sensor

Conductivity Probe

Current Probe

Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Dual-Range Force Sensor

EKG Sensor

Exercise Heart Rate Monitor

Flow Rate Sensor

Force Plate

Gas Pressure Sensor

Light Sensor

Magnetic Field Sensor

O2 Gas Sensor

pH System

Relative Humidity Sensor

Respiration Monitor Belt

Sound Level Monitor


Direct Connect Temperature Probe

Extra Long Temperature Probe


Turbidity Sensor

Voltage Probe

ImagiWorks Probe System


11:45 to 1:15

synchronization with hotsync
Synchronization with HotSync

synchronize (v) – to represent or arrange to indicate coincidence or coexistence

synchronization with hotsync1
Synchronization with HotSync
  • Sends new or changed data on the Palm to the host PC
  • Sends new or changed data on the host PC to the Palm
  • Ensures that the Palm and host PC contain the same data
synchronization with hotsync2

HotSync Cradle

Synchronization with HotSync
  • HotSync cradle connects to PC serial port
  • Doubles as battery recharge station
  • You should HotSync everyday
documents to go
Documents To Go
  • Manage your Microsoft Office documents on your Palm Pilot
  • Carry your papers

with you wherever

you go

installing your own palm apps
Installing your own Palm Apps
  • Find a Palm program online
  • Uncompress, if necessary
  • Double click to setup
  • HotSync!
where are we headed
Where are we headed?

We believe the crucial element of a successful educational technology installation is individual ownership

where are we headed1
Where are we headed?

Problem: One PDA-to-One PC

where are we headed2
Where are we headed?

Solution: Many PDAs-to-One Server

where are we headed3
Where are we headed?

Palm Ethernet Cradles

  • Plug directly into the network
  • Eliminate costly PCs
  • Allows synchronization from anywhere
where are we headed4
Where are we headed?


  • PDA-based courseware application
  • Custom built internally
project insite introduction to palm pilots1

Project INSITE:Introduction to Palm Pilots

Dr. Tony Petrosino

Robby Slaughter

Melissa Tothero