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Is the 2 nd Amendment Still Relevant? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is the 2 nd Amendment Still Relevant?

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Is the 2 nd Amendment Still Relevant?
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Is the 2 nd Amendment Still Relevant?

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  1. Is the 2nd Amendment Still Relevant?

  2. Play on Words or Deceit? • Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts routinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose. • Judge Scalia, Supreme Court Justice

  3. The assault weapons ban • As defined in senators Dianne Feinstein proposed ban a assault weapon is a semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine and one additional feature, such as a pistol grip, a folding or telescoping stock, a barrel shroud or threaded barrel, or a grenade launcher or rocket launcher. Also defined as assault weapons would be all semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition, semiautomatic shotguns with one additional feature and a fixed magazine that can hold more than five rounds, and semiautomatic shotguns with a rotating cylinder. The bill also specifically names 157 models of firearms as assault weapons.

  4. This means that…

  5. Why wont this work? • First is that these weapons system are arguable identical. • And second………………..

  6. These are the most common weapons used in homicides involving fire arms

  7. Magazine capacity limitations

  8. Why wont this work

  9. And this • •

  10. Other legislative attempts Comprehensive background checks to prevent felons, the mentally ill and the mentally derange form attain fire arms. Extending the mandatory waiting period to 14 days.

  11. Why wont this work? • The NRA has places pressure on the senate oversight committee that governs the staffing of the ATF to include the agency's director. The last full time director was Carl Truscottin 2006. all other directors have been “acting” directors only. • The ATF has no enforcing authority to force states to share, or establish tracking databases. • The ATF is federal limited to a maximum of 5000 employees. • Only the ATF and similar state agency have the authority to enforce waiting periods. • The ATF does not even have the authority to impose fines.

  12. So what can work?

  13. Bill of Rights

  14. A Society of Guns What is the answer?

  15. Gun Buyback programs

  16. Gun Buyback programs January 28, 2013 Seattle’s Gun Buyback Outcomes Seattle police collected a total of 712 guns during Saturday’s Seattle/King County gun buyback. Breaking it down, SPD collected 364 rifles and 348 pistols, including a Stinger missile launcher tube and three Street Sweeper shotguns, and officers handed out more than $68,000 worth of gift cards in less than four hours.

  17. Gun Buyback programs Law Enforcement was met with private opposition…and cash.

  18. Gun Buyback programs Is this the answer? Research shows that those turning in guns at buyback events are not those who use guns to commit crimes.


  20. NRA’S Pilot Program in Ohio • Fatal firearm accidents in the Eddie Eagle age group have been reduced more than two thirds since the inception of the program according to the National Center of Health Statistics

  21. Just like with most education, the earlier the better The Eddie Eagle Motto

  22. A Quote from past NRA president Marion P. Hammer • "The NRA is committed to helping keep America's children safe. This program also instills in our youth the important values of leadership, discipline, and personal responsibility that will help our children throughout their lives. It is imperative that all parents be responsible for teaching good judgment and gun safety to their children,"

  23. A FEW INTRIGUING STATISTICS • 82% of homicides to children age 13 and under were committed without a gun.1997 FBI Uniform Crime Statistics • In 1996 there were only 21 accidental gun deaths for children under age 15. Twice as many children under 10 die from drowning in bathtubs.Centers for Disease Control • MYTH: 13 children are killed each day by guns • FACT: Every day 550 rapes, 1100 murders, and 5200 other violent crimes are prevented by displaying a handgun. In less than 0.9% of these incidents is the gun ever actually fired!Gary Kleck, Criminologist, Florida State University • FACT: Every year, people in the United States use a gun to defend themselves against criminals an estimated 2,500,000 times, more than 6,500 people per day, or once every 13 seconds!Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Fall 1995 • Each year firearms are used 65 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives.

  24. The NRA is a private sponsor and advocate of pro gun rights and 2nd amendment support

  25. What is the NRA? The National Rifle Association (NRA) was established in 1871 to “promote and encourage” shooting rifles with an emphasis on science. Since its origination, it has become the first-stop for those interested in hunting, shooting, and self-defense, in both the law enforcement and the civilian sectors.

  26. . A wide range of training, educational, and safety courses are available to the millions of NRA members. The NRA created the first hunter education program in 1949. Now, hunter education courses are taught in every state in the United States, and across Canada.

  27. Many feel the NRA is getting too extreme in their support for every type of firearm imaginable. I don't like the large capacity magazines for rifles and pistols, assault rifles, uzi's, etc.

  28. Many believe in gun ownership, hunting, and all the associated shooting sports, but there needs to be some middle ground between the pro gun and anti gun lobbyists. V.S.

  29. Lastly, the NRA has several publications that cover a variety of topics. The magazines include American Rifleman, American Hunter, America’s 1st Freedom, Shooting Illustrated, NRA In Sights, Shooting Sports USA, and a range of shorter reports and columns.In many circles, bring up the NRA and you can enter into a heated debate on gun control laws and gun violence in America. It is estimated that 28,000 people are killed by guns each year, and gun violence is higher in the United States than in many other countries where the gun laws are stricter.