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Influences of Ads

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Influences of Ads - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Influences of Ads . By Alex Ohanian & Sevak Karapetyan. Introduction.

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influences of ads

Influences of Ads

By Alex Ohanian & SevakKarapetyan


Advertisements could either have a positive or negative influence on our lives. It all depends on the type of audience and how they perceive the ad. In the following slides we will discuss the strategies advertisers use to sell their products and the impact it has on society.

purpose of advertisements
Purpose of Advertisements
  • One of the main purposes of advertisements is to promote a useful new product.
  • Portions of the revenues from advertisements are put back into the shows that entertain us.
  • Advertisements aware us of the best products to choose between from.
  • Overrating products cause increase of demand.
  • Initiates trend-setting
thesis statements
Thesis Statements


  • Advertisements are important in our lives because they allow us to really compare between the best and worst merchandise that’s available.
  • Young kids can feel inspired by their role models in ads.


  • Advertisers intrude on our privacy.
  • Marketers manipulate people to gain profits.
nike advertisement
Nike Advertisement
  • Nike ads inspire kids to be as successful as LeBron James. (Testimonial)
  • The dark colors in this ad show that the athlete struggled through life until he became successful. (Colors)
  • Advertisements like these are viewed across the globe to inspire less fortunate children around the world that hard work pays off.
  • The ad shows that before his big jump in the NBA, he started out playing for his school in a bad environment. (Inspiration)
  • He is isolated by all the distractions and focused only on his main goal.
nike advertisement1
Nike Advertisement
  • Advertisers use a popular figure to manipulate people into buying the product. (Testimonial)
  • This ad tricks people into thinking they can dunk like him if they wore his shoes. (Gaze)
  • The Nike logos on his shoes and shorts are centered to catch your eye, the ad tells us to wear Nike for better performance. (Semiotics)
  • “An agreeable ethos matches the audiences expectations for a leaders tone, appearances, and manner.”(Heinrichs)
advertisers and privacy
Advertisers and Privacy

Advertisers gather our information to promote products of our interest.

In order for advertisements to give you something meaningful, they need your information.

Advertisements may inform us with the best product we need based on the information gathered from our previous searches.

“Intuitively, customers prefer personalized services to general services… General advertisements make consumers switch to a new service provider with personalized services.”(Ho & Sai)

advertisements and privacy
Advertisements and Privacy
  • Advertising agencies depend on our data (location, age, sex, & interests) to know what, when, & how to market their products.
  • “Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, AOL, and MySpace record at least 336 billion transmission events in a month.”(Louise Story)
  • “The Corporate capacity to scrutinize peoples lives has made great leaps forward in the past five years.”(Kannen)

Advertisements can have such a substantive influence on people. Advertisements can be viewed positively but there is a catch most of the time. Marketers may manipulate and intrude on our privacy, but they allow us the ability to compare all products and promote heroic figures for our kids. It is up to our own will whether or not to buy into them.

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