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Build your characters. What I like about this stage is that you have the ability to make a story about anyone. Kids can create characters other than virtual versions of themselves (if they choose).

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How to create a story?

  • Kids are inherently creative. They love building things (my son builds a lot of "machines"), they love drawing things, and they love making up stories. Little Write Brain is a website where kids can create their own characters to put into one of fifteen stories.

  • A tip from the one Zillion Books Family (a hard leaned lesson): create an account before you start building characters and stories or you may lose them when you try to set up an account later.

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  • Step 3: Start your story. The main limitations in the stories involve how many of your created characters can fit each story. Most of them are 2 characters. We chose the camping story because you can use 3 of your characters.

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Step 4: Create your story. The illustrations within the stories allow for editing. Changes in character sizes and locations can be made as well as the ability to add some scenery (flowers and rocks for the camping story). Now, any parent of a 5 year old knows that 5 year old decoration philosophies tend to lean towards "the more the better!" So, you may need to decide how much is too much - or not.

  • What I would really like to see from the Little Write Brain books is the ability to alter the text more than just being able to move its position. As much as our book was created by our son, once the characters are created and named, their are only a few times when decisions are made to steer the direction of the story (Do you want your character to go fishing or pick fruit? Do you want this other character to build a fire or make sandwiches?).

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Step 5: Share your book. You can order a physical copy for $25 and you can share digital copies for free with friends and family.