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RAD Solutions for the Carrier and Utility Markets PowerPoint Presentation
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RAD Solutions for the Carrier and Utility Markets

RAD Solutions for the Carrier and Utility Markets

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RAD Solutions for the Carrier and Utility Markets

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  1. RAD Solutions for the Carrier and Utility Markets CIS Technical Seminar 2013

  2. Agenda • RAD Solutions • Service providers • U&T • Q&A

  3. Main Solutions Retail Providers of Business Ethernet Services Wholesalers Service Providers Best Service Assured Access Solutions Mobile Operators Leasing Wholesale Networks Railways Operational Network Maritime Transportation & Government Packet-based & Legacy Communications for Private Networks Teleprotection Connectivity Air Traffic Control Government/Defense Power Utilities Best EvolutionalMigration Solutions Substation Connectivity Motorways

  4. The Service Providers

  5. Traffic Management in Tel Aviv • “Fast lane” Solution: • Move from Best effort service to a tiered CoS Best Effort Service isn’t always Pretty

  6. Service Assured Access

  7. What Is Service Assured Access? Minimum-Touch Deployment • Performance Monitoring • Traffic Management • Timing • Fault Management

  8. Market Dynamics • Proliferation of bandwidth-hungry applications • Demand for Differentiated Services • Increasing service coverage dictates carrier-to-carrier connectivity • LTE/LTE-A deployments with partial/full mesh connectivity • Customers expect the SLA performance they are paying for • Lower ARPU (average revenue per user) forces providers to offer more services while reducing their TCO

  9. Service Assured Access – Addressing Service Providers Challenges • Reduce TCO: • Increase Revenues: • SLA/Premium service introduction • Up-selling opportunities • SLA transparency • Fast TTM • Automated operations • Reduce truck rolls • Reduce trouble ticket handling

  10. Mobile operators leasing backhaul network Performance validation of leased connections Mobile broadband/LTE service requirements Who Needs Service Assured Access? • Retail providers of business Ethernet services • Differentiated quality of service/experience • Deterministic performance for critical applications • Wholesalers • Multiple services (fixed and mobile) over a converged network • Controlled service hand-off across different network segments/domains

  11. Provide smart SFP devices to enhance existing equipment “Service Assured Access”In Multiple Deployment Modes • Supply SAA NTU to any 3rd-party network equipment • Build a complete SAA solution with NTU and aggregator equipment • Cloud-based Service Assured Access (PMaaS)

  12. MiNID RAD’s Service Assured Access Solution Access Network ETX AccessAggregation Metro/ Core First Mile • Flexible customer reach • Same service look & feel • Reliability & Protection • Advanced H-QoS • Synchronization over Packet • Service visibility • Performance monitoring • SLA reporting IP / MPLS ETX/RIC ETX/LA ETX FE/GbE 1/10 GbE Best Service Assured Access solutionin multiple deployment modes Cell- Site ETX-5300A ETX-5300A ETX-5300A SDH/ SONET PDH 10GbE Ring DSL GbE MSAN 1/10 GbE Ring Customer Premises

  13. MiNID Service Assured Access: Beyond Access Access Network ETX AccessAggregation Metro/ Core First Mile Core Services ETX/RIC ETX/LA ETX ETX FE/GbE Internet Access IP / MPLS Cloud/ Data Center 1/10 GbE Cell- Site ETX-5300A ETX-5300A ETX-5300A ETX-5300A SDH/ SONET Carriers Interconnection PDH 10GbE Ring DSL GbE RAN Controller Site MSAN 1/10 GbE Ring FE/GbE /10GE Customer Premises • Complete Access solution with full service visibility Service Assured Access Service Assurance – End to End (VPN) Service Assurance – End to End

  14. Performance Management RAD’s PM Portal • PM Dashboard – quick status view • Detailed KPI Charts • Monthly Customized PDF reports • PMaaS (Performance Monitoring as a service) ETX-5300A ETX-205A ETX-3300A ETX-203AX/AM ETX-220AX

  15. Dealing with Legacy: Carrier Dilemma

  16. Fiber and Copper Solutions • Description: • Transport TDM and Ethernet from multiple branches over Fiber and/or copper to a central site, and aggregate the traffic towards SDH/SONET and/or PSN • Customer Benefit: • Utilize existing copper/fiber infrastructure saving forklift expenses • Multiplex services at the CPE to optimize bandwidth and lower CapEx and OpEx • RAD Advantages: • Unified managed platform for central and CPE devices • TDM and high rate Ethernet multiplexing over copper and fiber Branch ASMi-54 SHDSL.bis Central Office NMS Branch PSN Router Router Router MP-4100 OP-108 FO FE FE FE GbE PBX PBX PBX STM-1/OC-3 STM-4 OC-12 E1 E1 E1 SDH Branch FCD-IP E1

  17. Ethernet & TDM Pseudowire RADview Ethernet & TDM PW Traffic ETX+MiTOP Up to: 16 OC-3/STM-1 T1/E1 or T3/E3 TDM/ SONET Benefits • Increased value proposition • Bundling legacy migration with Service Assured Access • Flexible CPE offering • Address immediate need (legacy) with future proof solution 2 x FE / GbE ETX-5300A GMUX-2000 ETX-205A Router 4 or 8 E/T1 GbE/10 GbE Ethernet, IP or MPLS 5 x FE / GbE IP/ETH IP DSLAM GbE/10 GbE LA-210 X.21 E1 DSL IPmux 1,2,4,8 or 16 E1/T1 2 x FE / GbE MP-4100 160 x T1/E1 160 x analog phones 120 a serial interfaces and more…

  18. Innovative NID Concept

  19. Traditional Ethernet Demarcation Demarcation Device Demarcation Device Demarcation Device BTS Without MiNID Pain Factors • Add new “boxes” at customer premises • Allocate rack space and power • Labor intensive installation • Optical fiber wiring • Power cabling • Rack installation • Long and costly process • Site survey and engineering • Pre-fabrication of wiring and cables • Installation by expert technicians Router Switch Aggregator/ PE Packet SwitchedNetwork Painful process High costs Time consuming

  20. MiNID – SFP Based Ethernet Demarcation Demarcation Device Demarcation Device Demarcation Device BTS BTS Without MiNID • The value of MiNID • Leverage installed base • No need for pre-fabrication • OPEX & CAPEX saving • Based on RAD experience: • Extensive NTU experience • ETX product line • In-house Smart SFP technology • TDM-PWE (MiTOP) • ETHoTDM (MiRIC) Router Router Switch Switch MiNID SFP-based NID/NTU Aggregator/ PE Aggregator/ PE Packet SwitchedNetwork Packet SwitchedNetwork With MiNID Painless MiNID MiNID MiNID Ethernet OAM and Service Turn-Up

  21. Designed for Simple Installation • Designed as physical SFP “sleeve” providing: • Plugged into SFP cage (FE/GE, ordering options) • Hosts off-the-shelf SFPs – 10/40/80Km, copper, single fiber • Transparent to SFP “Digital Diagnostics Monitoring” (DDM) parameters • Max power: 1.4W • Plug and play installation • Zero touch provisioning based on DHCP Patent pending design – plug-in SFP and plug into hosting device

  22. RAD is MEF CE2.0 Certified • Advancing CE Networks and Services by a Generation • 8 Ethernet Services (CE1.0 defined 3 Service type) • 3 new features: • Multi-CoS (up to 8 CoS) • Interconnect (ENNI – E-Access) • Managed Services (FM & PM)

  23. PM as a Service

  24. RAD PMaaS Offerings • PMaaS – full HW (ETX Probe) and SW (PM) as a Service business model • Installation and provisioning offered as an option • Experts – PM service done by high-level RAD experts • Reports & Recommendations – Value Extraction service by providing scheduled reports and recommendations upon analysis of RAD network experts • Cloud – SW solution can be based on Cloud resources • Extensive firewall/ tunneling between network and PM server • Full suite of Value Added Services that will extract the value for you

  25. Benefits • The PM as a Service will Identify and Ratify SLA violations • The PM as a Service will enable increased revenues and reduced expenses • RAD experts and expertise will assure the creation of the value for the operator • Using the PM as a Service is hassle-free for the operator

  26. Wireless Access

  27. AIRMUX – Radio • Point to multipoint and PtP • Committed information rate to each location • Sub 6Ghz • WiMAX replacement with 3.5Ghz Airmux-5000 HBS Airmux-400 Service Provider Premises Service Provider Network

  28. Craig Wireless

  29. Conclusion • Ethernet service providers need to increase revenues and lower costs • Service Assured Access reduces TCO, enables service differentiation and improved customer experience • RAD’s Ethernet service assured Access toolkit enables carriers to take advantage of: • Speedy service rollout and upgrades to capitalize on fast TTM • Premium service offerings to increase revenues • Increased customer loyalty • Fewer truck rolls and skilled technician calls • Extract additional value with PMaaS – outsourcing PM service enhanced with RAD’s Carrier Ethernet expertise

  30. Utility and Transportation

  31. Target Market Segments • Utilities • Transportation • Enterprise • Power • Railways • Government • Water • Motorways • Financial Services • Oil & Gas • Air Traffic Control • Defense • Mining • Maritime • Industries

  32. RAD in the Utilities Market RAD is the preferred communications vendor for many energy utilities and system integrators around the world

  33. Outline • Grid Modernization • Communications Challenges • The RAD Solution • Summary

  34. Grid Modernization Grid Modernization Cyber Security • Telecom Infrastructure • Smart Grid

  35. Utility Communications Networks in Transition – Facts • Ethernet, IP, MPLS eventually to replace SDH/SONET; pace of migration varies • Packet networks enable higher throughput and lower OpEx for: • IT applications force migration to packet • Upgrades to Smart Grid • New applications: Substation automation, IEC 61850 IEDs, WASA synchrophasors, IP video surveillance • Packet network infrastructure is available over F.O., Copper, PtP and PtMP Radio, Cellular links and Satellite – enable the best choice per case Source: RAD conducted Survey, 2012

  36. Smart Grid Main Elements Mainly related to the distribution segment of the power network • Smart Metering and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) – 2-way communications and control between the utility and the customer premise for power quality measurements . • Distribution Automation – delivering a range of advanced services within distribution feeder circuits, including automatic restoration, dynamic reconfiguration, dynamic volt/VAR controls, distributed generation and electric vehicle support. • Substation Automation – enabling remote monitoring and control of transmission and distribution substations throughout the grid, including evolving SCADA technologies, protection switching, and physical security monitoring

  37. Outline • Grid Modernization • Communications Challenges • The RAD Solution • Summary

  38. Power Network Communications Challenges • Product Obsolescence • Future-proof Design • Performance Guarantees • Cyber Security • Capacity • Scalability • Reach • Maintain legacy Equipment and Installed base

  39. Distribution Automation Elements • Fault indicators remote indicate current in each conductor • Reclosers automatically attempt transient fault clearing • Load break switch allows network segments to be isolated minimizing interruptions Recloser VHF SCADA radio antenna (in all images) Fault Indicators Load Break Switch

  40. Outline • Grid Modernization • Communications Challenges • The RAD Solution • Summary

  41. Addressing the Challenges: The Options Evolution instead of Revolution… Move everything to packet! • Keep my legacy forever! • Utilize existing assets • Deterministic performance • No learning curve • Flexible & scalable • Low OpEx • Future support • Asset lifespan • Gradual migration • Guaranteed performance • Moderate learning curve • Future ready design • High equipment costs • Non-deterministic • Steep learning curve • High operating costs • Low scalability • Not flexible

  42. RAD’s Evolutionary Path:Addressing Utility Communications Challenges • Continued support for TDM • Future ready, hybrid TDM and Ethernet design • Ethernet over SONET/SDH and pseudowire for a smooth migration – Cross Generation implementation • Carrier-grade Ethernet for Performance Assurance of Operational network, for better Security, Timing distribution and Simplicity Flexibility in choosing the migration path: Phased migration Co-existence of networks SDH SONET SDH SONET PSN PSN

  43. Power Utilities Solutions Transmission and Distribution Distribution WAN Substation Smart Grid BH Smart Meters, Dist. Automation Automation & Protection Communication Operational network • Wired • Fiber • Copper SDH/SONET Multiservice Carrier-grade Ethernet • Wireless • P2P, P2MP • 3G/GPRS Teleprotection Secure Ethernet • Network Management

  44. Substation Multiservice Connectivity and Migration Product obsolescence Continued TDM support Hybrid TDM-Ethernet architecture Future-proof design Solutions Challenges RTU Voice Ethernet IED Maintain legacy equipment and installed base Standards-driven Interoperability ETH Megaplex PDH/SDH/SONET/PSN

  45. Multiservice in the Substation over “Hybrid” SDH and Ethernet Networks Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM) SONET/SDH terminal PBX SDH/SONET Digital Cross Connect (DACS) Phone Voice Modem E1’s/STM-1/OC-3 STM-4/OC-12 Analog bridge Megaplex Phone - Fixed Router SCADA RTU FE/GbE TPR (Teleprotection) Packet Switched Network Breaker control circuit Relay/Alarm Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) Router Copper CPE Fiber CPE

  46. Why RAD “Hybrid” Solution? Dry Contacts Teleprotection Voice Hot Line Sub-Station • Megaplex-4100 • An “all in one” multiservice platform that supports TDM and Ethernet services, over “Hybrid” PDH/SDH and PSN network infrastructure, and ensure Smooth Migration from Legacy to Packet • Migration to PSN • Legacy interfaces RTU PSN Data FE/GbE STM-1/OC-3 STM-4/OC-12 38.4 kbps SDH/ SONET Megaplex-4100

  47. Teleprotection Connectivityover PSN • Customer requirements: • Under 10ms E2E delay (depending on interface – sub 5ms) • Under 250µs asymmetrical delay Differential Teleprotection over PSN: Successful PoC in Spain, Belgium, Norway and others SDH/SONET or Carrier-grade Ethernet Pseudowire Timing over Packet Serial, C37.94 trip relays Low latency HW PSN

  48. Substation Connectivity Moving to MPLS TDM Uplinks Cisco 10 Gigabit MPLS Core Network Old Substations Telemetry RS-232 RS-232 SCADA Telemetry Telemetry n x E1 n x E1 ETH STM-1 STM-1 ETH Megaplex Megaplex Megaplex Megaplex Megaplex PBX Telemetry SCADA SCADA ExistingSDH Voice Voice 10 GbERing NMS SCADA PBX PBX New Control Center RS-232 PBX Telemetry Server Existing SDH STM-1 RS-232 ETH ETH n x E1 SCADA ETH ETH ETH Voice PBX Old Substations Voice RS-232 Voice Ethernet Uplinks NMS New Substations

  49. Secure Substation Ethernet High capacity Ethernet/IP IEC61850-3 compliance SCADA Protocols conversion Maintain legacy RTUs and new IEDs Solutions Challenges PDH/ SDH/SONET GbE Cyber security suite Security threats IED RTU IED Video IED Link to RADiflow video on YouTube

  50. Utility networks require “Defense in Depth”, implementing multiple levels of protection: RAD Layered Security Approach