The power of blended learning
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The Power of blended learning. ITEC Gail B. Wortmann October 17, 2011. Testimonials to Blended Work.  Please stop by and offer your testimonial to the power of collaboration, technology,  and a “community” to get the hard work of transforming education accomplished.

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The power of blended learning

The Power of blended learning


Gail B. Wortmann

October 17, 2011

Testimonials to blended work
Testimonials to Blended Work

  •  Please stop by and offer your testimonial to the power of collaboration, technology,  and a “community” to get the hard work of transforming education accomplished.

Mix it up
Mix it up!

  • Mix synchronous and asynchronous (snow days…)

  • Mix computer instruction and discovery learning

  • Mix educational technologies:

    • Computers

    • Cellular or Smartphones

    • Satellite TV

    • Videoconferencing

  • Relevant, practical opportunities for learners and teachers to make learning self-directed

Our discoveries
Our Discoveries

  • Better F-2-F Discussion due to forum posts

  • Greater quality and quantity of interaction

    • Hear from every student

    • Frame F-2-F discussion prompts

    • Draw in quiet students

  • First question: Wanted to know if Ellie was real

    • A way to get rationale to students in an engaging way

My part
My Part

  • Wrote the Paleobiology module

    • Pedagogical richness

    • Rigor/Relevance

    • Student engagement

    • Access to knowledge

    • Social interaction

    • Time effectiveness

    • Best practices

Kate paleobiology pilot
Kate: Paleobiology Pilot

  • Being more responsible and more organized

  • More independence and making sure we're getting all of our stuff done without having someone there telling us

  • Online class was very helpful in getting ready for college and I'm glad we had the chance to take it

Chelsey paleobiology pilot
Chelsey: Paleobiology Pilot

  • Partnering with my classmates made the assignment easier.

  • Google docs taught me other ways of working with people.

  • Knowledge and understanding of prehistoric Iowa(geologic timescales)Biological Evolution, living things change over time

Calvin paleobiology pilot
Calvin: Paleobiology Pilot

  • Enjoyed knowing that a most of this was about Iowa.

  • Greater crater event in Manson was very interesting.

  • Struggled with being on task

    • Beginning of the unit, didn't want to do anything.

    • End of unit was more self motivated “This class as a whole helped me be more self motivated.”

Sam paleobiology pilot
Sam: Paleobiology Pilot

  • Evolution is real and not just a theory.

  • Natural selection is what I enjoyed doing the best.

  • Didn’t like going to many websites; would have been easier if there was just one.

  • Liked Google docs in group projects, it helped in communicating with group members in an easy way.

Adam paleobiology pilot
Adam: Paleobiology Pilot

  • Learned a lot about the Manson Crater, evolution, and other aspects of science. (Evolution was by far the most fascinating.) Reading about how different animals have adapted to survive is just fascinating to me. How hummingbirds have adapted to having longer beaks to get the nectar from the flowers, rabbits adapting to their surroundings.

Tyler paleobiology pilot
Tyler: Paleobiology Pilot

  • Online learning is key to life or college life for that matter.

  • Have to prioritize what you need to do when you need to do it and do it no matter what.

  • I also learned a lot about evolution as well.

Colton paleobiology pilot
Colton: Paleobiology Pilot

  • I learned a lot through the various videos.

  • Gives you a better idea about how life changed.

  • Learned a lot more about how life in Iowa was in the past billions of years.

  • Time scales that were given to us that show when and what kinds of animals came into existence was a good help.

Brooke paleobiology pilot
Brooke: Paleobiology Pilot

  • I learned a lot about evolution and Des Moines in early times. It was a very good experience I think to take an online-type course. It took a lot of discipline to do your work instead of getting on other websites. Thanks for letting our school participate!

Jamaica reed science audubon
Jamaica Reed, Science, Audubon

  • I would love to help!  4 weeks into school and it has been the best teaching experience I have ever had - I am already a believer in how powerful blended learning can be.  Are there any specific topics you would want me to talk about or just wing it?  When would you like it by?

Marcia powell science w delaware
Marcia Powell, Science, W. Delaware

The kids I have in the West Delaware classes are wonderful, but much of the time, I am just their facilitator.   I give them a series of tasks, and a week to complete them.  They are divided into teams and work things through.  Really, my role as their teacher is to communicate with them as needed (I rotate through each of the groups several times each period) and then GET OUT OF THE WAY.   They let me know if they need something.   They let me understand their needs.   I could just as easily manage most of their needs via txt, phone, or online communication.   I'm finding that I need to be a resource for them, and I need a 15 minute per day class meeting to check progress, and introduce new concerns.   The rest of the time I am the person who helps with individual differentiation.

Marcia powell science w delaware1
Marcia Powell, Science, W. Delaware

  • My paradigm shift, personally, is in the way that I am planning.  No longer am I trying to lockstep kids through a time frame.   NOW, I am trying to cover important concepts in a way that excites and engages what they know and have available to them. It's as if I'm the CEO and the product is getting ready to roll.   I have to trust my students (employees) to do their stuff. 

Tanner kelly college freshman wayne
Tanner Kelly, College Freshman, Wayne

This is Tanner Kelly and I figured I would e-mail you and say how much your class has prepared me for college science. I'm currently taking one biology course at Simpson and I absolutely love it. I feel way ahead of the rest of the students and actually helping students in the class. If it wasn't for your class and the time management skills I learned from you, its hard telling where I would be. I'll keep you posted on my success and maybe send you some stuff that I have been learning. Just had an exam over monosaccharides and polysaccharides in the digestive system along with peptides and pepsinogens. Thank you so much Mrs. W!

……………….Miss your smile on t.v. haha

Thanks for your kind attention

Thanks for your kind attention!

Try Blended Learning!


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