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Sage CRM

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Sage CRM. Sage CRM : Managing Customers’ Changing Requirements. Agenda. What is Sage CRM Why Sage CRM? Why CRM now? How can Sage CRM help members of your company Sage CRM Features Overview.

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Sage CRM

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sage crm

Sage CRM

Sage CRM: Managing Customers’ Changing Requirements


What is Sage CRM

Why Sage CRM?

Why CRM now?

How can Sage CRM help members of your company

Sage CRM Features Overview


Did you know that on average it costs 5-7 times as muchto gain a new customer as it does to retain one?


Sage CRM


Sage Customer Symposium

sage crm1
Sage CRM

The Sage CRM Twitter integration enables you to establish, track, and respond to Twitter communication traffic in real time, and can be used for a variety of critical marketing and customer relationship requirements

Sage CRM is an integrated solution designed for mid-market companies looking to empower their outside facing staff with tools that will allow them

Greater mobility

Better organization and structure of their activities

Faster response to customer requests with instant real-time access

Better understanding of customer needs

Increased business productivity

Increased engagement and collaboration

Sage CRM for Twitter

Sage CRM for LinkedIn


Introducing Sage CRM

  • Powerful tool to manage customer relationship and gain customer insight
  • Easy to use & Quick to deploy (On-premise or Cloud)
  • Integratesquickly and seamlessly with Sage ERP
  • Scales up as needed to meet company’s growth needs
  • Cost Effective



12,000+ customers

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Automation

sage crm for mobile phones
Sage CRM for Mobile Phones
  • Anytime, anywhere access to customer information

Sage CRM for Twitter

Sage CRM for LinkedIn

social crm features
Social CRM Features

LinkedIn integration within Sage CRM allows you to build a professional network of possible customers and partners, as well as providing sales teams with valuable insight into prospective customers

The Sage CRM Twitter integration enables you to establish, track, and respond to Twitter communication traffic in real time, and can be used for a variety of critical marketing and customer relationship requirements

Sage CRM for Twitter

Sage CRM for LinkedIn


Sage CRM


Sage Customer Symposium

sage crm benefits all
Sage CRM Benefits All
  • Increases Sales Productivity
  • Improves Sales Opportunities and Increases Close Rates
  • Optimizes Marketing Spend and Maximizes ROI
  • Enhances Customer Experience and Delivers Excellent Service
  • Reduces Costs by Automating Processes and Delivering Better Service
sage crm reduces costs
Sage CRM Reduces Costs

Automated processes – less human errors, less administrative time, less paperwork

Improved customer service – less returns, less customer attrition, better responses

Better customer insight – effective marketing to help move slow moving products, quality information for better forecasts


Integration with Sage ERP

  • Integrates quickly and seamlessly with Sage ERP
  • Eliminates duplication of efforts and data corruption
  • Supports end-to-end data strategy including mobility and social media
  • Fosters collaboration and Improves communications across business units
  • Accelerates customer responses to inquiries and Increases quality of information

Sage CRM

How Does it Help

organizations needs priorities
Organizations Needs & Priorities





VP Sales


  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Productivity
  • Simplify the order and sales process
  • Hit my quota
  • Easy to Use
  • Mobile and accessible from anywhere
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Streamline Operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Easy System Upgrades
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems
  • Ability to scale up and customize if needed
  • Fits in the Budget
  • Measurable ROI
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow the Business
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Monitor performance metrics
what management is looking to do
What Management is looking to do

“I need analytics tools to help me monitor the state of my business and measure performance metrics.”

“I want to see how the company is delivering on customer service.”

“I need to stay accessible to my top customers and know their business inside out.”

what sales management is looking to do
What Sales Management is looking to do

“I need to know what my sales pipeline looks like and identify immediate opportunities to close.”

“I need to check on my team’s performance and customer interactions every day.”

“It take me ages to roll up all the line-of-business forecasts and I just want to do it only once.”

what management will be able to do
What Management will be able to do

Track and Monitor sales performance with a customizable dashboard view

Identify opportunities, revenue/budget variance, and assess forecast accuracy and product performance

Generate powerful analytics reports including win/loss, forecasts, performance metrics and more

what the sales team is looking to do
What the Sales Team is looking to do

“I wish it took me much less time to create my forecasts or track my opportunities. I get lost in my Excel sheet.”

“I have to find more opportunities so I can hit my quota.”

“I sometimes struggle trying to prioritize my daily calls. Who do I follow-up with first and which opportunity is hot?”

what the sales team will be able to do
What the Sales Team will be able to do

Dashboard delivers complete view of sales activities for better productivity

Real-time pipeline management ensures focus and priority on opportunities for higher close rates

Better customer insight for greater cross and up-sell opportunities

what marketing is looking to do
What Marketing is looking to do

“I need to be able to calculate the cost per lead or click easily and accurately.”

“I want to optimize my marketing spend by reaching out to as many prospects as possible, especially through social networks.”

“I’d like to improve the quality of the campaigns and increase sales leads.”

what marketing will be able to do
What Marketing will be able to do

Target the right companies with highly focused campaigns across multiple criteria

Calculate real return on investment on campaigns

Plan & execute campaigns with sales for higher quality leads

what customer support is trying to do
What Customer Support is trying to do

“Sometimes it is hard to service customers because we don’t have a documented history of their previous calls.”

“We want to give great service but we lack actionable real time information.”

“Our processes are not automated so cases sometimes are not fully resolved.”

what customer support will be able to do
What Customer Support will be able to do

Monitor customer interactions with full visibility of service cases, updates and more

Ensure complete case resolution with workflow from creation to resolution

Increase call resolution and Improve quality of service with access to real-time information

why do companies experience these difficulties

| Sage CRM |


Why do Companies Experience these Difficulties?

Sage CRM Brings it All Together

Information in Disparate Locations Throughout the Company


Sage CRM


Sage Customer Symposium

sales force automation features
Sales Force Automation Features

Opportunities, Leads & Sales Pipeline Management

Forecasting and Reporting

Quotes and Orders Processing

Easy to use

Access anywhere, anytime

marketing automation features
Marketing Automation Features

Automatic campaign results tracking

Powerful e-marketing capabilities

Open, click and bounce rate tracking

Rapid lead-to-opportunity management

Customer profile and analysis

Integrated telesales follow-up

customer service automation features
Customer Service Automation Features

Case Management

Notification alerts

Workflow approvals

Staff performance

Knowledge base

Detailed analysis on case resolution

Self-service web portal

business management features
Business Management Features

Customizable interactive dashboard view (role based)

Enhanced graphical reporting charts with interaction & drill-down

Extensive suite of standard report categories right of the box

Fully customizable reports to fit specific needs

it features
IT Features

Support multi browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

Powerful MS Exchange integration with easy point-and-click deployment

Real-time synchronization with MS Exchange

Single point of entry for managing current and adding new users

Integrates with Twitter and LinkedIn

24-hr access to up-to-date data from anywhere

summary why sage crm
Summary – Why Sage CRM

Tracks business performance metrics and Helps your management team to effectively manage

Focuses your sales on the right opportunities and Increases their productivity

Enables marketing to deliver quality campaigns & optimize budgets

Empowers your support organization to deliver exceptional customer service and Increases customer retention

“We’ve been using the software like crazy and loving it! We’re getting an immediate return on investment and realizing big productivity gains, and we continue to tweak the product as needed.”

Eric Robichaud, CEO,


“Sage CRM has exactly what we need. The others only deliver about 50 percent.”

Sean O’Neil, Vice President,

Vendere Partners