the wife of bath by sam nesser mollie stein emily kurzinski stacey krusper and noelle barnhart n.
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The wife of bath By: Sam Nesser , Mollie Stein, Emily Kurzinski , Stacey Krusper , and Noelle Barnhart. video. Music video. characters. The Wife of Bath The Knight The Queen Minister King Arthur. Prologue.

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the wife of bath by sam nesser mollie stein emily kurzinski stacey krusper and noelle barnhart
The wife of bathBy: Sam Nesser, Mollie Stein, Emily Kurzinski, Stacey Krusper, and Noelle Barnhart
  • Music video
  • The Wife of Bath
  • The Knight
  • The Queen
  • Minister
  • King Arthur
  • The Wife of Bath is a sinful woman that takes enjoyment in manipulating and controlling men with her sexual power
  • She claims she’s a “professional” when it comes to marriage and lovemaking, considering she’s had five husbands
  • At the young age of 12 The Wife of Bath was wed for the first time
wife of bath
Wife of Bath
  • She often played mind games with her first three good husbands; such as claiming affairs with other woman, and teasing them with lust for money
husbands of the wife
Husbands of the Wife
  • When discussing her husband she describes them all out of order, going from one crazy story to a next
  • She beings with her two bad husband(s)
    • Fourth husband
      • He had a mistress on the side
      • She always tried to make him jealous of her
      • He died on a pilgrimage, or maybe even murdered
husbands of the wife1
Husbands of the wife
  • Her fifth husband
    • She believed to be in love with him, but he constantly beat her
    • This was the only man she married for love
    • She was still married to her fourth husband when she had met her fifth
    • The only way shed marry the fifth is if she was widowed, surprisingly her fourth husband was killed a little later
    • Though he’s considered a bad husband, she’s in love with him because he loves her back
the wife of bath
The wife of bath

One day a lusty knight finds a sense of “power” within him, and decides to prey on a woman and rape her. The court ceases his crime and decides he should be put to death by decapitation. On behalf of King Arthur’s queen and the ladies of the court, they beg the court to give him one chance to save his life. The court grants their request. The queen gives the knight of the challenge within a year, of trying to find what women want most in the world and report what he finds to keep his life. If his answer is wrong he will loose his head.

the wife of bath1
The wife of bath
  • The knight sets forth in sorrow. He roams throughout the country, posing the question to every woman he meets. To the knight’s dismay, nearly every one of them answers differently. Some claim that women love money best, some honor, some jolliness, some looks, some sex, some remarriage, some flattery, and some say that women most want to be free to do as they wish. Finally, says the Wife, some say that women most want to be considered discreet and secretive, although she argues that such an answer is clearly untrue, since no woman can keep a secret. As proof, she retells Ovid’s story of Midas. Midas had two ass’s ears growing under his hair, which he concealed from everybody except his wife, whom he begged not to disclose his secret. She swore she would not, but the secret burned so much inside her that she ran down to a marsh and whispered her husband’s secret to the water.
the wife of bath2
The wife of bath
  • On his way back he meets an old woman and ask her the same question, and he guarantees a reward if she helps him. In return for help, he must pledge himself to her, and his life will be saved. The knight and the old woman travel together to the court, where, in front of a large audience, the knight tells the queen the answer with which the old woman supplied him: what women most desire is to be in charge of their husbands and lovers. The women agree resoundingly that this is the answer, and the queen spares the knight’s life. The old hag comes forth and publicly asks the knight to marry her. The knight cries out in horror. He begs her to take his material possessions rather than his body, but she refuses to yield, and in the end he is forced to consent. The two are married in a small, private wedding and go to bed together the same night. Throughout the entire ordeal, the knight remains miserable.
the wife of bath3
The wife of bath
  •  She offers the knight a choice: either he can have her be ugly but loyal and good, or he can have her young and fair but also coquettish and unfaithful. The knight ponders in silence. Finally, he replies that he would rather trust her judgment, and he asks her to choose whatever she thinks best. Because the knight’s answer gave the woman what she most desired, the authority to choose for herself, she becomes both beautiful and good. The two have a long, happy marriage, and the woman becomes completely obedient to her husband.

Who is this?

le show

Well shes a nympniac named Shelley!


Actress Chloe Sevignyin American Horror Story

  • Labled as the slut in the insane asylum Briarwood
  • Husband infidelity
  • Slept in bed with 2 sailors, was caught and throw in in the asylum
  • Believes woman should have a choice.
    • Dislikes the word “whore”
      • Double standard
  • Chloe is an example of a modern day woman who wants the decision to choose what she wants
  • This shows that even today, woman don’t always have the right to choose because of the mercy of men
  • The Wife of Bath represents the struggle of woman kind
    • Theses struggles include:
      • Being over powered by men
      • Not having a choice in decisions
      • Being judged for going against the norm
      • Being an overall independent woman
question time
Question time!
  • What is the challenge the queen gives the knight to keep his life?
  • What was the wife of bath's first response to the knight's question?
  • What does the knight must do in return to the old woman for the answer to his question?
  • What is the knight's answer that spares his life?
  • What does the knight have to do since the old woman gave him the correct answer for the queen?
  • What choice does the woman give the knight? 
  • What was the knight's answer, which was what?
  • What does the knight get for his right answer?