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  1. Video

  2. Social Networking 101 Kerry Shearer Communications & Media OfficerSacramento County Public Health

  3. Public Service Announcement

  4. What We’re Covering Today Social Networking 101: What is it? How does it work? Using YouTube to get your message out: How can it help? How do I do it?

  5. Why Do We Use Social Networks? • Engaging in intimate dialog used to be easy • Our world has expanded • New technologies are helping us connect • We use social networks to share ideas, experience and information

  6. Why Do We Use Social Networks? It’s also about ME! • Linking people I like • Sharing info I want • Supporting causes I care about • Having fun Did I mention it’s about ME?

  7. What Are Social Networks? They… “…build communities of people who share interests and activities… Most social network services are primarily web-based and provide various ways for users to interact…”

  8. What Are Social Networks? -Chat -Discussion groups -Email -File sharing -Voice chat -Blogging -Messaging

  9. Social Networks are Expanding! More appear every day! Personal My Space Friendster Facebook Business Linked in A Small World Health Sermo Organized Wisdom Advocacy SixDegrees Change

  10. Visits to Networking Sites Soaring! Source: Hitwise, Apr. 2008

  11. Social Networking Challenges • Separating hype from reality is difficult • Privacy & user safety are big concerns • Audience fragments with so many sites • Spammers & scammers push inappropriate content • Social networkers are fickle

  12. No Rules…But Some Guidance! • Think MICRO • Expect the UNEXPECTED • Be willing to EXPERIMENT • Know that the time commitment will often be SIGNIFICANT

  13. #1: The Rules Are Still Being Written • Everyone is still trying to figure out how to effectively communicate with people using social networks. There are no hard and fast rules; only temporary best practices.

  14. #2: It’s a One-on-One Activity The program expands one person at a time Health reform social networking site begins in 2007 Facebook group begins to attract engaged customers on their turf

  15. #3: Mix Tactics When Possible Ellen DeGeneres-backed breast cancer campaign launched in MySpace Campaign uses star power, the TV show, motivated advocates, blogger outreach & other to generate participation

  16. #4: Give People a Clear Purpose When consumers are deciding whether or not to participate in a given community, they need to have a clear understanding of how their participation will make a difference -- and what they’re going to get out of it for themselves.

  17. #5: Measurement is Evolving Measuring the results is still developing. It’s mostly in a “click,” “tell” or “share” phase. As more agencies use social networking, we’ll gain more insight into behavioral impact.

  18. #6: To Learn, You Must Participate! The world of social networks changes constantly. To develop a good understanding, you need to dive in. Only then will you develop a good understanding of what’s happening and how best to engage with people using these technologies.

  19. Action Step to Get Started • Start your own Facebook site • Search for and “invite” friends • Develop experience with the interface

  20. “Broadcasting” on YouTube • YouTube is a great way to get the air quality message out to the public and communicate your program accomplishments nationwide!

  21. Sacramento’s MRSA Issue • Over-hyped concern about antibiotic-resistant Staph infections broke out in Sacramento in October, 2007 • We created a video and used YouTube to try to reach schools and parents with a message of sanity

  22. Create and Edit the Video

  23. What You Need To Create a Video • Digital video camera (DV tape or hard disk) • Clip-on microphone • Lighting • Video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements; Apple Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express

  24. YouTube Channel Layout Page

  25. YouTube Upload Page

  26. Public Health’s YouTube Channel

  27. Embedded Video Code

  28. Embedded YouTube Player

  29. Public Health Home Page

  30. Thanks for listening! How to Contact Me:Kerry Shearer Communications & Media Sacramento County Public Health (916) 875-4493