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Cafeteria Large Equipment

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Cafeteria Large Equipment

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Cafeteria Large Equipment

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  1. Cafeteria Large Equipment **Copy the links for the videos and put into web browser

  2. Bun Tray Rack/Speed Rack

  3. Bun Tray Rack/Speed Rack • Hold pans and trays. • Comes in different number of shelves. • Has wheels for easy and quick moving.

  4. Ice Maker

  5. Ice Maker • Makes large amounts of ice all the time. • Has flip up lid for easy access and to flip back down to keep it cool inside. How to clean:

  6. Floor Standing Fryer

  7. Floor standing Fryer • Stainless steel oil fryer. • Comes with basket hanger and two baskets. • Must turn on and heat up before use. • Has lid to pull closed when not in use to keep items from falling into oil. • Oil is changed through the bottom. •

  8. Slicer

  9. Slicer • Stainless steel semi-auto meat, cheese and veggie cutter. • Takes chunks of food and will slice/cut into the thickness as desired. • Refer to the below videos on “how to use and cleaning” • •

  10. Robo Coupe

  11. Robo Coupe • A Robo Coupe is a food processor • They have different blades for different cuts, such as (slices, dices, chunks, grating, etc) • Has multiple speed options • Refer to the videos below on how to use and clean • • •

  12. Combi Oven

  13. Combi Oven • A combi oven is an oven with three functions: convection, steam and combination cooking. • In the convection mode, the oven circulates dry heat - ideal for pastries and breads. • The steam mode injects water into the oven to poach fish, rice and vegetables. • Refer to the videos below of how to use and clean the combi ovens. • •

  14. Convection Oven

  15. Convection Oven • Commercial convection ovens use fans to move the hot air, which gives your food faster, even heating. That means no hot or cold spots that can cause foods to burn or undercook. • Has different timer settings and heat settings. • Double opening doors with multiple shelves. • Refer to the videos below on how to use. • • •

  16. Mixer

  17. Mixer • Large floor mixer • Multiple speeds • A variety of attachments to mix, knead, whip etc. • Refer to the video below on how to use. •

  18. Kettle Pot

  19. Kettle Pot • Kettles offer a way to cook large amounts of soups, stews, and sauces. • Kettles use a steam-jacketed design to apply heat evenly to the food inside, eliminating the worry of food scorching to the bottom of the pot due to the concentrated heat there. • Refer to the video on how to use and clean. We main the 12 gallon kettles in the schools. •

  20. Proofer/ Holding Cabinet

  21. Proofer/ Holding Cabinet • A holding proofing cabinet is an essential piece of equipment. These products are designed to reach ideal temperature and humidity levels, which enables your dough to rise to perfection. • Has multiple shelves that hold full size pans. • Wheels make it easy to move around if needed. • EASY TO CONTROL WITH FLEXIBILITY - manual control knobs for adjusting temperature and humidity •

  22. Dish Machine

  23. Dish Machine • Used to wash multiple dishes at a time quickly. • Easy to slide dishes through on a dish rack. • Watch video on how to use and why. •

  24. Steamer

  25. Steamer • Steamer is fast, easy and efficient, and it noticeably increases commercial kitchen productivity. Since steam contains more heat energy than regular hot air, steamers are able to reduce cooking times by as much as 40 - 60% while simultaneously producing a higher quality product! • Easy to open doors • Dial timer • •

  26. Micro Steamer

  27. Micro Steamer • Can hold 2 full-size, 4-in.-deep pans • Stainless steel cavity and exterior construction • Recessed ceramic tray in the bottom contains spills • Removable shelf • Pull-down door has a glass window so users can monitor food • Air filter has a cleaning reminder for users • Stackable with another unit to maximize space •

  28. Utility Cart

  29. Utility Cart • Multiple shelf cart • Casters (wheels) make it easy to roll. Built in brake on wheels. • Heavy duty. • Great to moving heavy/hot items from one place to another. • Also good to store items on.

  30. Pass through Cooler/Freezer

  31. Pass through Cooler/Freezer • They have glass doors that pass thru from one side to the other allowing you to open from either side. • Some are coolers to keep items cold and some are freezers to keep items frozen. • Has multiple shelves. • Good for holding line items such as your back ups of strawberries or juice cups for the line.

  32. Reach in Cooler and Freezer

  33. Reach in Cooler and Freezer • They are similar to the pass through but the reach in only has doors on one side. • They have multiple shelves also. • You can set the temperature on how cool you want your items to stay. • Good for holding milks, juices, soda, etc.

  34. Milk Coolers

  35. Milk Coolers • Keep milk fresh and chilled at your school cafeteria • Low-access-height design makes this the easiest milk cooler for students to use and staff to load. • Top-breathing refrigeration is easier to service and picks up less floor debris. • Can hold full size milk crates, also allows them to be stacked.

  36. Work Table

  37. Work Table • This is where you will prepare most the food that we make. • They come in different lengths. • Some work tables have sinks built into them (good for washing produce) • The are stainless steel and easy to clean. • Must be cleaned and sanitized daily.

  38. Bakers Table

  39. Bakers Table • They are like the work table except they have drawers and sometimes cabinets built in. • If they do not have the cabinets underneath then they are open which will allow you to put your rolling bins for (flour, sugar, etc) • They are stainless steel and easy to clean • Must be cleaned and sanitized daily

  40. Hot Serving Line

  41. Hot Serving Lines • They are set up like buffet tables. They have “hot wells built in them”. This is to keep you food hot and at the proper temp. They must be turned on and off. You will also set to the desired temp. They have easy to read on and off switches. • You will need to add water to heat them up. The water must be drained daily. On each serving line is a drain that you can turn to allow the water to drain. • They are two sided allowing you to be on one side to keep the food stocked and the other side allows the customers to choose which items they want.

  42. Cold Serving Lines

  43. Cold Serving Lines • This type of serving line is turned on and gets cold. Helps keep food at the right temp. Such as fruit, veggies, juice, etc. • Ice will form on the bottom and sides and at the end of each day the serving line is turned off the ice will melt and drain. Will need to be cleaned out everyday. • Holds multiple trays. • The table must be completely filled in order to work properly, if not the cold air will just escape.

  44. Blenders

  45. Blenders • This is used to chop/puree foods for certain dietary needs. • Plugs into the wall. • Two speeds • Stainless steel bladethat is removable to clean and change • Easily removable container with cap.

  46. Frozen Beverage Dispenser (Middle and High Only)

  47. Frozen Beverage Dispenser • Freezing Machines use to hold cold beverages such as slushies. • 2 bowl side by side countertop dispensers. 3.7 gallons each • Has easy to use handle to allow drinks to come out. • Independent, adjustable slush density control for each bowl. • Easy to use and remove for cleaning. • All parts from the bowl must be removed and cleaned when cleaning and changing out beverage.