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WEEK ONE. Please find your seat and begin filling out the All About Me paper. If you finish early, stay seated and keep your paper. We will begin shortly. . All About Mrs. Faulkner. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Secondary English Education.

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    1. WEEK ONE

    2. Please find your seat and begin filling out the All About Me paper. If you finish early, stay seated and keep your paper. We will begin shortly.

    3. All About Mrs. Faulkner • I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Secondary English Education. • I am currently working on my Master’s degree in School Counseling. • This is my 11th year of teaching. • I have two kids (Bryson and Bethany) who you will hear much more about later in the year.

    4. Supplies • 2 composition books • If you only have one today, that is ok too. You can bring me the other one later. Put your name and class period where I can find it. We will put journals together tomorrow!

    5. Class Information On the back of your “All About Me” worksheet: Questions I Have:

    6. Why do we have Procedures?A procedure is the way that we do things. To do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example: to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures.

    7. Classroom Expectations • 1. Students are to bring needed supplies to class daily. Your journals will stay in the classroom, but everything else is YOUR RESPONSIBILIY! • 2. Students are to be in their seats and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. • 3. Students are to follow directions the first time they are given. • 4. Students are to raise their hand to be recognized before speaking. • 5. Students are to remain in their seats unless given permission to get up. • 6. Students should not eat, drink, or chew gum in the classroom.

    8. Disciplinary Procedures • 1st offense- Warning • 2nd offense- Parent Notification • 3rd offense- Parent conference • 4th offense- Referral to the office • This procedure may be altered according to the severity of the offense!!!!

    9. Being Prepared Bring a writing utensil with you everyday! Writing Utensils Students may use a pencil or a pen (blue or black ink) Being Prepared andWriting Utensils

    10. Restroom Students should use the restroom before class. After entering the classroom, students will not be allowed to leave. Bathroom Passes? 1 per nine weeks Water a. Students should get water before class Restroom and Water

    11. Pencil Sharpening Students are to sharpen pencils upon entering the classroom If your lead breaks during class and if your have no other writing utensil, raise your hand and wait for further instructions. Trash Trash will be thrown away when your are dismissed from class. Keep it at your desk until you are dismissed. Pick up all paper around your desk before leaving the room. Pencil Sharpening and Trash

    12. Walking In The Hallways As A Class • Students are expected to walk in a straight line when in the hallway. • We will stay to the right side. • There will be NO TALKING in line. Other students are still in class. • All class rules apply in the hallway.

    13. Library Privileges and Istation • Students will visit the library as a class once every two weeks. One those dates, we will check out books and work on istation.

    14. During Instruction • Listen to the teacher with full attention. • No pencil sharpening, talking, or whispering. • You will be given time for taking notes during instruction. • Ask permission to speak by raising your hand. • Ask questions related to the subject. Other questions which are not related to the subject can be asked after instruction. • After instruction, make sure you understand the concept. If not, ask questions by mentioning which part you didn’t understand.

    15. While You are Working

    16. When you are Absent • I will keep any worksheets that you missed on the front bulletin board. • Get any notes from your classmates and complete the work at home. • If you missed a test because of your excused or unexcused absence, inform Mrs. Faulkner and arrange a time to make up the test.

    17. Signal to Pay Attention • Stop whatever you are doing at that moment. • Face the teacher and wait silently, while also raising your hand. • No talking or whispering. All of your attention should be given to the teacher.

    18. Respect for SelfI will always do my bestI will positively participate in all classroom activitiesRespect for OthersI will stay on task without disturbing or distracting othersI will not use ‘put downs’ or harass othersI will respect other people’s differences and opinionsRespect for SchoolI will raise my hand to speakI will enter and exit the room quietlyI will complete all assignments on timeI will actively listen when the teacher is speaking

    19. Letter to 6th gradersWrite a letter to next year’s 6th graders giving them advice and your perspective on YOUR first day. Examples: what did you worry about that was really no big deal? What did you wish someone had told you?

    20. Assignment: Reading Inventory

    21. Homework: Parent Form Have your parents complete the information on the purple form and return to me by Friday for your first homework grade!

    22. Tuesday, August 27th If you brought your composition books, put your name on or in it, and give it to me. If you have paperwork to give me, place it on your desk. I will get it later Reading Inventory Worksheet Give me as much information as you can about you as a reader. This assignment will be graded so complete your best work.

    23. Read Aloud

    24. Purpose of Reading Workshop • To help you make reading a regular part of your life • The more you read, the better you read! • What you read doesn’t have to be hard or boring. • Introduce you to a wide variety of books, authors and genres. • Develop strong reading skills through the use of: • mini-lessons • shared reading of like texts • read alouds • conferencing • independent reading • literature responses

    25. Reading Workshop (Now) The “Old” Way vs. Reading Workshop The “Old” Way (Then) • Teacher choice of book • Whole class reads one book • Worksheets • All students read at the same pace • 4 -6 books per year • Student choice of book • Student reads independently • Reader response journals • Students read at their own pace • 30 or more books per year

    26. Entering Class After entering the room, students may not leave without permission. Upon entering, grab your journal from the front table and head to your assigned seat. Read the screen and complete whatever task is given. Exiting Class The teacher will dismiss the class Not The Bell. Do not pack books to exit class until instructed to do so by the teacher. Students are responsible for cleaning the area around their desks before leaving the room. *Always leave things better than you found them. Entering and Exiting Class

    27. Wednesday, August 28th Get your journal from front table. If you brought your composition books, put your name on or in it, and bring to me. If you have paperwork to give me, place it on your desk. I will get it later Setting up your Reading Journal- Number the pages in your first journal. You should number both sides (In a perfect world, you will have 200 pages; therefore, you will number 1-200.)

    28. On page 1, copy the chart to look like mine.

    29. Make the same chart for pages 2, 3, and 4

    30. Page 5- copy the template for your reading log

    31. Pages 6-7 Reading Log continues….

    32. Page 9- Genres

    33. Page 11

    34. Page 31- Lessons

    35. Last page in your journal

    36. Thursday, 8-29-13- Get journal from front table.- Place any purple information forms on the table. This is due tomorrow!-Open your journals to page 9

    37. Page 9- Copy like mine

    38. Page 10

    39. p.9

    40. p.9

    41. p.9

    42. p.9

    43. p.10

    44. Friday, 8-30-13 • Glue the poem onto page 31 in your journalJUST LIKE I DID

    45. FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOLby Janet Wong First week here; it’s like a show.Lots of kids that I don’t know.Where am I supposed to go? Cameron got super-tall and thin.Sam’s working out—look at him!Hey, Steve! Where have you been? Is that Caitlyn? Caitlyn’s small.That girl there is definitely tall.I think my room’s at the end of this hall. First week: wow, what a show!I’m glad this crowded hall’s so slow.Lots of kids I already know!

    46. Answer the following prompt next to the poem in your composition book. (at least one paragraph)What are the best and worst parts of the first week of school?

    47. Under your response:I can relate to the speaker because __________________________________________________The author probably wrote this poem _______________________

    48. p.11

    49. p.11

    50. p.11