nuclear emergency planning in sweden n.
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Nuclear emergency planning in Sweden PowerPoint Presentation
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Nuclear emergency planning in Sweden

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Nuclear emergency planning in Sweden - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nuclear emergency planning in Sweden
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  1. Nuclear emergency planningin Sweden Hans Bayard Uppsala county administrative board Community protection and emergency planning division

  2. NPP-sites in Sweden

  3. Forsmark NPPThre Boiling Water Reactors started up 1980 - 85 Source: Vattenfall AB

  4. Oskarshamn NPPThre boiling water reactors started upp 1972-85

  5. Boiling water reactor (BWR) Steam Steam Electric power Generator Turbine Water Coolingwater Condenser Water Feedwater Reactor Core Control rods Reactor Containment

  6. WaypointsThe accident in Harrisburg 1979created stronger laws of preparedness (LSO) in Sweden LSO & Source: Wikipedia Commons database, public domain licence.

  7. Öregrundsgrepen Gräsö Östhammar Österbybruk Gimo The inner emergency zone Forsmark NPP Measuring sectors Inner emergency zone (15 km) Skärplinge evacuation center Norrskedika evacuation center Gimo evacuation center

  8. Measuring organisation – fire brigades

  9. The inner emergency zoneOskarshamn NPP

  10. Public protection – Inner zone

  11. Alert-levels • General emergency • Actions/operations following the planning • warning to the publik in the inner emergency zone • recommendation to take iodine tablets? • evacuation of people in the inner emergency zone? Haverilarm Höjd beredskap Reinforced alert Authorities and organisations will prepare actions due to the planning - taking contact with NPP and other authorities - take part of the planning FAB Forsmarks facility preparedness alert

  12. Swedish radio SSM Swedish Radiation Safety Authority Rescue services KGB UL JRCC Stockholms radio County council hospitals Civil shipping trafic Swedish Armed Forces On duty – Commanding offficer rescue services Östhammar – Tierp – Uppsala – Älvkarleby - Norrtälje Swedish coastguard RLC Härnösand Uppsala Police authority Marine pilots Svartklubben Measuring patrols JRCC Police seacraft Stockholm Patrol officers Municipal management Swedish searescue Öregrund Arlanda traficcontroller Alertplan Alarm RDS in the inner zone On duty – group Uppsala county administrative board Alarm Outdoor alarm in the inner zone SOS Alarm Forsmark power plant

  13. Situation center(Command, control and co-ordination) Overall incident commander Chief of staff Personnel • Staff functions • Personell Information/Facts retrieval Operational command Support (tech/comm/admin) Planning/Co-operation Controller Informations and media Task-unspecific group Co-operating organizations: Police Coast Guard County council (medical) Military liason officer Swedish radiation protection authority - HUGIN -

  14. Radiation measuring (gamma) Air sampling Roping-off (road blocks) Complementary warning Search Carry out evacuation Registration of people Search and warning Carry out evacuation Co-operating organizations

  15. Nearby operating NPP’s Kola-4PWR/VVER Source: World nuclear association reactor database (current at 5 july 2010)

  16. Chernobyl 26 april 1986

  17. Fallout after Chernobylaccident 1986 – Cesium 137 (maj 1986)

  18. Information management – before a crisis Broshures Public meetings

  19. Swedish radio Information from authorities Webpages Information/callcenter Pressreleases and Presscenter Information management – during/after a crisis

  20. Municipality Spheres of responsibility Government Neighbor countys Central authorities SSM, SLV, JV, SoS etc. Information Information Advice and recommendations Information NPP Information Uppsala county administrative board Responsible for leading rescue operations and decontamination of land and buildings Information and rescue operations Information and recommendations The public Information